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Points To Consider While Designing A Perfect Fantasy Cricket App

We’re assuming that  fantasy games are not an unfamiliar concept. However, few apps are more popular in comparison to the others. Did you ever think about why? That’s because each fantasy sports app is different from the other from the user and development perspective. Rules are the same, cash prizes are the same but still, your app is not getting as much use as your competitor’s app. 

Since  fantasy cricket games  are a virtual platform, so if it’s not easy for the user, then the number of registrations will go down. A little tip for the app makers – make your app attractive! The competition id very high out there! 

Here are a few points that you should definitely keep in mind if you’re an app maker. 

  • Live score API should be available during the fantasy cricket leagues make your application fully responsive 
  • Avoid making the pages heavier and make it mobile-friendly 
  • Focus on the development of the fantasy cricket app more than the website 
  • Keep a note of the functionality and performance of the app 

Also, there are a few things that users search for in their fantasy sports apps. Want to know what are they? Read on to know more. 

Basic features that users look for: 

Easy profile information 

Instead of exaggerating the registration process, if your app can keep it simple, then its more attractive. Online fantasy games require users to register themselves by giving the KYC details. If this whole thing takes up a lot of time, then you’ll surely lose the users. Make it easy and fast. 

Live match streaming 

This is a must-have option. Especially the Indian fans are addicted to  fantasy cricket in India because of the opportunity of playing along! The thrill of seeing your selected player get runs in the live match is something different. If you’re an app maker, make sure you include this feature. 

Easy to understand the points system 

If as a user you’re unable to understand the points system, then would you be interested in playing? Certainly not! So, what should be your next step? Obviously to make up the simplest scoreboard system. Keeping the normal points method is feasible. Even lame users will be able to understand the same. 

A great support chat facility 

Users generally have a lot of queries. Sometimes it can be irritating. But that’s the natural process. Payment details, transaction process, play history – who’s going to handle the same? obviously, a good and strong support chat is required to facilitate the same. The apps which have the same are leading the way into the world of playing fantasy cricket games. 

Fantasy apps are trending. All types of online games are a passion now. However, the ones with great features will win the race at the end. So, if you’re a fantasy cricket lover, then always go for the app with the right type of features.   


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