4 Footballers Whose Career Was Overshadowed by Criminal Records

Athletes are always the living idols of their fans. The way the dress, they walk, they work and they move about in their real life, is followed by their fans diligently. Respect and honor are two integral qualities of every football player. However, with all due respect to their skills, there are a few footballers who’ve been engaged in unfortunate criminal activities that definitely ruined their sports career.  

Majorly these players have been into problems because of their bad behavior on the fields. Even while playing fantasy football games, the selectors have to keep in mind. Some of them could have made it big in the world of football. But, alas! Stars had something else planned for them! Check out the names of such few footballers who remained unknown to the world and whose skills remained unseen by many. 

Nizar Trabelsi 

If you’re not an ardent football freak then its difficult to have heard the name of this Tunisian born footballer. However, in 2001, he was suspected to have links with the terrorist agency Al-Qaeda and was directly linked to the wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden. Although he pleaded innocence, however he was sentenced for a 10-year imprisonment after the 9/11 attacks with sufficient proofs in hand. This incident left a negative mark upon his football career and subsequently ended the career of a good upcoming footballer. 

Marlon King 

This Jamaican striker had been convicted with around 14 offences starting from damage, deception, rash driving, drink and driving and sexual assaults. Hence, even if this person had any essence of football skills in him, the same was not visible to world. Starting from 2002 till 2008 there has been many instances which made him a criminal and ruined his reputation. Not many fantasy football gamers are aware of the name of this footballer.  

George Best 

Unlike the other names listed above, Best was undoubtedly the greatest footballer of Northern Ireland. On-field he is one of the best legends and very professional, however he had a very spendthrift lifestyle. Moreover, his skills were overshadowed by alcoholism and different controversies related to women. Moreover, he was also charged with cases of domestic violence. Thus, the man although lucky initially, wasn’t able to sustain a long-term professional career in football.  

Patrick Kluivert 

This Dutch footballer was a well-known striker and played for famous clubs like Ajax, AC Milan, Barcelona and New Castle United. Hence, he was known name among the fantasy premier leagues. However, at the age of 19 he was involved in a fatal car accident that killed the theatre director Putman. That’s it! Once a criminal tag gets imposed on a player the reputation of that particular player falls in stake. After the accident Kluivert suffered from depression and sudden anxiety attacks. Although he revived from the situation, however he was not able to recover from the shock completely and hence was unable to revive the career as a footballer.  

Some intentional and some unfortunate events made these and some other footballers criminals by the record.  

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6 Short-Height Footballers Who Achieved Fame in World Football

Physical ability, sturdy and height is valuable in almost all types of sports. Along with toughness, technicalities and skills, for an average footballer height is an important factor. Unlike tall heighted games like basketball, baseball, American football and Hockey, to be a goalie a taller footballer is required. While selecting players for online fantasy football leagues, keeping in mind the physical abilities the choice is made. 

At least 6 feet tall is a basic requirement for a good footballer. However, things have changed. Today, football is no more a big man’s game. Technical capabilities and physical power can over shadow the height of a player. Starting from Lionel Messi to Juan Mata, year after year and day after day, these excellent players with exceptional skills have proved that short height is no more a bar to be the greatest footballer of the world. Unquestionably these are a few likable players for playing fantasy football.  

Elton Jose Xavier Gomes  

A midfielder with an average height of only 5’1” is till date the shortest footballer to be present in world football leagues. The 2012-2013 season saw a smashing performance from his end. He also has many fans in fantasy premier leagues. This short-heighted footballer has scored smashing 11 goals in this season and helped his club win the league for the first time.  

Daniel Alberto Villalva Barrios 

The shortest player in the Argentina team is currently playing as a forward for the Veracruz club. Although his height doesn’t permit him to be an athlete, however, his excellent dribbling skills ensure that the man was born to play soccer. He is also the youngest player to get into the team at the age of 10 and soon he became a well-known name in the fantasy football arena.  

