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Fantasy Kabaddi – Defensive Positions in Kabaddi

Kabaddi is a game played between two teams of seven players. This is where individuals take turns to chase and touch members of the opposing team without being captured by them. We have told the fans of online kabaddi games at earlier about the history of this game.

Fantasy Kabaddi is a game relying upon an intricate transition between attack and defense. Teams put a huge weight on raiding the opposition steadily to confirm the pressure piled on them.

Likewise, defenses of fantasy kabaddi games work to keep raiders from effortlessly working up points. They are working in accord to not let the raiders to guess position with no trouble.

Focus and positioning are important to the defense of protecting the team. Look closer to know how defensive positions work in Indian fantasy kabaddi. Read on:

Position – Corners

The corners of a kabaddi team are the widest positions on the playing stadium, stretching the team on both sides. Each of the participating team deploys best defenders on the corner side. This is because it is the most influential position of the game. A game can be won or lost depending on how the corners of the team perform in a match!

The main duty of the corners is to start the tackles at the apt moment. This is because they are the main targets for the opposition’s raiders to score points from. If it is a right raider raiding from the opposite end, he/she will attack the left corner and vice versa in case the raider is raiding from the left side.

In the case of a right raider, the left corner of the team goes deep into his half. To be precise, it goes behind the bonus point line to make the raider come to him. This is to get a touch point while at the same time. The main duty of the right corner is to cover the raider’s track in case a block makes before he returns to his own half.

Position – Covers

The covers of the team normally invade the positions inside the Corners and Ins on both the sides of playing mat. They act as a support system to the chain comprised of Corners and Ins. Though, their foremost duty is to save their star raiders who adopt the safest position, which is the center from getting touched by an opponent. A lot of the team even use their cover defenders to take up raids to give much-needed rest to their best raiders. It is also to save them for do-or-die raids.

Position – Ins

The Ins of a kabaddi team usually comprises of the raiders, who create a chain with the corners and help them maintain their balance on the playing area. With the chain created, they help the chain contain the opponents’ raiders and also try to block the raiders in their tracks. It also forces the raider to go for the much tougher moves like the dubki or a jump to score touchpoints.

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