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How Fantasy Cricket Can Help Eliminating Illegal Betting?

Sports betting and especially betting in cricket is still being practiced in many countries irrespective of the legal prohibitions. To argue, you’ll find cricket fanatics claiming the fact that rules are not important when it comes to cricket. However, with fantasy cricket in India becoming popular, gen Y is getting more addicted to this legal platform rather than indulging in illegal activities like betting!  

Betting has a lot of negative consequences. Moreover, the money that you earn from the same is illegal! That’s where fantasy cricket leagues make a grand entry. This is not only legal, but the income is also approved by the government. Then again, this is a complete mind-game and there’s no scope of guess work. So, your chances of winning are almost certain.  

Online fantasy games have seen exponential growth in the last few years and the ease of winning real money has finally convinced people that it’s a good option of connecting with the real-life cricket. For the purpose of argument, you may say that sports betting has not been eliminated till now!  

That’s true. For certain group of people, who love indulging in making easy money in short period of time, giving up on betting can seem difficult. Do you want a life-long trouble because of a few bundles of easy cash? The intelligent ones will certainly not want the same. And when you’ve the option of playing and earning cash in a legal way, then why opt for an illegal method? 

The debate regarding whether fantasy sports can help in stooping illegal betting or not is a controversial one. It may vary from person-to-person. For those who are true lover of cricket, playing fantasy cricket is a great option. Both profitable and enjoyable. Although you may find many betters trying lure you with the promise of large amounts of quick money, however, its better not to fall for this trap.  

With the growing demand for the fantasy games going uptrend, in a few years betting will be surely eliminated. However, it is highly necessary to change the mindset of the people before the same can be done. However, it can be said that from the time fantasy cricket games have emerged, it has created a dent in the foundation of the sports betting activities.  

The way online fantasy games are progressing, it is evident that if technology improves, this might become a major source of sporting activity. What’s more? Playing these games are completely safe and you’ll have full support of the government for the same. So, instead of indulging into illegal and malpractices, try out your brain and hands-on some intelligent gaming apps.  

If you are a die-hard fan of cricket and want to give a shot at the same, then instead of focusing on illegal betting try downloading a fantasy sports app.  Learn the rules, deposit money, make research and win loads and loads of cash. Easy money is always illegal money!  


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