Man of the Match Performances in IPL Finals

Our cricket frenzy nation is gearing up for the IPL 2019. New set of IPL fantasy cricket teams built by sports fans will play alongside the eight IPL teams. These are IPL fantasy league teams of real players who will compete with each other. It will base on their statistical performance in actual games.

Sports fans will be able to choose their teams at a variable entry fee from the pool of players. It will base on their understanding and analytics of the game. And win or lose based on the actual performance of these players in the IPL online cricket games series.

All IPL fantasy cricket fans know how exciting every final of the event becomes. With thousands of crazy cricket spectators in the stadium and millions sitting in front of TV sets, every final match is a moment of the tournament.

Let us walk down the memory lane recollect the performances MoM in the first 6 IPL finals:

Yusuf Pathan – 56 (39) and 3/22 – RR V CSK, 2008 at Mumbai

In this match, Yusuf Pathan was the pick of the bowlers for Rajasthan picking 3/22 in 4 overs. Also, he made 56 runs after Rajasthan lost a couple of matches early. Pathan’s all-rounding effort earned him the MoM in the first ever IPL final.

Anil Kumble 4/16 – RCB v DC, 2009 at Johannesburg

In this match, Anil Kumble dismissed some crucial batsmen of Deccan Charger. The team has the particular blow when Kumble dismissed Adam Gilchrist for 0. Kumble was the MoM for his intense spell where he picked 4 for 16 in 4 overs.

Suresh Raina – 57* (35) and 1/21 – MI V CSK, 2010 in Mumbai

In this match, Suresh Raina was the MoM for his all-rounding efforts. He batted, remained not out at 57*and held Chennai Super Kings’ innings. It was his batting efforts that defeated Mumbai Indians in that final match of IPL 2010.

Murali Vijay – 95 (52) – RCB V CSK, 2011 in Chennai

In this match, Murali Vijay was rightly the MoM for his magnificent 95. Vijay’s 95 and Dhoni’squickfire 22 helped Chennai Super Kingsreach a match-winning total of 205.

Manvinder Bisla – 89 (48) – KKR V CSK, 2012 in Chennai

In this match, ManvinderBisla’s match-winning 89 earned him his maiden MoM. Against Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders had a terrible start. It was for Bisla’s 89 runs performance, KKR won the trophy.

Kieron Pollard – 60 (32) – MI V CSK, 2013 in Kolkata

In this match, Kieron Pollard’s 60 gave him the MoM award in 2013 IPL final. CSK were again in the finals and playing against MI. Pollard of MI batted well and scored 60 to bring MI their first IPL trophy.

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Make Your Fantasy Cricket Blueprint to Select Team

Daily fantasy cricket user makes his dream team by doing his homework well. It means that he has studied the pitch, the weather conditions, the current form of the players and previous performance of the player.

Here are a few things to remember while playing fantasy cricket league:


You need to study the pitch thoroughly before choosing a player. Pitches can differ from flat batting tracks to bowler/spinner friendly wickets.

Flat Pitches

These pitches are batsman’s paradise. Scoring runs are easy on such pitches and hence it makes sense to restrict the number of bowlers to the minimum. Selecting a maximum number of all-rounders also makes sense in such a scenario.

Fast & Bouncy Pitches

These pitches are fast bowler’s paradise. They offer great bounce and pace to the bowler and make it difficult for the batsman to score runs off. Selecting the maximum number of fast bowlers should be the key here as they will restrict the number of runs scored off them and also chip in with a handful of wickets.

Slow & Low Pitches

These pitches offer great assistance to slow medium pacers provided they get their line and length right. Low scoring matches are a norm on such a pitch hence one has to be very careful in choosing the right mix of batsman and bowlers in such a scenario.

Spinning Pitches

These pitches offer great turn to spinners. Spinners should be the first ones on your team sheet on such pitches as captains nowadays choose spinners to open the bowling within search of early wickets

Player Performance

One has to consider a cricketer’s current form and how consistently he is performing in recent games.

Rivalries don’t matter

One has to be flexible in choosing players to make your team irrespective of him being the one you dislike or him being of your rival club. If the player is performing well, you’d be a fool to not include him in your online fantasy cricket team.

Keen eye for Talent

Gamers always select the big name players and rightly so as they are the ones who, the majority of the time, gives the highest number of points because of their performances. It is very important to have a balance of the big name players and upcoming talent in your team.