Marcin Garuch 

When it’s a dead ball situation, then Garuch is the name that comes to the mind of the polish national team. Standing tall at a height of 5’1” he is extra ordinarily trained in the game. His short height is an advantage because he is quick, swift and can pass the ball with a blink of an eye to the next player.  

Levi Porter 

Slightly taller than the above ones mentioned on the list, Porter is 5’3” and is currently 32 years old. He began playing in 2006 for the Leicester City and with his debut match he proved his skills by helping his club win with 3-1 goals. Preferred by many for playing fantasy football, Porter has played till date around 39 matches for Leicester. Currently he is playing for Melton Town from the year 2018. 

Diego Maradona 

Although there’s no need of any introduction on this man. However, before he made it big in the world of football, there were critics who wondered with a height of 5’5” whether this man would be able to make a career as a professional. However, his exceptional and surprising goal of 1986 World cup made the world believe that a star has been born and skills can overshadow any kind of physical disabilities.  

Lionel Messi 

Messi is undoubtedly not at the beginning of the list. The reason being, as you can see that there are many players before Messi who are more short-heighted than the player and has still made it big in world football. Till date, he is 5’7” and the main reason behind the same being growth deficiency hormone that restricted his growth from the very beginning. However, when you’re born with the lucky stars and technically, you’re trained, there’s no force that can stop you from getting to the desired heights! Messi is a living proof of the same. Online fantasy football leagues are incomplete without the name of this player on the list.  

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Fantasy Football Fun: 6 Well-Dressed Footballers in The World

Whether it’s football or cricket, the lives of every sportsperson are documented, followed and replicated all over the world. Playing fantasy football has become a raging trend now. If you go through the lives of the footballers, you’ll find many rags to riches stories. But what makes it more interesting is the way their personality and dressing sense changed with years of success.  

With social media taking a toll on the lives of people, footballers have to look brilliant and clean all the time! Afterall they are the living icons for the commoners! Fantasy football leagues have become highly popular because of this reason.  

Here’s a list of some of the best dressed footballers of the modern era. You’ll certainly be dazzled with the glam and attitude that these footballers carry in their real life.  

David Beckham 

One and only footballer, who till date has been on the top of the list when it comes to the best-dressed players! A fashion influencer, creating mass fashion trends and pulling off every style brilliantly – Beckham is as much a fashionista as he is a footballer. When you’re not seeing him on the fields, you may find him either with hoodies, tattoos and chunky jeans. He is a name which is known to all who plays fantasy football games.  

Keisuke Honda 

This outstanding Milan midfielder has an awesome sense of style and fashion. Moving in the footsteps of the famous predecessor Hidetoshi Nakata, this Japanese poster boy has lived in some of the best fashionable countries and has adopted the culture successfully. His multi-cultural experiences are reflected through his fashion sense. Whether it’s the unique hair style or the high-end dresses, he is making a mark everywhere!  

Xabi Alonso 

Polo, Prada and Lauren – when he is not busy playing football, he likes using his time by modelling for these brands! What’s the plus point of Alonso? He can look cool and rocking with a simple casual pair of trousers and shirt! What’s more? He is the spokesperson of Emidio Tucci a leading fashion house in Spain. Unquestionably he was voted as the smart-dressed footballer by several Spanish media groups. Online fantasy football league players love selecting Alonso, not only for his gameplay but also for his rocking personality.  

Cristiano Ronaldo 

He is a name showing at the top of the charts of the best footballers as well as the most handsome and best dressed footballers. Although his sophisticated approach towards fashion has not helped him to overcome the likes of Beckham, however his modelling for Emporio Armani and Nike has definitely made him a known face to the current generations. He is also a popular choice among online fantasy football platforms for his excellent gaming skills. 

Thierry Henry 

When you think about the best dressing options, Thierry Henry is the name that comes to your mind. Consistency is the basic skill of this man. Whether it’s on the field or off the field – he is consistent in everything. And what’s more beautiful is the dressing sense of this man gets better with time. Generally you may find him in traditional attires in most of the public appearances but give him any kind of suits, he will surely carry it off without any hindrance!  

