Smart Tips for Choosing the Right Captain Players in Fantasy Cricket Leagues

Captains are the torch bearers of any team. Managing players, strategize winning strikes, arranging for the batting lineup, and motivating the players to perform to the fullest – in one word a team without a captain is like a lost team! In daily fantasy cricket choosing the captain and the vice-captain for the dream team is the most important part. 

As you’re well aware that the best 11 will help you win the cash so selecting the ones who’ll lead the leaderboard is the best-fit strategy of the game. Unlike the other players, the captains and the vice-captains of the team are both high points earners. 

So, to secure your position in the scoreboard, check out these smart tips that’ll help you get the best captain and vice-captain on your side. 

List of handy tips and tricks 

Consistency is the key 

Consistent and dependable – that’s something to look out for when you’re selecting captains for a fantasy cricket game. There may be cases when your selected captains are not able to fetch you very high scores, getting hold of a consistent player in such cases is an advantage. The greed for more can land you into nothing! So, act intelligently and select the captains who can at least manage some decent runs on the scoreboard. 

History speaks a lot 

How well did your selected captain perform in the last 10 matches? What’s his average run rate? How’s his fielding techniques? What’s his USP as a player? Let’s say, the player is popular and has a big fan following, but is not able to perform. Then what good will he do in fantasy cricket games? There’s no sense of making him a captain if his history is not attractive! Don’t expect any sudden wonders to happen in one single match! 

Dominant team player 

Picking the captain and vice-captain from the team which is dominant and on the winning side will help in adding more advantages to your daily fantasy cricket game. There’s always a high chance that the weak team may fail to perform, in that case selecting captains from the weak team can be a risky stake on your part. 

In-form and trending 

Whenever you’re selecting the captains for the daily fantasy cricket, remember to check the forms of the players. The ones who are currently playing big innings, who remain not out and consistently scores half-century in every match are definitely in the form! The hit and miss types are not desirable in fantasy cricket platforms. Wondering why? That’s because you need a good enough score to win cash and a captain who is in form can get you the same.  

Perform under pressure.

Best online cricket games demand captains who can handle excessive pressure. If your captain and vice-captain freak out due to crashing of the batting line ups, then, your chance of getting a good score from the team will be defeated. Field pressure is a high-level pressure where the entire responsibility of the team lies with the captains, hence selecting the likes of Steve Smith, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli, and David Warner will ensure that you get plenty of runs in every match. 


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4 Most-Loved Sports Played Widely As Fantasy Games

Sports – is not a mere word, it’s an emotion, a hobby, elixir of life for many. Not only that, but sports are also a way of earning money for many. With fantasy games becoming a trend, earning money while playing and enjoying the game has become easy for crazy sports lovers. The excitement, thrill, and fun that sports involve are incomparable to any other form of entertainment. 

However, sports are not for everyone. If you don’t have a passion, then sports can feel boring and irritating. If you want to make a sports career, then playing fantasy games is a really good option. But first, you need to know the different sports that are most played on fantasy sports platforms. 


With a huge fan base of around 15 million people, basketball is like a national obsession among the people of the United States. Based on the real players available in the National Basketball Association (NBA), the basketball lovers can easily draft out the players for the fantasy basketball league. With dedicated women leagues into place, this is a popular game for both men and women players. Sponsorships and celebrity endorsements are bringing new light to this game. 


Millions and billions of fans over the years have been watching and loving this sport! With an immense number of viewers, recreational players, and love from millions of people – cricket has become a part of daily life. Over the years, an increasing number of fan bases in different countries like India, England, Australia, Pakistan, etc. have triggered the desire in the fans to play online fantasy cricket and nurture the dream of being a part of this global mania. 


If you’re an habitant of Europe nor Latin America, then soccer is certainly the most-played game that you would certainly get to play. It’s said that 270 million people are engaged in playing this sport regularly! True or not, the craze for fantasy football leagues, convey the fact that soccer is a game of passion. Check out the enthusiasm of the football fanatics during the FIFA world cup events. With billions of people watching and playing the same on fantasy platforms, it’s one of the most profitable sports. 


More like a lite version of cricket, if you’re a cricket fan but is not able to gather so many players, to begin a match, the baseball is your game. With just two teams of batting and fielding, baseball is a popular game in the United States and Canada. The hype of the Major baseball leagues is making the sports as one of the most played fantasy games. for cricket lovers, trying out a hand in baseball feels refreshing and out of the normal. 