Choose top order batsman

Top order batsmen generally are the ones who play the maximum number of overs. They guarantee to give you a maximum number of points and help you in your private/public league standings.

All-Rounders are key

All-rounders play a very important role in the team as they help in balancing out the side. With the ability to both bat and ball, they are generally the first names on the team sheet. They provide a balance to the squad and can chip in with a handful of points with their ability to clear the boundary line and take wickets.

Pick the right Foreign Players

With a cap on the number of foreign players allowed in IPL, it is extremely necessary to choose your foreign players wisely. Don’t go on reputation. There are many foreign players who are an unknown entity to the general public but are specialists T20 players and play regularly in their domestic T20 cricket games. Make sure to do your research right before selecting them.

Choose your Captain/Vice-Captain wisely

This is an unsaid rule. Always choose the player who is in a rich vein of form as your captain/vice-captain as they generally give you additional points.

Enjoy playing fantasy sports!

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5 Reasons of IPL Fantasy Leagues’ Popularity in India

With the Indian Premier League matches grasping the nation, it is once again the time for cricket fans to relish the fun and fervour of IPL magic. With the rise of IPL fantasy leagues, entertainment has now found a fresh meaning – the online way.

In these fantasy games of any sport, say, T20 cricket games, football or kabaddi you are able in forming your own online teams with real players depending on the players’ performance stats. These online teams’ performances are dependent on the performance of the players in on-field matches. Coming under the wide spectrum of online games, daily fantasy cricket are gaining interest like the online card games of India.

Read on to understand and appreciate the trends:

1. Online format

The online version of conventional sports has moved to the internet format opening an array of possibilities to play and win. In fact, the online format gives you liberty from time and place limitations. Today, with the raising smartphone number of users, there is a growing need for mobile-centric fun. And online games are a natural selection on this connection. With many genres of IPL T20 fantasy games being played, games are building a strong foothold in the games market. With the creation of fantasy sports, the gaming scene will become very competitive.

2. Enhanced user engagement

Fantasy sports with its appealing features are able to offer enhanced user involvement. With seamless gaming features to allow switching among devices etc. have all worked with enhanced user involvement. A sense of being a part of these games much more profound creating a stronger bond between user and the game.

3. Games of skill

When you form your own IPL fantasy cricket team, it is a very thought-out activity that involves your expertise of the leading real players, their latest performances, the statistical data linked to the matches played by them and your ways of forming your “dream team” that performs remarkably well.

4. Legal to play

Skill games like online cricket games are considered legal to play online which includes playing for money. As, the Supreme Court announced such games as games of skill, winning at these games is not dependent on the opportunity factor of fantasy sports gamers.

5. Cash rewards are encouraging

Being skill based, these games well reward your thinking and strategies with amazing cash rewards. Whether it is the special offers or promotions of the online fantasy games or the bigger prize amounts you are awarded based on your score in these games.

As the conventional games make way for their online versions, the online platform is evolving into an action-packed area.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy fantasy sports!

Fundamental Rules of Online Cricket Games

Online Cricket Games is becoming the most interesting and breathtaking game in the recent cricket world.

In the world of online cricket games, people stay awake to make their perfect playing XI team. Researching their strategies get them through the selection procedure smoothly. We have already discussed a lot about the tips and tricks to make a proper selection of fantasy cricket game teams.

Now let us discuss something very basic. Read on:

A single account for an individual person

Each person has only one account with which he/ she can play the game of cricket fantasy. The primary motive of developing such a rule is to decrease the possibilities of cheating and forge playing in the game. As one gamer is to have just one account, it balances the possibilities of every player to win the fantasy sport.

Team creation

Each individual who aspires to play daily fantasy cricket is needed to make a selection of 11 players for his team prior to getting into the game. The gamer can make the selection of own choice or any of the strategy. The gamer is free in choosing any of the players that as stated by him standing a chance to win the game. The sole thing you have to bear in mind is to select only 3 players from a specific category to ensure a number of players in the team.

Modifications in the team

All of the players of the cricket fantasy games are free for making their desired changes prior to the start of the game. The game entertains the alterations as long as the game, in fact, starts off. Thus, the player can make all of the changes in his team. After analysing the strategy and team of its competition. With this rule, the opportunity to improve to win the game also raises.

Announcing the team

If you have not announced your team and have not made accessibility of your team in the tournament. Then there is absolutely no point in making any of the planning for it. To create your team play against the other teams in the match, it is very important to join up the team in the tournament.

