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Fantasy World Cup – 5 Changes in World Cup Cricket after 2015

We all have gone through Darwin’s Theory in our schools.  Things have to adapt and survive the changes they go through. Cricket playing nations have gone through many changes in the sport.  Cricket happens to be one of the best inventions of human.  Now cricket has been around the world for over a century and a half. However, ever since, the world cup fantasy game championship has been introduced; cricket has been continuously changing and modifying.

The last World Cup was played in 2015 which saw Australia becoming only the second team in the history to win the World Cup on own soil. Plenty of things have changed since the last CWC fantasy cricket in 2015.

Let us take a look at how the fantasy world cup has evolved ever since 2015:

Number of test teams

In 2015, the number of test playing nation was 10. Gradually after that year, the international council granted test status to more teams. Afghanistan and Ireland got this status and the number of test playing nations increased to 12.

4 formats in cricket

Cricket till 2015 world cup fantasy cricket match had only 3 formats – Test, ODI and T20. But, with the birth of T10 league cricket fans has now got a new format to enjoy. So far, T10 format is the shortest, which has both the teams play 10 overs each. The match finishes within 2 hours and promises the cricket frenzy fans of a fantastic experience. The first T10 league has been played in 2017.

England as No 1 ODI team

During the world cup 2015, Bangladesh ousted England from the group stage. England’s performance in ODI had been questioned.  However, the team has improved a great deal in the past few years and is now the no.1 ODI team in the world.

Afghanistan Cricket team position

Afghanistan ranked outsiders in the world cup fantasy league2015. However, now they have the potential to beat any team of the world on any given day. They had defeated the Sri Lankan team in the Asia Cup, upset the Bangladesh team. They also came close to defeat Pakistan while almost won a match against India a few months ago. The cricketers of the Afghanistan team are no longer what they were in 2015.

Significance of leg spinners

The leg-spinners have become a vital part of ODI cricket matches. And hence, each and every international team has at least one or two leg spinners in the squad. This was certainly not the case in the world cup 2015. Earlier the finger spinners and pacers have been considered to be superior to the leg spinners to play in a match.

Thanks for reading! Play world cup fantasy league and enjoy!

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