Djibril Cisse 

Although there has always been a controversy related to the dressing sense of this man, however, the cutting-edge approach of Cisse is also appreciable and takes his fashion sense to new heights. He may flaunt some crazy hairstyles, whole-body tattoos and funky clothes, but there’s no denying to the fact that his fashion levels make him a prominent role in the fashion industry.  

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5 Most Controversial Football Matches Till Date

Sports without controversies are impossible to find. Although fans prefer to refrain from discussing about the controversies, however, players are also humans and they need to learn from their past mistakes. However, in online fantasy football leagues, there’s absolutely no scope of such mistakes since a lot of money is involved.  

Football is famous for controversial shots and misses. There are magic moments, fake attempts and miraculous shots for every team and club. There are players who’ve been criticized for their performances over the time. However, whatever the situation is fantasy football games are still popular than any other online fantasy games!    

There have been matches which people are still talking about and again there are the ones so highly decorated that would surely give you headaches. For people who are not so acquainted with the controversial matches and their histories, here’s a short summary of the same. Read on and get entertained.  

Match 1: Portugal vs the Netherlands 

With 4 red cards and 16 yellow cards given out in this game, undoubtedly this is one of the most controversial matches in football history. Not far behind, during the 2006 World cup, when the Dutch met the Portuguese, the match soon turned out to be a nasty revenge game. It was a completely visible physical battle between the players of the two teams. Although Portugal won the match in the end, however, online fantasy football players had a tough time deciding their fate during this ongoing match.  

Match 2: Argentina vs England 

It was the memorable 1966 World cup, when the two cross continental rivals came across each other and things got nasty. However, here the controversy was created by the match referee who decided to throw out the Argentine captain out of the field because he didn’t like his gaze! Strange as it sounds, the news made it to the headlines. Moreover, as Argentina won, a strange comment came from the England coach where he claimed that Argentines played like animals! Evidently the match lacked professionalism.  

Match 3: Chelsea vs Barcelona 

Unquestionably one of the most eccentric matches, this one was held during the 2008-2009 UEFA Champions League. Initially the game was a tie between the two teams having 1-1 goals for both the teams. However, in the next half of the match Chelsea was on the verge of scoring when Barcelona defeated their hopes. The intentional red cards passed on to the Chelsea members were the reason behind the unending controversy about this match. Those playing fantasy football experienced an over the edge thrill during this match.  

Match 4: Italy vs Spain 

This match was set during the 1934 FIFA world cup when there was no TVs, or any other platform to record this controversial match. However, the scandals and criminal activities that took place in this match didn’t went undiscussed. Till date, even the modern group of fantasy football gamers are of the opinion that the referees were trying to make the game easy for the host country Italy! The Spanish team also complained that their goalkeeper was fouled by the Italians, however the same was not taken into account.  

Match 5: West Germany vs Austria 

During the 1982 games, when Germany and Austria began playing against each other, all eyes were on Germany as the fans expected the team to take a revenge against Austria for beating Cordoba with 3-2 goals. The Germans were so prepared and in complete attacking position that 10 minutes into the game they scored goal. Later there were unprofessional comments, burning of flags and many disturbances among the spectators which made the game highly controversial in nature.  

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Fantasy Football India: 5 Popular Indian Football Clubs on Social Media

Soccer or football – with whatever name you may like to call the same, has huge popularity over any other games in the world. Although cricket is one of the most popular game in India, with a lot of people addicted to the sport, it may look like football has taken a backseat in India. However, the millions of fan base in online fantasy football leagues shows that soccer is not far behind in the run.  

When it comes to Indian football clubs, you’ll be amazed to find that there are a few clubs which have millions and billions of fans which can even outgrow the number of fan base that is present for the European clubs.  

Let’s take a look at the highest fan following clubs which are the favorite choices for playing fantasy football.  