Role description

Every single player that is picked for playing the game of cricket fantasy league should be stated with clear information about their roles and tasks in the team. The chosen bowlers must state as bowlers in the team and the same must do with the batsmen. This rule has intended to ensure the perfect harmony in the team. With the highest quality of players based on the type of match conditions.

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IPL Fantasy Leagues 2019 – 4 Things to keep in mind

The stage is set; the preparation is in full swing! Are you ready for it? Have you already decided your players and taken your sides? One of the most eagerly anticipating cricket events of India is Indian Premier League. And this year it is the 12th edition. With the event preparation in full swing, IPL fantasy leagues users are also preparing from their end.

Let’s take a more scientific approach while forming your favourite playing XI to be successful in your IPL T20 cricket:


Just before we dive into the complex aspects of team structure, the basic tenet to be a successful IPL fantasy leagues player is to possess loads of persistence and tenacity. There will be days when nothing will go proper but as is with life, you can look at your nerves during difficulty.

There might be bleak periods for your team, but continuous perseverance and regular improvements in your technique and T20 fantasy league plan will certainly reap rewards in the long term.

Monitoring the probable playing XI of both teams

Perhaps the most crucial requirement in terms of team creation is keeping track of the availability of the cricketers from both teams.

With a team as big as an average IPL fantasy league franchise offers, and with just 4 overseas players to pick in the playing XI, squads tend to test out different combos that might fit them at a particular cricket ground.

So whether or not you’re busy throughout the day, give attention to the lineups as that is certainly the real deal breaker.

Pick only top order batsmen

It’s obvious that the top 3 batsmen rule the batting line up in IPL fantasy cricket. Their possibility of making a substantial contribution to a team’s score is much larger than that of middle and lower order batsmen.

Therefore, there’s no point in looking for a batsman who shows up too late into the innings and has now only a handful of balls to take care of. Even selecting a No. 4 batsman can be risky in case of a strong opening collaboration.

Picking death overs experts and wicket-keepers smartly

It doesn’t actually matter whether you consider Virat Kohli’s wicket or a tailender’s wicket, as all in all, on online cricket games a bowler obtaining a wicket fetches the same points regardless of the batsman in question. Therefore, it is advisable to decide on death overs experts who can nick in with a few wickets in the back-end of the innings.

A wicketkeeper batting in the top four is much like gold. Not alone can he play a role via his wicketkeeping abilities, but as a top order batsman, his batting gives you an extra advantage over your competitors.

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy!

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Passion Meets Skill during Fantasy Cricket League

Ask your mother, father, uncle or aunt. When they were young they didn’t know the concept of fantasy sports. At their young age, they enjoyed cricket matches live on the filed or on their television sets with their families. However, now the scenario is different. The arrival of the internet and online games have paved way for fantasy cricket league in Indian sports enthusiasts’ mind.

The passion for this sport has blended smoothly with how the Indians understand cricket. We know whether you are playing on the field or not, if a debate in cricket happens, you will win.

A Skill-based Game

Fantasy sports, considered to be originated from the United States of America, are a skill-based online game where users can make a playing XI, for cricket or football, based on an actual match. Users will get points based on the performance of the players on the field. At 11Wickets, users win cash prizes and they can enter in leagues where they can compete with other cricket fanatics.

Be the Coach of Fantasy Cricket team

Just imagine you get an opportunity to put on Ravi Shastri’s shoes? Each user has 100 credits to pick a team of 11 players in their daily fantasy cricket team. Once the squad sets up, they can enter the paid leagues before the deadline. The deadline to enter at a contest at 11Wickets is till the last minute of the match start. The user who gathers up the most number of points on the scoreboard will win the fantasy cricket contest.

Get Rewards

Users get cash rewards for placing their analytical and statistical skills to the fantasy cricket league contest. At 11Wickets the prize pool gets higher with the increase in the number of users in a specific online cricket contest. We know that, with cricket being the most worshipped sport in India, the followers playing fantasy cricket India leagues is very high; and football and kabaddi are following online cricket.

Fantasy Cricket is Legal

Cricket betting and fantasy cricket are two distinct things; the former is banned in India, whereas the latter is legal. Betting on cricket is a luck-based activity where betters make outrageous guesses about the results of any cricket match. At the same time, fantasy sports need a careful and in-depth analysis of teams & players – much like what a coach or manager does for a cricket team. In short, online fantasy cricket is a game of skill and helps heighten the love and passion for the sport.

