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Fantasy Cricket – Top 10 Shots in Cricket Games

The game of cricket has evolved through all these years. The batsmen try out innovative ways to score runs quickly and set a huge score for the opponent team to chase. For the fantasy cricket fans runs are necessary to increase the points scoreboard.

The batsmen nowadays pull off great shots to the joy of daily fantasy cricket lovers. Even the advent of T20 cricket has seen batsmen pulling off extraordinary shots much to the wrath of the bowlers.

We bring you a list of shots which are played by batsmen on a regular basis and give an adrenaline rush to the spectators. Read on and install to play fantasy cricket online at 11wickets App:

Cover Drive:

The cover drive still is the bread and butter of batsmen. It is normally played to a half-volley on the 4th stump. A batsman just leans on it and tries to stroke it through the covers and hopes to cut the gap. In the modern era, loads of batsmen, particularly on true pitches, play this shot on the up i.e. to deliveries which are pitched further away from them.

Straight Drive

For a batsman, there is no better feeling than hitting the ball back to where it came from i.e. back past the bowler. As a spectator, the straight drive is one of the loveliest shots to witness and includes a lot of practice to nail it.

Upper Cut

This shot is played to a ball pitched short and wide. The batsman sits back and climbs into the delivery to send the ball over point or third man. While playing this shot, a batsman tries to extend both their hands to put a lot of power behind the shot.

Dilscoop/Ramp Shot

One of the toughest shots to execute, a batsman tries to manoeuver the field while using the pace of the ball to send the ball over the wicket-keeper’s head or to the right of him.

Switch Hit

The idea behind this shot is to open up the field and exploit gaps which most batsmen wouldn’t find unless they switch their stance. This particular stroke is mostly played against the spinners and is also often employed to smoother the turn-on rank turners.

Helicopter Shot

This is the trademark shot of India’s former skipper, MS Dhoni. This shot involves a lot of power which comes from the wrist.

Natmeg Shot

This is an unorthodox stroke, Natalie Sciver, the English cricketer discovered this shot during the Women’s World Cup 2017. She played this shot at toe-crushing Yorkers and found a way to sneak it between the legs off.

360 Shot

This is one of the toughest and dangerous shots to execute. AB de Villiers is famous for this shot. He manipulates the field and walks across the stumps to fast bowlers before going down on one knee to send the ball over fine leg for six.

Pull and Hook

Both these shots are horizontal played off the backfoot. Both these shots are played to send a statement across to the bowler who wants to intimidate the batsman by pitching the ball short and into the body.

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy!

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