fantasy cricket

Fantasy Cricket is a Social Experience

You’ve been thinking about playing fantasy cricket but have yet to take the plunge. Your friends have asked, and you’ve thought about it, but so far, no dice. Either you think it’s too hard or it’ll take up too much time. Look, there are a thousand reasons why you should play online fantasy cricket. You can win money. Furthermore, you can rip on your friends after a big win. You can feel like a real General Manager by making trades. All of this isn’t new. But it’s only part of the reason why India fantasy cricket is the biggest growing aspect for cricket fans. 

Why play fantasy league anywhere else? This season, get your cricket game at 11Wickets. 

Sometimes the outcome of the daily fantasy cricket is secondary to just take part in it. 

The benefits of playing far outweigh the results on the computer. Here’s why. 

Your knowledge of the game will be increased 

Right now, you may only really know the star players and have in-depth knowledge of your team and the few who make news all the time. That will change within a month of playing fantasy. You’ll know every team, every injury, who might be an up and coming star and who might not. And this is not doing anything special. It’s just following the game. Just like anything else, when you pay attention to something you get more knowledgeable about the said topic. You will become a cricket freakazoid of brainpower. 

You can keep in touch with old friends and make new ones 

Forget about Facebook. How many more times can you scroll through postings involving Candy Crush, Criminal Case requests and pictures of every family member except the ones you know because they don’t like how they take pictures, so the one person you want to see is never in them? You want to keep in real touch with people you like who live far away? Play fantasy cricket. 

Enjoy reading and playing fantasy sports! 

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