To sum it up.. 

Apart from the above-mentioned sports, fantasy kabaddi leagues are also quite famous among the Indian fantasy sports lovers. The unique model of fantasy games has created a wave of craze among the people. With technology and big data analytics in place, there’s a lot more scope for the fantasy apps getting popularity in the coming days. 


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3 Ways in Which Fantasy Cricket Has Made On-field Cricket Enthralling

A boundary, a knockout, or a century by your favorite batsman – keeps you over the edge throughout the match. In India, cricket is not a mere game, it’s an emotion. Cricket fans feel personal bondage with their favorite players and the most devoted ones also end up worshipping their idols! 

Sounds exaggerated? However, that’s the reality! Playing fantasy cricket  was a dream until a few years ago. However, with so many companies introducing online gaming apps, it’s a reality now. What’s the catch in all these? 

It’s a dream platform for cricket fans. They can make up their team from the group of real players, win cash from player’s points, and interact with the cricket fraternity – all this is a reality now! 

The most fascinating part of all these – coupling of the online cricket games with the on-field games. When the cricket enthusiasts unleashed the miracle behind the fantasy cricket apps, their interests in the match increased more. 

Here’s a summarized list of reasons which shows how online cricket is making the field games more interesting to the viewers. 

Interest in players from other teams 

When the craze of online cricket games was not present, it was only a single team that every viewer used to support. The scenario has changed now. The online gamers select up players from the tournament and not from any specific teams. So, now there are supporting the players instead of the teams. Let’s say, that your home team is not performing well, however, the player of the opponent team is in excellent form, even then the match will be exciting because you’ve selected that player and will not want to monitor the performance level. 

Be a cricket buff 

To play fantasy cricket and win cash daily you need to be very good at strategizing and should have all data about your team and players at your fingertips. The ones who are consistent winners of the online games are generally living cricket encyclopedias. Batting, bowling, strike rates, run rates, best wickets, and batting style – playing fantasy cricket will make you know complete information of the cricketing world. 

So, when the real match starts, with so much knowledge into your head, you’ll certainly not feel like leaving the match in between. 

Increased interest to watch matches 

It’s safe to say that every over of a cricket match doesn’t radiate the same level of energy, excitement, and thrill as it does in some of the super overs. So, there comes a time when viewers tend to move away from the TV screens or may even stop watching the match in between. 

That’s natural because you’re a mere viewer of the match and doesn’t have anything at stake! So, how does it matter whether the team won or not? That’s where  free fantasy cricket plays an interesting role. When your team is involved with the outcomes of the real match, you’ll definitely be glued to the screens till the last ball. 

Just watching the game with a bowl of popcorn is no more the tradition now. Youngsters like a jolt of adrenaline rush by being a part of the real match. That’s the charm of  fantasy cricket games. 


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Red Ball Vs. White Ball – Which One Do The Players Prefer?

In cricket, you need to play every ball with equal expertise. A missed ball or a wrong shot can be your last strike! Since the time of its inception, cricketing rules have been molded now and then to suit the needs of the game. 

Unlike the online cricket games, for field cricket, the wrong ball means a failed match! If you’re a keen observer, then you might be knowing that red, white, and pink, these three balls are usually used in different platforms of a field cricket. 

But did your inquisitive mind ever wonder about the difference between these balls? Mostly, the answer would be NO. Red and white, these two are the most commonly used balls and you would see them being used in different matches. 

If you’re a full-timer player of online fantasy cricket, then knowing these unique cricket trivia will make you stand out in the crowd.  Did you now? The major difference between red and white ball is the platform of usage! Red balls are used for test matches while the white balls are used for T20 and One Day Internationals (ODI). 

To add up to your cricketing knowledge, read on. 

Visibility issue 

When you’re watching the match on the TV, it’s the white ball that pops up easily instead of the red ones. So, when the same was observed by the cricketing authorities and the concept of the white ball was introduced among the players, everyone readily accepted the concept. The white seemed any day better from the viewpoint of players and viewers. 

Polish and shine 

Well, this is an insider fact. It’s interesting that in the case of white balls, the surface of the ball is polished to make it smooth, fine, and easy to swing in comparison to the red or pink counterparts. So, if you keep on polishing the surface of a particular ball, then the ball is bound to generate a good swing. Players started liking the use of white balls instead of the red ones because they were able to swing it and get the opponent out of the league. 

