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Fantasy Cricket League – 5 Most Angry Cricketers of All Time

Short temper, offensive language, aggressive batting, and negative spirit – all these have been an integral part of cricket for centuries now! A look into the rich cricketing history will show some embarrassing moments where players have not been at their best behavior. In  fantasy cricket leagues, the operators generally refrain from selecting the players who are too aggressive. 

Not all aggressive players are bad though. The player may be foul-mouthed but what is important is his performance on the field. If he is unbeatable, then it must include him in your  fantasy cricket team. Here’s a list of players who’ve to deal with temper issues. 

Shoaib Akhtar 

Popularly known as the Rawalpindi express, there were very few batsmen who didn’t fear the aggressive bowling nature of Shoaib Akhtar. There’s been many a time when team Pakistan had to give up on the trophy because of the disciplinary issues of Akhtar. All  fantasy games lovers are well aware of the shameful incident when he lost control of his anger and hit Mohammad Asif with a bat and got banned by the PCB for 5 years in a row. 

Virat Kohli 

They’re definitely no doubts about the immense talent that the current Indian team captain might possess, however, he is not very good with his behavior on the field. Though off-late there’s been a lot of improvement in his behavior, however, it’s just a matter of time. His erratic behavior was projected during the Sydney match when he pointed the abusive middle-finger gesture towards an aggressive crowd. Although every user  playing fantasy cricket wants Kohli in his team, however, you never know when the anger ruins his on-field performance. 

Andrew Symonds 

Coined as the most controversial player of 2000, the talent of Symonds was overshadowed by his bad behavior, anger, and habit of drinking. He did a lot of abusive things. This made him infamous. Cricket is a gentleman’s game. Symonds ruined the reputation of the same. Tiffs, fishing, abusive comments about fellow cricketers – this Australian player had lost his position in the team very soon. 

Shane Warne 

Maybe it’s in the blood, but Australians are the most aggressive cricket team. Former international cricketer Shane Warne made the fact clearer. Considered to be the best spin bowler of the decade, Warne is always the topmost choice in making a dream team in any fantasy cricket game. However, the media has always put him in a negative light because of his short temper, his bashes with the teammates, and his irrelevant arguments with the umpires. 

Ian Botham 

One of the greatest all-rounders in the England team, Botham is quite famous for his outspoken nature. If he has something in his mind, you’ll certainly know it! His career is laden with loads and loads of controversies. May it on-field or off-field in any social gathering, being polite was not the cup of tea for Botham. Although he had retired long back, however, he made sure that he was over the headlines during his time.  


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