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Fantasy Sports – Smart Ways To Increase Pace in Fast Bowling

With an official record of fastest delivery of 161.3 km/h. Shoaib Akhtar is to date considered the fastest bowler in the world cricketing history. Not all bowlers can get even nearer to his record. There is no better sight in the world than watching a ball fly by with an average speed of around 14 km per hour. Although a  fantasy cricket lover can list down the top 10 fast bowlers within seconds, however as easy as it may seem, the task is tedious. 

For your information, the performance of a bowler depends on the number of runs he allows before taking a wicket. Then how will you select a good bowler for your  fantasy cricket league? It’s a common practice of selecting fast bowlers depending on the number of runs that they have restricted per over. Whether the charms of the bowler are working or not, depending on the same you can successfully select a suitable player for your  fantasy cricket game. 

Speed and motion – these two are the most critical things that every fast bowler needs to keep in mind. Running through the pitch at the right speed and maintaining the same during the delivery stride is the major thing that sets a fast bowler apart from the others. 

Wait! Are you nervous? For all new wannabe bowlers, there’s good news. With a little amount of practice, patience, and perseverance you can easily cope up with the skills of fast bowling. Here are a few tips that can help in improving the pace of fast bowling. 

Bowling in straight lines 

If you keep a close look at the style of a fast bowler, then you’ll see him bowling in a straight line. From the top to the stumps, keeping the position in a straight line with no flings here and there can help deliver the ball at the right place. Bowling in nice straight lines with a drive over the crease ensures that your fast bowling speed is maintained. While playing fantasy cricket games make sure that you keep at least one fast bowler in the team. 

Maintaining speedy run-up 

You might often hear the commentators saying that the bowler has an awesome rhythm. When you hear such comments during a live match, it is the run rate of the bowler that they are talking about. For any bowler, it takes around 50-60 meters on the pitch to reach the highest speed. And the major trick of delivering a fastball is to maintain the rhythm at the top-most speed and throw the ball at the same speed. 

Effective wrist position 

If you’re having a wrong wrist position then the speed of throwing the ball will get reduced. Checking the health conditions and the physical fitness of the fast bowlers before including them in online fantasy games is essential. A strong grip with a strong wrist position is the two most important factors that help in releasing the ball in the right momentum. 


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