Kerala Blasters 

Kerala Blasters undoubtedly has one of the highest numbers of fan base among the different other Indian clubs. With their home stadium situated in Kochi, if you get the opportunity of checking out any live match of this team, you’ll find a group of voluble fans and an electrical atmosphere being generated in every match. Yellow being their favorite color, there’s no mistaken with the fact that this country is blessed with talent, beauty and intelligence. Fantasy football leagues are worth playing due to the presence of such mind-blowing clubs in the Indian football team.  

East Bengal 

One of the oldest and popular Bengal club in Indian football is East Bengal. The origin of the club dates back the pre-independence days. With around 1.3 million followers on social media platforms and around 61,000 flowers on Instagram, this is an invincible football team. The rich history of some of the famous derbies between EB and Mohun Bagan has seen some record number of fans on the grounds. Fantasy football in India is a loss without the presence of this club into the range.  

Mohun Bagan 

After the official entry of Mohun Bagan into the ISL along with the ATK club, this fan-based club has managed to secure one of the highest number of fans both online and offline. Like EB, MB has a long history of inception and some of the incidents about the fans will make you amazed at the heights that can be achieved by the fans of these clubs. By far this club is the best crowd-puller club and will surely remain the same in the coming few years.  

FC Goa 

One of the most consistent teams to have played in the ISL, the club has around 448,000 followers on Facebook and in total 1.05 million followers including other social media platforms. Hard work, smart performances and consistency will surely take this team to some unprecedented level. although they have not won any trophy in the ISL, however, this misfortune is soon going to be rules out by the hard-working players of this club. Fans of online fantasy football games are waiting for the day when this club attains the new heights and gets the trophy into their wardrobe!  

Chennaiyin FC 

Yet another south Indian club into the list, this club has a cumulative number of around 1.55 million followers on the social media. The down to earth attitude, dramatic winning and high-spirited performances have taken them to the top of the list. although initially during the beginning of the ISL, everyone was having doubts about the success of this club, however later they proved their accord and won the hearts of millions of fans!  

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5 Most Decorated German Footballers Of All Time

In the world football history, Germany has undoubtedly been the most successfully country. Unlike any other countries, the greatest number of world cup successes has been achieved by the German team. Starting from 1954, 1974, 1990 to 2014, a long list of wins and awesome football players that have come up from the sporty lands of Germany.  

Even in case of fantasy premier leagues, selection of German players plays an integral part to help the selectors win the game. If you look closely into the German players, you’ll see that German players are majorly known for their focus on the game. Although you may name some the greatest footballers originating from other countries, however, German has showed consistency in terms of their winnings. 

Let’s have a look at the incredible players who have entertained the world with their outstanding performances and have secured sufficient winnings over the time.  

Gerd Muller 

Considered to be one of the best footballers by online fantasy football gamers and the football fans, Muller is one of the best German players who’ve ever graced the game! Other than the 2014 loss, there’s not many matches where Muller has not shown his efficiency. With around 68 goals in 62 matches, till date, every forward player appreciates the skills of Muller as an outstanding German player. This sturdy player made sure that made it difficult for the opponent players to take the ball out of his grip. He has won several awards including the Ballon d’Or.  

Jurgen Klinsmann 

This man played in six major tournaments and scored at least one goal in every tournament. During this peak time, he scored around 42 goals in 82 games and eventually became the third FIFA world cup player in the year 1995. Since he effortlessly scored around 29 goals in 56 games while playing for the Tottenham club hence, he became the most favorite player of the club.  

Franz Beckenbauer 

This man has been popular within the German folklore. During the 1966 world cup he finished in 2nd position and during the 1970 world cup he finished in third position. Currently, the man is aged 75 years and is still recalled by many fantasy football fans. This man always played as a central defender and was twice named the European Footballer of the year for West Germany. In 1974 he won the world cup title as a captain of the German team and in 1990 he became the head coach of the team. His achievements are unending and he was the first footballer to lift three European cups altogether as a skipper. Hence you can well imagine the amount of talent and vigor that this person possessed.  

Fritz Walter 

The talent and greatness of this German player can be judged by the fact that this player has an award named after him. Although a very popular fact, however very few online fantasy football players are aware about the goals and the history of this famous German football player. He has always played for his hometown club and has successfully scored 357 goals in 364 games. The number shows the amount immense of talent that this man possessed.  