The untidiness of the balls 

Just like the red ball, the white ball has its list of flaws. Using the white balls for the test matches can be devastating because you’ll find the ball getting dirty or dull when used for a long time. On the contrary, use red balls as much as you want. The color is dark. The dirt won’t show! 

Limited overs 

The reason why red balls are used in tests and white balls are used in ODIs is simple. As per cricketing rules, a red ball can be used for more than 80 overs while you can use a white ball only for 80 overs. A test match is a long one! So, it’s better to opt for the red ones and play safe! 

To win and play and flawless game of fantasy cricket in India, you need to be well-versed with the on-field techniques. Hope this blog enlightens you. Keep playing and win cash daily.  


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Fantasy Games Helps To Build Good Leaders

Fantasy games – A familiar term in the field of the gaming industry. For sports fanatics, it’s a brilliant opportunity to build up their virtual team and make them play and win real-time cash. If you’ve ever given a try to the same, then you would know that in fantasy leagues you’re the boss of the game! 

You choose players, check their styles, their histories, and strategize moves. Whatever a real captain does in the field, you can do the same virtually! Sounds cool? Playing is not the only thing in fantasy cricket leagues, rather there’s more to it!   

Let’s say you’re an expert in this field and is a frequent winner. Rather than flaunting your gaming skills in front of your friends, get an idea about what good things are there that you can learn while playing fantasy leagues. 

Assume you’re the captain of the team, then how will you strategize the moves? What is the best way of collaboration? How good are you at team management? Like a real captain bossing around on the field, a virtual captain also needs perfect leadership skills to increase the winning chances. 

Here’s a list of few leadership skills that you can nurture while sitting back on your couch and playing the game all along. 

Team selection and collaboration 

You’ll get an array of players exposed for you and you to need to choose the ones suiting best to your needs. How to make the correct choice? That’s a skill that you need to develop. Each player of your fantasy league has their own set of unique skills. think, analyze the pros and cons, visualize the results, then make your choice. Like daily fantasy cricket games, this collaborative and selective power will come handy at your workplace. 

Quick decision-making ability 

What if the team you made turns out to be weak after the toss is announced in the real game? You need to make changes to your team at lightning speed! Fast, effective, and prompt decisions are the need of the hour if you’re playing daily fantasy cricket games. So, a professional in this field surely possess expert decision-making ability which they can use in real-time. 

Strategy development 

What’s your winning strategy? Did you select your most favourite player? Or did you go by the playing style of the player? A leader is successful only when he can strategize smartly. Most importantly learning from the failed strategies and never repeating the same is the major need of the hour. Remember, the true essence of a good strategy is to choose the things that shouldn’t be done! A good leader is expected to do the same. 

Risk-taking ability 

Skills combined with a little hunch – that’s the major USP of fantasy cricket. If you start making teams based on the present scenario of the players, then your team will be the same as some other player’s team. Then who’s going to win the same? Be a game-changer and take some risks! Playing on the safe side will not always make you win. This risk-taking ability that you develop here will come handy when you act as a leader at your workplace. 


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5 Surprising Countries That Will Participate in Future Cricket Leagues

The raging craze for cricket is now not only limited to countries like India and England, rather, but the game has also spread its wings in a few unimaginable countries, which were unthinkable even a few years back! With Afghanistan making it to the International leagues in just 6 years, many other countries who’ve already excelled in other sports, are thinking of following their footsteps. 

With growing interest in cricket, these 5 countries can make a mark in cricket ten years down the line. New countries, new teams, and new players with unique playing styles – daily fantasy cricket will reach more exciting levels. 

Position 1: United States of America 

With baseball being the National game of the USA, cricket has always taken a backseat for the cool Americans. With the same bat-ball design, easier rules, and less time – baseball has always overtaken cricket among the fast-moving Americans. However, with love for all types of sports, around 2,00,000 Americans have been seen playing cricket in around 6000 teams till 2017. USA is now the 105th ICC member and it looks like a positive turn of events will definitely occur in this country within the next few years. Surely a great news for the fantasy cricket fans! 

Position 2: Germany 

From 70 teams in 2012 to 350 teams in 2019, Germany is definitely an achiever among the others. Coined as the “fastest-growing nation in world cricket”, German fans can now fulfil their desires by watching the 400 home clubs play cricket at different levels. How did this miracle happen? The easy immigration rules of the country have helped to bring Asian players into the country and form one of the strongest cricket teams. One more addition to the daily fantasy cricket!   