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy games and enjoy!

Steps To Pick Best IPL Fantasy League Squad

The 12thedition of the Indian Premier League is around the corner and it is time for IPL Fantasy League 2019. The users of IPL fantasy are increasing every season and so does the competition in this famous T20 fantasy cricket league.

Each new user expects something new for each season, each match. Everyone makes their own set of tips and tricks which works for them when they make their fantasy cricket squad. However, India has seen a tremendous surge in the increase of fantasy sports users. And with so many users around, it is gruelling to be at the top of the ranks. So what does it take to stand out from the crowd?

This post isn’t about the tips and tricks for IPL fantasy cricket. This post is about how you should utilize your psyche in playing the IPL fantasy.

Do something differently

As a daily fantasy cricket user, you will notice that everyone keeps on selecting the usual picks. Don`t try this. Picking the regular players won`t take you at best of the rankings. When your player performs, he performs for 85% of users. Hence everyone gets the points, therefore, you remain in exactly the same position in the scoreboard.

By playing the common picks, you won`t go much over the positions, yet may even not rise much. Try selecting players whom no one will anticipate to perform. If your unpredicted cricketers perform, you will definitely get extra points for the match compared to the majority of the users. IPL T20 is full of surprises. You don`t know what will happen and any unexpected player can play and turn the match. Don’t hesitate to select them.

And trust us, it is the best experience. You will sit tight for the scores to update and you will see yourself climb up the scoreboard.

A plan from the first day

While making an IPL fantasy squad, think of about at least 2 matches ahead of the schedule. Keep your substitute players for the matches ready, in case you need them in the planned ahead matches. Your planning will help you to be ready for all sorts of scenarios and this will help you indirectly to go up in the scoreboard.

Take a good look at the IPL schedule before you start picking up your team.

Not to your heart, listen to your mind

Each cricket fan has a cricketer close to hearts. We normally feel that player will give several wonders out in between. But, with fantasy cricket, you are playing an IPL T20 fantasy game rather than supporting a fan club. Don’t fall into the trap of any non-performing player who otherwise is your favourite. Don`t think much while dropping him from your squad. You are dropping the cricketer from your fantasy squad, not from your hearts!

Whatever you earn points, enjoy T20 cricket games.

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy!

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Prominence Of Year 2019 For Fantasy Cricket

This year, 2019 is one of the most promising years for the fantasy cricket! Can you guess why it is so? Of course, this is the year of the biggest event in the world of cricket; ICC World Cup is knocking our doors.

Since long the cricket fans have been crazy about this very sport. And in India, you will find the nation regarding cricket as religion.No wonder, we here at 11Wickets, the fantasy cricket leagues platform, have successfully created such a huge presence among the people.

This platform of Fantasy cricket is all about fun, excitement, passion, anticipation and yes, most prominently, the rewards which we get in form of cash prizes and bonus.

But we have not assembled here to talk about 11Wickets alone here. We want to see why this year is so important for fantasy cricket.

Important Cricket Events taking place in 2019–20

Indian Premier League

IPL, arranged by BCCI comes about yearly and in 2019 it is the 12th season of the league. Normally, the IPL T20 cricket takes place in India, but, it is likely that in 2019 part of the tournament can also be held in the United Arab Emirates due to the General Elections of India. Then, next season in 2020, the 13th season of IPL will be organised.

International World Cup ODI:

One of the greatest cricketing events, International ODI Cricket World Cup will be held in 2019. This will be the 12th edition of Cricket World Cup and is being hosted by England and Wales. This event happens once every four years and it is anticipated that it will break all records linked to online cricket game business.

Big Bash League:

The eighth season of this Australian T20 cricket league began on December 19, 2018, and finishes on February 17, 2019. This is once again a prominent event in cricket and enormous participation of fantasy cricket lovers is predicted during this league. Additionally, it takes place every year, so there are huge chances in this arena too.

World Cup T20:

This event is organised once every two years and the next tournament, which will be the 7th edition of the World Cup T20, will be held in 2020. This time around it will be hosted by Australia from October 18th to November 15th, 2020.

Because of several cricketing events aligned, it is about time to play fantasy cricket and win cash daily and gain immense popularity.

Good reasons to invest in Fantasy Cricket right now!