Lothar Matthaus 

A dynamic midfielder, this German player was a sensation in the team. He had won around 150 caps and his leadership within the team is highly commendable. He was a winner both at the international and at the national levels.  

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Fantasy Football in India – 5 Players Who Made Indian Football Proud

Unlike the rest of the world, football in India has always been less prioritized in comparison to cricket. That’s why everyone is well familiar with the prestigious Indian cricket team but not with the famous Indian footballers. However, with the advent of fantasy football in India, generation next have become curious about the rich history of the football teams. With I-leagues and ISLs coming into place, India has now been leading into the game and the Indian footballers are getting sufficient amount of recognition as compared to the other international football players.  

Here’s a list of some famous Indian football players who have made their place even among the best of best international players.  

#1 Bhaichung Bhutia  

Among all the famous Indian footballers who have played for India, Bhutia is the most known among all. After the retirement of Vijayan in 2003, its was Bhutia who took the responsibility of the team on his tough shoulders. The 2000s was the time when Bhutia and Vijayan played to together and they made a deadly couple for the Indian team. Bhutia played his debut match at the age of 19 for the famous Eastbengal club and player over 100 matches since then. Online fantasy football league players have definitely missed out on the good players since most of them have retired now!  

#2 PK Banerjee  

This man made his international debut in 1955 for the Dhaka Quadrangular series. His elegant and seamless striking style made him stand out among all other national and international players of his time. He was a very important player during the 1962 Asian Games. His smart strokes help him to get goals against the veterans playing for the Japan, South Korea and Thailand teams. Did you know that he was the Indian captain for the football team during the 1960 Olympics? Well, from this data it is very relevant that this north Bengal born was a tiger of Indian football.  

#3Sailendra Nath Manna 

Popularly known as Sailen Manna to his fans, he is till date the greatest leader of Indian football. Even before PK Banerjee’s captaincy for Indian football in the Olympics, Manna took the team to Olympics in the year 1948. Such was his vigor and his captaincy that he was listed among the 10 best captains of the World by English Football Association. He was born in 1924 and joined the Bengal team Mohun Bagan in the year 1942. He played for long 19 years and finally retired and was awarded as the Mohun Bagan ratna in the year 2001. Fantasy football players never had the opportunity of getting this man on board for their dream team.  

#4 Sunil Chhetri  

Chhetri is a man beyond any introduction. This man has been captain of the Indian football team in the recent times and is the most capped player Further, if you check the records, you’ll fin him to be the top goal scorer with around 51 goals in his court out of the 91 matches that he has played till date. He is among the few Indian footballers who adorned the Indian football fraternity by even leaving a mark in the international segment as well. Although there’s still a plenty of time left for this man to add some more awards and accolades to his name, however presently he is the most favorite pick for any online fantasy football league

#5Subimal Chuni Goswamy 

Also commonly known as Chuni Goswamy, was undoubtedly the most brilliant, gifted gem of the Indian football team. During 1962 Asian Games at Jakarta, he led the Indian team to win several medals. Extraordinary control over the ball, excellent fielding strategies and good read of the game makes the Goswamy one of the best among the others in the list. He even played for the ranji trophy.  

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Top 6 21st Century Footballers with Most Number of Titles

Trophies and titles are the most inspirational motivations for any sportsperson. Financial aspects come later on! Recognition of the skills is the utmost desire that evert footballer has. You may argue that in the older days, there were not so many trophies or titles available, however, they are not the only things that is required to judge the efficiency of the player. However, while playing online fantasy football leagues, selectors are majorly focused on selecting the players with the greatest number of titles! Afterall, that’s a positive sign.  

Since football is one of the oldest games and most of the titles have been started very recently, hence identifying the players of the 21st century is a more feasible option. Some of the clubs like Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Juventus are ruling the charts and playing fantasy football becomes exciting because of these clubs.  

