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List of Important Football Penalties that You Should Look Out For

When did your player break the rule? Why is the referee flagging the yellow signal? If you’re not aware of the simple this simple fantasy football tips on penalties, then unknowingly you may lose out on several points and won’t even have a clue why your player was thrown out from the field. 

Not being acquainted with the common terms and penalties may put you in a confused state since the terminologies used in football are a bit confusing. Unless you have got a handy list of some commonly occurring football penalties, it will be difficult for you to play the fantasy football game. 

Here’s a list for your convenience. 


A player will face an offside penalty if any part of the player’s body is beyond the free-kick line. It is a very minor foul. Let’s say a player takes a shot in the goal and a team-mate takes the shot in an offside position. Then the goal will be dismissed and the offside penalty is imposed. 


This is very simple. You may often find players getting either offensive or defensive holding penalties during the fantasy football games. When does this occur? Whenever an offensive player uses his hands, arms, or some other body parts to prevent the defensive player from getting the ball, that’s when holding a penalty is imposed on the player. Other than that, sometimes you also find the defensive player grabbing an offensive player to stop him from getting the ball from the ball carrier. Even in such aggressive cases holding penalty is imposed. 

Pass interference 

Who doesn’t want to restrict a goal? While playing football every player tries to stop each other from getting hold of the ball. At times you’ll find extremely aggressive players on the field. They seem like they can do anything to restrict the opponent from getting hold of the bowl. So, when such a situation occurs where defensive players try to make contact with the receiver and stop him from getting hold of the ball. It calls for pass interference penalty for the defensive player. 

False start 

When the interior player of the offensive team makes a hasty move even before the snap of the ball, then the situation is considered as a false start and that player is penalized. Patience is the key to winning games. So, while choosing your players for the fantasy football leagues, be sure that the player is consistent and not in a hurry. You won’t like it if your player goes out on a penalty. 


If the defensive player crosses the line and starts making contact with the offensive players even before the snap of the ball, then this penalty is positively imposed on the player. 

Not only these there are a greater number of penalties which can reduce your chances of winning a fantasy football league. Again, if a referee finds a player intentionally making moves to delay the game, even then a penalty is imposed. Playing fair and with all strength is what makes a good player.