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IPL Fantasy Cricket League 2019 – Greatest IPL Skippers Ever

The celebrations are going to start this 23rd March. The Indian T20 League 2019 edition is around the corner. Cricketers worldwide and the IPL fantasy cricket lovers are busy with the preparation for the matches.

The expansion of the IPL fantasy league continues to be simply breath-taking. The best of the finest players in the world bond to compete intensely in this most exclusive league cricket tournament across the world.

Besides all the temptations that revolve around the T20 cricket game beyond the playing field, the most unforgettable moments of the IPL come from within the playing field. We have seen numerous incredible individual performances which have made superstars of practically unknown cricketers.

The IPL T20 fantasy is a platform for the admirers to enjoy a few outstanding captaincies. Innovative moves and bold decisions by fearless captains have led to some famous wins. Let’s rank the three finest IPL captains ever and re-live a few of their accomplishments:

Shane Warne

Shane Warne’s command style and captaincy is of the quality which has to be noted somewhere and used as a guideline for young future leaders aiming to captain their teams.

His capability to take a team of undiscovered and novice players and to will them to a title win in the 1st edition of the T20 fantasy cricket games was really a display of one of the finest pieces of captaincy seen in modern day cricket.

No professional gave Warne’s Rajasthan Royals even a distant chance of winning the first edition of IPL. But Warne and his warriors proved every one of them wrong and won the hearts of millions. Really, Warne is among the greatest inspirational leaders the IPL has known.

Rohit Sharma

Rohit took over as captain of Mumbai Indians from Ponting in the midst of the 2013 IPL edition. The Mumbai Indians in those days were reeling underneath the burden of huge expectations.

In spite of having been led by famous captains such as Tendulkar and Ponting, the Mumbai Indians hadn’t displayed great performance and didn’t seem like any were imminent soon when Rohit was handed the reins. However, fortunes changed nearly right away.

Rohit’s captaincy style seen as effective communication with his players, intense pro-active progresses the field, and leadership changed the hapless Mumbai Indians from the absolute depths of frustration to the peak of reputation.

In six years as skipper, Rohit has led Mumbai to three titles! In spite of his amazing achievements, he continues to be, to this day, undervalued as captain. His record, but, speaks volumes of his achievement.

MS Dhoni

Dhoni’s quest to success started when he effectively led an unheralded, young and unskilled Indian side to the inaugural World T20 tournament. Dhoni used the IPL to help his popularity as a great leader with the ability to encourage individual ordinary cricketers to attain extra-ordinary milestones together. His cool minded strategy even when under enormous pressure has won him admirers from his opposing team as well.

Dhoni’s record as skipper of the Chennai Super Kings is merely incredible. In 9 years as captain, he has led the Super Kings to 7 trips to the finals and 3 titles. His team’s victory in the last edition was probably the most amazing of all their wins. The CSK had more than nine cricketers who were more than 30 years old. Few experts gave them an opportunity to win the title. However, Dhoni led that team to a ruling performance and eventually to the Super King’s third title.

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