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Make Your Fantasy Cricket Blueprint to Select Team

Daily fantasy cricket user makes his dream team by doing his homework well. It means that he has studied the pitch, the weather conditions, the current form of the players and previous performance of the player.

Here are a few things to remember while playing fantasy cricket league:


You need to study the pitch thoroughly before choosing a player. Pitches can differ from flat batting tracks to bowler/spinner friendly wickets.

Flat Pitches

These pitches are batsman’s paradise. Scoring runs are easy on such pitches and hence it makes sense to restrict the number of bowlers to the minimum. Selecting a maximum number of all-rounders also makes sense in such a scenario.

Fast & Bouncy Pitches

These pitches are fast bowler’s paradise. They offer great bounce and pace to the bowler and make it difficult for the batsman to score runs off. Selecting the maximum number of fast bowlers should be the key here as they will restrict the number of runs scored off them and also chip in with a handful of wickets.

Slow & Low Pitches

These pitches offer great assistance to slow medium pacers provided they get their line and length right. Low scoring matches are a norm on such a pitch hence one has to be very careful in choosing the right mix of batsman and bowlers in such a scenario.

Spinning Pitches

These pitches offer great turn to spinners. Spinners should be the first ones on your team sheet on such pitches as captains nowadays choose spinners to open the bowling within search of early wickets

Player Performance

One has to consider a cricketer’s current form and how consistently he is performing in recent games.

Rivalries don’t matter

One has to be flexible in choosing players to make your team irrespective of him being the one you dislike or him being of your rival club. If the player is performing well, you’d be a fool to not include him in your online fantasy cricket team.

Keen eye for Talent

Gamers always select the big name players and rightly so as they are the ones who, the majority of the time, gives the highest number of points because of their performances. It is very important to have a balance of the big name players and upcoming talent in your team.

Choose top order batsman

Top order batsmen generally are the ones who play the maximum number of overs. They guarantee to give you a maximum number of points and help you in your private/public league standings.

All-Rounders are key

All-rounders play a very important role in the team as they help in balancing out the side. With the ability to both bat and ball, they are generally the first names on the team sheet. They provide a balance to the squad and can chip in with a handful of points with their ability to clear the boundary line and take wickets.

Pick the right Foreign Players

With a cap on the number of foreign players allowed in IPL, it is extremely necessary to choose your foreign players wisely. Don’t go on reputation. There are many foreign players who are an unknown entity to the general public but are specialists T20 players and play regularly in their domestic T20 cricket games. Make sure to do your research right before selecting them.

Choose your Captain/Vice-Captain wisely

This is an unsaid rule. Always choose the player who is in a rich vein of form as your captain/vice-captain as they generally give you additional points.

Enjoy playing fantasy sports!