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Fantasy World Cup 2019 – Great ODI Captains Never Won CWC

Have you participated in the fantasy world cup cricket games at India’s most trusted fantasy sports platform, Do you remember how much points your team captain brings for you? It is a 2X.

Perhaps cricket is the only sport where a team captain holds a very important space for the entire team. It is the most important job in cricket as decisions are taken by captain have a huge impact on the outcome of a match. We have seen many famous players take up the role of skipper in the world cup fantasy game. Some of them excel at it while some have crumbled under vast pressure which comes with the job.

Many skippers were largely successful throughout their career but failed to get their hands on the world cup fantasy league.

Here’s a look at four such great ODI captains who could not win a World Cup cricket game:

Stephen Fleming

The charismatic southpaw captained New Zealand for 10 years in a row from 1997 to 2007. His ice cool character and able man management skills were admired around the world.

The Black Caps finished in the top four when Fleming first captained in world cup 1999. In the World Cup 2003, New Zealand was knocked out in the Super Six stage after collapsing badly against Australia and India. During his last World Cup in 2007, Fleming led his team to the Semi-Final where they lost to Sri Lanka.

Hansie Cronje

South African skipper Hansie Cronje has been immensely successful in ODI matches. But his achievements were stained after his stunning admission of match-fixing in 2002. He has been one of the most hardworking and disciplined cricketers during his career who brought success for the Proteas.

In world cup 1996, he captained South African and reached to Quarter Finals but was knocked out by West Indies. In the 1999 World Cup, the Proteas side reached Semi Final but lost to Australia.

Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly took over the reins of the Indian team at the time when cricket had lost its glory due to match-fixing scandals. Ganguly brought a new aggressive enthusiasm in the team and under his captaincy, the team flourished in international cricket.

When he captained for his team in world cup 2003, the team was at its peak form. They reached the finals and faced Australia in the match. As the outcome of the match, India lost to Australia by 125 runs giving them scope to win their third title.

Graeme Smith

Smith was just 22 when he was given the responsibility of the South African team following the sudden death of Hansie Cronje. He brought respect for the Proteas in all formats of the game under his leadership.  During world cup 2007, the team reached the semi-finals and lost again to Australia. In the 2011 tournament, they reached to quarter-final but collapsed badly against New Zealand.

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