Never-ending opportunities

Every year, several cricketing events, tournaments are arranged such as Big Bash, IPL, Test matches, ODI matches, etc. therefore there is a large scope for this sort of apps.

Lesser Competition

The very idea of fantasy cricket apps remains new and there are few apps available. Hence, it will be easier to make your presence felt and generate a loyal user base.

It is legal

In India, betting in cricket is not legal, but, fantasy cricket apps regarded as legal. As it is not essential, but is a game of skill and hence represents legal to play.

Thanks for reading! Play online cricket games and enjoy!

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Mistakes To Avoid While Creating Fantasy Cricket Team

The phrase “to err is human” is totally applicable for fantasy cricket. Being the fantasy cricket fan, you must love your time picking up the dream team. In fantasy cricket it is primarily the team, making the mistakes take away the wins.

While drafting your fantasy cricket team, you need to take some of the toughest decisions which can be the deciding factor for your team.

Let’s take a look at the mistakes you should avoid at all cost when you start picking up your team:

Avoid going crazy over favourite players

Everybody has their “favourite players”. They are the players that you love and have to have as they’re your favourite. It’s okay to have your favourites, but you need to pick the ones who are performing stars. We are not saying you should never get your favourites, and it is perfectly okay to go a little overpriced for a cricketer you love or a cricketer you think will break out, but you should never pick cricketers with such a rigid mindset that you must get a player no matter the cost.

Avoid selecting players without a plan

Before selecting players for any of the daily fantasy cricket matches, be sure you have hatched out a plan. With no prior planning from your end, your fantasy pick-ups will not be a clever one.

Avoid overpaying for mediocre players

You want to get a few highly talented cricketers on your team. But some people miss out on the talent which leads to overbidding on lesser talents or even worse. This is why it is important to have a plan and stick somewhat close to it.

Avoid spending your entire budget in the first five minutes

The most common mistake for riotous owners is spending their credits on the players in just first 5 minutes. It is one of the biggest mistakes on your part. Take your time, observe which pool of players are playing in the match, plan your strategies, research and they make your dream team.

Avoid getting stuck with players you don’t want

Picking the cricketers is fun. It’s especially great when you get to see the face of your losing opponents. However, it’s not so much fun when you get stuck overpaying for a cricketer you didn’t want in the first place.

Worry more about your own team than of your friends, you’ll find that it works out better more often than not.

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy!

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Best Fantasy Sports Game in India

We know how it feels when your favourite sports team is constantly losing. It is just not funny and is extremely frustrating. Sitting there yelling at the television, saying that everyone on the team should be fired, is an ordinary incidence for the sports fans. Every sports fan out there thinks that they can run a team better than the management in place now. Well, actually, now you can run your own fantasy sports team.

In the middle of 2000s fantasy sports India was created and every sports fan dream came true. Fans were now able to select players from cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi and many other sports. Fans are now able to run a team however they wish. They could set line-ups, drop players, pick up new ones and execute trades.

But which fantasy sport is the top of the bunch?

In India, the most popular fantasy sport is cricket. Fantasy cricket is by far the easiest one to play though Indians are also a huge fan of fantasy football league as well.

For playing the daily fantasy cricket games, all you need to do is selecting the playing XI and your fantasy team is set. For most of us, fantasy cricket is the best, as cricket is religion in this nation. You can have the most dominant team online, and your opponent can be defeated with the points earned. Trust us; you will live it down either, especially if you’re in a league with your close friends, or people at work.

The next popular fantasy sport after fantasy cricket is fantasy football.

Fantasy football takes a lot more of your time, especially if you are in a league where you need to set your playing XI daily.

Instead of one game, a weekend, and a winner you have daily (almost every day). Now, in case your team has a slow start, they can make up for it later in the week. The roster in fantasy football is a lot deeper, and there are a lot more spots to fill on your team. Managers really need to know all of the players and the potential breakouts who could help their team.

Well then, who is the fantasy sports winner?

For the busy, casual sports fan we would say online fantasy cricket can be your primary choice. Don’t get us wrong, fantasy football is pretty intense because every game matters and that one loses can hurt your season.

We think that the best fantasy sport has to go to both cricket and football. Obviously, if you are only a cricket fan or only a football fan, and not both, then you have your own personal winner.

So next time your yelling at your computer screen or phone, and your fantasy team is losing, the only one you can blame is, yourself.

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy!

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