Dani Alves – 41 titles 

Keeping the tradition of Brazil intact, Alves is the most celebrated player of the 21st century to have secured 41 titles till date. An excellent mid-fielder and currently playing for the Sao Paulo club, this Brazilian has tasted success in every club for which he had played. Technically this player is majorly focused on scoring a goal from the time the match starts.  

Andres Iniesta – 39 titles 

Yet another prominent player of the Barcelona club, this 36-year-old Spanish is one of the most active players currently playing for Japan to have successfully secured 39 titles to his name.  However, during his career peak, he was majorly employed by the clubs Barcelona and Spain and the success of these two clubs are unprecedented. online fantasy football is majorly concerned with selection of such great players in the team.  

Lionel Messi – 37 titles 

The most graceful footballer ever, Messi is the major reason behind Barcelona’s success. Although he belongs from Maradona’s land, Argentina, however his majestic skills have been more prominent while he played for Barcelona. 6 times Ballon d’Or winner has broken many records and since he is only 33 now, we’re eagerly waiting to see some more of his magical moments.  

Gerard Pique – 36 titles 

Considered to be one of the greatest defenders of the 21st century, there are plenty of trophies to his name. Till date he has won as many as 36 titles while playing for Barcelona, MU and Spain. Unlike the others mentioned in the list, Pique may be at the dusk of his career, but that doesn’t stop him from being brilliant! Eight times La Liga and Once Premier league winner – he can manage a few more titles before his retirement. 

Hossam Ashour – 34 titles 

The only player who is not a European player but is still reigning high on this list. This Egyptian midfielder has made around 500 appearances and won 34 international trophies. He is currently the player of Al Ahly and the captain of the club.  

Cristiano Ronaldo – 33 titles 

Just because he is at the bottom of the list, doesn’t make him the one with the least number of titles! Rather there’s a long list which follows even after Ronaldo. However, the exceptional ones have been mentioned here. This extremely talented and handsome Portuguese player is the heartthrob of millions in the 21st century. Some of the famous clubs MU, Juventus and Real Madrid have had the opportunity of getting this talent in their team. However, there’s more to come which can definitely take him to the top of the list! Undoubtedly the most favorite player for the fantasy premier leagues.  

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5 Footballers Who Earned a Fortune With Their Gaming Skills

Today when we see the rich, celebrated and tempting lifestyle of the footballers we might get attracted to the same. But growing up to be a skilled professional footballer and get recognition for the same is harder than it seems. In the days of players like Pele and Maradona, the sport was not considered to be a profession. Rather it was a mere part of the entertainment. Whether it’s the Brazilian street football or the German specialists, there’s a rag to riches story for many great footballers who have adorned the international football fraternity. Playing fantasy football and winning real cash was not there even a few years back. Thus, the struggle behind the success is real and sometimes painful.  

Here’s a list of the top 5 from among many who have struggled their way through adversities just for the sake of passion that they had for football. It’s their struggle and never give up attitude that gifted the world with so many talented international players and made football the most popular game of the world.  


Unquestionably till date considered to be the best player of football, no soccer fan or online fantasy football fan can do without this man. But Pele was not a man born with a sliver spoon. However, you might say that soccer was in his blood as his father was an ex-soccer player. However, the father’s sudden retirement from the game due to leg fracture dipped the family into deep poverty. However, with mere talent, the young boy caught the eyes of selectors at the tender age of 17 years. it was a treat to watch Pele on the field. Fortunes shone upon him and till date, he is considered to be the greatest of all. 

Diego Maradona 

Coming from a shanty town in Argentina, he had seven siblings and all of them were forced to stay within one single room. No formal education, no formal training, no connection to football – this god gifted man had an unbeatable passion for street football. This took him to the heights of fame, fortune and accolades. Such was his skills that he was taken by Barcelona for a record amount of £5m and by Napoli for £6.9m. One day he had struggled for a little money, and then he was the king of football!  