Position 3: China 

Although there’s a long cricketing history dating back to 1858, 1.4 billion people in China are still believed to play cricket with plastic wickets and on one single grass pitch! As bizarre as this may seem, China has made into this list, which means there’s a faint chance of the country making it up to the levels of India and England. It’s not that they don’t know the sport, but with limited resources and very little publicity, relating cricket with china seems like a strange thing to do! They’ve been granted the associate status in 2017, hence expect to see more of China in fantasy cricket games in the coming years. 

Position 4: Ireland 

Ireland cricket team is the 11th nation to get the test status. However, other home sports like rugby and Gaelic football has, in reality, overshadowed the cricketing talents of the Irish players. You can expect some of the notable Irish players soon joining the daily fantasy cricket leagues, as cricket is growing at an unprecedented rate in Northern Ireland. Beware, other teams, a tough competition is expected from the North Irish players! 

Position 5: Nepal 

By claiming the status of an ODI team in 2018, Nepal is not very far behind in the race. Although a small country, Nepal has the potential of catching up to the levels of Afghanistan only if the junior national level players are trained well to make it up to the international levels successfully. Given the amount of passion that the Nepalis have for the game, they can soon make a place for themselves in some of the best online cricket games. Just a bit of nurturing is required! 


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Tips for Choosing the Right Type of Cricket Bat

A bat makes the whole difference in the game. No player is perfect. However, a heavyweight or unpolished bat can restrict the striking power of the player. If you’re playingfree fantasy cricket, then worry about the batsmen and not the bat! You’ll be playing online here. 

However, for the on-field players, keeping these pointers in mind is essential. With all brands advertising their bats out there, it might get difficult to choose from. Don’t get carried away by the exaggerated statements! 

Rather check out these pointers and before going ahead with the one. 

Take up a light weighted bat 

If your bat is as heavy as a mountain, then do you expect to swing it freely? You’ll find expert opinions about heavy bats being durable, sturdy, and long-lasting. However, what good will that do, if the batsman is not able to strike a boundary with the same? So, a smart player will choose the bat depending on his weight. If the player is skinny, low in height, and speedy in nature, then a light-weighted bat is the best option for him. 

Must suit your batting style 

Every good player has a unique style of playing the game. so, taking up the bat that suits your style gives you a winning position. For instance, if you prefer hitting straight shots, a low bat is for you. However, the same is not favorable for the front foot batters. For the ones specialized in fancier kind of shots like the back-foot or the high ones, medium or high bats are favorable for them. Want to avoid such hassles then fantasy cricket app and make easy fantasy cricket login. There you just need to use your mind to make the most rational decisions. No need to be concerned about the batting styles of your selected players. 

A comfortable grip is essential 

What if the bat flies out of the player’s hand while the player tries to take a strike? That would be hilarious and utterly embarrassing. Getting a comfortable hold of the bat is the utmost necessity. A good batsman knows that there are two types of handles – the round and the oval. If you select the oval ones, you’ll get strong control but its good for the top bat holders. In case, you’re a bottom bat holder, then round ones will be easier to handle. 

Willow difference 

If you’re not a professional, then you won’t even know the difference between English and Kashmiri willows. If you’re a beginner, then the cheap Kashmiri ones are perfect for you. However, for an experienced player, English willows are the best options. Hence, it’s obvious that the better the grade of the willows are, the more costly your bat is supposed to be! 

Depending on the balls 

The bat is meant to hit the ball. Hence, depending on the texture and weight of the ball the batsman should pick off the right kind of bat. Let’s say, that you’re using a light-weighted tennis ball, then do you need a heavy bat? Obviously not! Select a smooth. Sleek and light bat for the same. On the other hand, if you’re playing with hard and heavy leather or rubber balls, then you need a thick and heavy bat to hit the same. 

Keeping these tips in mind is essential for the on-field players. Till the time you  Play fantasy sports and enjoy!


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Fantasy Cricket – 5 Funny Cases of Hit Wicket

Hit wicket was a rare form of dismissal in cricket during its early days, especially in the one day international. Nowadays, the fantasy cricket fans of 11wickets App have seen a rise in this form of dismissals.  

In hit wicket, a batsman unintentionally dislodges the bails. This is possibly the most awkward way to end an innings in a fantasy cricket game for a batsman.  

