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How To Predict Cricket Match Results With Probably Accuracy?

Whenever you sit for a cricket match, there’s always a constant debate on who will be the winner today? As a non-professional, you can only trust your instincts and use all your prayers to make your favorite team win the match. However, if you’re playing  fantasy cricket games, then predicting in the right manner is essential for you to help you get the cash you want. 

This how-to-predict guide will surely help you next time when you try guessing match results. 

Recent performances of the team 

This will have a big impact on the team’s performance. Let’s say, there’s a match between India and Australia and Australia is already in form for the last 5 or 6 matches, then what will be your prediction? Depending on the past performance data, you’ll support Australia and will try to include more Australian players in your  fantasy cricket game. 

Home ground advantage 

Although it may sound bizarre, a team playing on the home ground gets a lot of advantages. Hence, if you find the match between the teams taking place in the home ground of one of the teams, then be pretty sure of its wins on that day. Own ground, favorable field radius, pitch advantage, known climate and innumerable lovers and supporters, make the players strong and positive and they play a good game, 

Team rankings 

Team ranking in any series plays a crucial role in shaping the winning position of the game. Check the One day, Test, and World cup rankings of the team. It may not be accurate but will give you a probable view of the team’s performance in the past matches and will help you identify the winning team. Fantasy cricket in India is largely based on an assessment of the teams as per their rankings! 

Toss results 

You may not know, but a toss can play a significant role in fixing the match and its results. if the winning team decides to bat, then always that team gets a better chance of winning because the second team has a projected run to chase and will most of the time be playing under pressure. Depending on the same chose players wisely for your fantasy cricket game. but, in recent years, teams have reversed the situation. They’ve strengthened their fielding and bowling and hence have the capability of restricting the teams from projecting a high score! 

Player comparison 

As soon as you’re able to forecast the winning team, you can build up the right set of 11 for your fantasy cricket game.  But how accurate is your prediction? Check the players of both teams. The batting line-ups, the types of bowlers, the performers, and the wicket-takers. The more strength the team has, the more likely that it will win the match. Hence, conducting overall analysis of the 11 players will help you understand which team can be the probable winner. 

Through research is what will give you the power to make near accurate predictions. 

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