The “invincible” player of Arsenal was originally born in Cameroon under was raised under continuous political pressures of the country. However, his family moved to Spain very soon and his journey as a footballer started from there. As bad as his birth country may seem, this humble player didn’t forget his roots and thus chose to represent Cameroon instead of Spain during the Sydney Olympics. And avid boxer unprofessionally, today when he looks back, his struggles seem like a dream for him.  


Born in 1976 in Rio De Janeiro to a very poor family, Ronaldo, unlike his namesake Cristiano Ronaldo, was not served fortune, fame and luck in a sliver platter! When he failed to raise the sufficient bus fare for the Flamengo football trial, he thought that his career is over even before it started. However, in 1993 after joining Cruzeiro, his life changed. Later coined as the “player of the decade”, Ronaldo not only made his family proud but also proved that if there’s a will, there’s away! Online fantasy football leagues adore such players who have a passion for the game. Ronaldo played for clubs like Barcelona, Inter Milan, Real Madrid and AC Milan. With an amazing goal of 280 out of 384 games, he ended his marvellous career in 2011.  


Rivaldo is yet another Brazilian legend who also learnt football from the streets of Brazil. Due to malnourishment in the initial days, he lost a lot of weight and also some of his teeth. However, he never gave up on his passion for football. At a very young age of 16 years only, he started his career as a footballer. Then he started playing for famous clubs like Barcelona and was later given the Ballon d’Or and FIFA awards.  

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Top 5 Brazilian Footballers Loved By All Fantasy Football Players

Whether it’s the catchy names or the enticing goals, whenever you hear the name Brazil, football is the first thing that comes to your mind. From Pele to Ronaldo to Kaka this country has produced an unbelievable number of football stars. Online fantasy football leagues get the highest number of players who select majorly the Brazilian players as a part of their dream team. Brazil having one of the biggest populations in the world is a perfect breeding ground for any sport. With street football being a popular concept in Brazil, this became a very important sport for the Brazilians. 

If you make a list of the best Brazilian players, then it would be very difficult to rank them according to their efficiencies. Perhaps more than any other countries, Brazil has the leading number of footballers who can be ranked high. Fantasy football players adore such talents in the team. 

Let’s get on with the list now. 


This man was the legendary captain of the 1982 world cup and his cool and composed brilliance on the field made him stand out among all the greatest Brazilian footballers. Winner of three Brazilian championships, he left football in 1989 way before the trend of playing fantasy football was even introduced. For people who’ve seen their gameplay, Socrates is undoubtedly a naturally gifted player.  


Unquestionably the most flamboyant showman that world football has ever seen, Ronaldinho holds a special place in the history of football and has a special talent that is unbeatable. Enormously dexterous and effective, Ronaldinho is among the players who made people believe that football is not a mere game, rather it can be played and enjoyed as well! Although he quitted playing football in 2018, however the memories of his gameplay remain fresh in the mind of the fans.  

3. Pele 

There are many in this generation who’ve not seen Pele playing football. Although counted in the same rank as Messi and Ronaldo, Pele till date remains a cult and fantasy football gamers aspire to reach the likes of this legend one day! At the age of 17, Pele became the world cup winner and became a sensation since then. The most prestigious title conferred on him is the title of national treasure by the Brazilian government to prevent his transfer to any other European club. So, you can well imagine how good a player he was!  

4. Ronaldo 

For many football means Ronaldo. With one of the highest fans following base, and eight-goal win in World cup 2002, Ronaldo is not only a player but also a god for his fans. Explosive, talented and extraordinary player who has to end his career because of an injury! 47 goals in 49 games – unquestionably a superhuman can do it! However, fate didn’t permit him to play after 1999 and hence he is thoroughly missed in the current trending online fantasy football games.   

5. Romario 

Born in the year 1966, gen-next knows Romario as a famous Brazilian politician. But he shot into fame with his extraordinary football skills and is till date counted as one of the best footballers of all time. He was a brilliant striker and penalty scorer. During the 1994 World cup, he scored 5 goals for Brazil and has always been a consistent performer. 55 goals and 70 caps, undoubtedly made him one of the best players of the time.