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IPL Fantasy Leagues 2019 – 4 Things to keep in mind

The stage is set; the preparation is in full swing! Are you ready for it? Have you already decided your players and taken your sides? One of the most eagerly anticipating cricket events of India is Indian Premier League. And this year it is the 12th edition. With the event preparation in full swing, IPL fantasy leagues users are also preparing from their end.

Let’s take a more scientific approach while forming your favourite playing XI to be successful in your IPL T20 cricket:


Just before we dive into the complex aspects of team structure, the basic tenet to be a successful IPL fantasy leagues player is to possess loads of persistence and tenacity. There will be days when nothing will go proper but as is with life, you can look at your nerves during difficulty.

There might be bleak periods for your team, but continuous perseverance and regular improvements in your technique and T20 fantasy league plan will certainly reap rewards in the long term.

Monitoring the probable playing XI of both teams

Perhaps the most crucial requirement in terms of team creation is keeping track of the availability of the cricketers from both teams.

With a team as big as an average IPL fantasy league franchise offers, and with just 4 overseas players to pick in the playing XI, squads tend to test out different combos that might fit them at a particular cricket ground.

So whether or not you’re busy throughout the day, give attention to the lineups as that is certainly the real deal breaker.

Pick only top order batsmen

It’s obvious that the top 3 batsmen rule the batting line up in IPL fantasy cricket. Their possibility of making a substantial contribution to a team’s score is much larger than that of middle and lower order batsmen.

Therefore, there’s no point in looking for a batsman who shows up too late into the innings and has now only a handful of balls to take care of. Even selecting a No. 4 batsman can be risky in case of a strong opening collaboration.

Picking death overs experts and wicket-keepers smartly

It doesn’t actually matter whether you consider Virat Kohli’s wicket or a tailender’s wicket, as all in all, on online cricket games a bowler obtaining a wicket fetches the same points regardless of the batsman in question. Therefore, it is advisable to decide on death overs experts who can nick in with a few wickets in the back-end of the innings.

A wicketkeeper batting in the top four is much like gold. Not alone can he play a role via his wicketkeeping abilities, but as a top order batsman, his batting gives you an extra advantage over your competitors.

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy!

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