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Fantasy Football Facts: 5 Popular Footballers and Their Highest Number of Goals

Football seems an easy game to many. Wondering why? Because the only rule of football is to score more goals than the competitor team. Undeniably it’s a team game, however, 11 playings in the team doesn’t get the fame. Rather, the strikers steal all the glory! For the whole 90 minutes, the attention of the audience is garnered towards one single aspect! Goals, Goals and Goals!  

Fantasy football players are quite aware of the best strikers from each country. Like cricket this also involves pure emotion. With goals raining here and there, here’s a list of footballers who have secured the highest number of goals in their career till date.  

Cristiano Ronaldo – 742 

Amongst the current footballers, Ronaldo is in a leading position. His unquenching thirst for scoring more and more goals has taken him to this position. 742 till date is unquestionably a marvelous performance by this footballer. Captain of the Portugal National Team, Ronaldo is invincible. Not only goals, but he has bagged 30 trophies till date. Although Pele and Bican have score a greater number of goals in their career, however, Ronaldo still has time to break this record. He is always the top choice for any online fantasy football league.  

Lionel Messi – 706 

Number 10 of the Barcelona team is a one-man army in himself! Although he was born in Argentina, however he relocated to Spain only with the motive of joining Barcelona team. With 706 goals in his bucket, he was named the World’s highest-paid athlete in 2014 by the Forbes Magazine. Although there’s Cesar Rodriguez keeping up pace with Messi with around 403 goals, however, Messi is a powerhousePlay online fantasy football without Messi is unimaginable!  

Zlatan Ibrahimovic – 560 

One of the best strikers of club Milan, not only 550 goals but this man has 31 trophies to his name. This versatile player has played for more than 9 clubs and has excelled as a performer in every match. Needless to say, that this man is still strong at the age of 39 and is capable of adding a few more goals to his career.  

Luis Suarez – 482 

Currently playing for Atletico Madrid, this Uruguayan player is regarded as one of the greatest strikers of all time. It’s a real treat to watch the flawless goals made by this footballer. From the age of 19, till date he has been scoring goals back-to-back and is focused on getting some more before retirement.  

Sebastian Abreu – 430  

At the age of 44, Abreu is like a fine wine! Adding and adding more and more goals to his name, for this man age is just a number. He has played for around 25 clubs across 11 different countries. He has also represented his country in 2 World cups. For the lucky ones who’ve seen him play, moves and goals are an effortless gesture from his end. Fantasy premier leagues are incomplete without the inclusion of such players in the team.  

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