If a daily fantasy cricket batsman dislodges the stumps with his body part or bat while taking a run or hitting a shot, the umpire declares it as an out.   

Let us take a look at top 5 unbelievable hit wickets in fantasy games cricket history. 

Imam Ul Haq against Bangladesh 

The event was Cricket World Cup 2019 in England and Pakistan’s Imam Ul Haq was playing against The Tigers. Haq scored a century and then was immediately dismissed in a funny way. Two balls later and still on 100, he accidentally hit his own wicket and dismissed at Lord’s. 

Martin Guptill against South Africa 

This is another instance of hit wicket in WC 2019. The Kiwi cricketer, Martin Guptill was playing against South Africa and chasing runs when he hit wicket and went on to get dismissed in a funny manner. The right-handed batsmen proved that the zing bails do work when he got out after dislodging his own wicket with a 360 degree turn into a hook shot. He slipped while trying to take off for a single and dislodged the bails. 

Roy Fredericks against Australia 

This is one of the very first instances of hit wicket. The first instance of hit-wicket took place in the final of the 1975 World Cup in England. West Indian opener Roy Fredericks was the batsman who got hit wicket playing against Australia. The left-hand batsman lost his balance while playing a shot and one of his legs, in the quest of holding on to the ground, touched the stumps and unsettled the bails. 

Franklyn Dennis against England 

Franklyn Anthony Dennis was a former cricketer who played for Canada. He played three One Day Internationals matches. In a match, against England at Old Trafford, he scored meagre 21 out of the team’s total of 45 all out. He was the second player after Roy Fredericks to be dismissed hit wicket. 

Maurice Odumbe against West Indies 

Maurice Odumbe was a former Kenyan cricketer and a former ODI captain for Kenya. Till 2015, he was the world’s only player who was dismissed hit wicket twice in a career.  

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy! 


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Fantasy Cricket – Uncover Women’s Cricket History

Cricket is the second most popular sport played in the world! Nowadays people are not only watching the sport, they are also playing actively online fantasy cricket games at 11Wickets App. 

The daily fantasy cricket game has worldwide popularity and is quickly growing in the nations where it was not played before 

Cricket is also a popular sport with the female population, both as a player and a spectator. In our today’s post, we would like to discuss the history of women playing cricket and also online fantasy cricket. 

One of the oldest sport for women 

Cricket is one of the oldest sports in history. In fact, there is a report of a women’s match played as early as 1745 in England. There is not much information of women’s cricket reported from 1745 until 1887 when the first women’s cricket club was formed in Yorkshire, England. This club was called the White Heather Club. Soon thereafter, in 1894, a women’s club was formed in Australia, South Africa and Canada. 

From 1926 until 1998 the governing body of women’s cricket was the Women’s Cricket Association, also called The Association. They governed cricket among women in England, Scotland and Wales. Their main goal was to encourage more women’s cricket clubs and encourage women to play after they left school. In 1998 the England and Wales Cricket Board took over and are currently the governing body for cricket in those areas. 

First international women’s test cricket match 

In December 1934 the first international women’s test cricket match was played between England and Australia. In 1958, the IWCC (International Women’s Cricket Council was formed to merge all women’s team from around the world. In 2005, IWCC merged with the ICC (International Cricket Council) so that the ICC now the governing body of cricket for women, men and youth. 

There is a Women’s World Cup. This started in 1973, interestingly two years before the first Men’s World Cup. Fifteen countries/teams have played in the Women’s World Cup thus far and there have been eight totals since 1973. Among them are; England, India, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Jamaica, Denmark, Ireland, Netherlands, Trinidad and Tobago. The United States has yet to play in the Women’s Cricket World Cup. 

Today, cricket is very popular among women in England. England and Australia have the strongest teams. There is an effort to make cricket a more popular sport for the non-playing nations’ women but funding and other metrics have made it hard to move forward with teams. Hopefully, as cricket awareness grows in those nations due to the strong youth effort. 

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy cricket and enjoy! 


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Fantasy Cricket – 5 Test Cricketers & their Favorite Grounds

In the world of cricket, many cricketers share a special bond with and his favorite ground. The cricketers have played the game at different venues but they enjoy a special connection with some stadiums. Many times, the fantasy cricket fans cheer at the favorite grounds of cricketers. 

Over the years, many cricketers have revealed their favorite grounds to their fantasy cricket league fans Their affinity for favorite grounds has been translated into good cricket game at a particular venue. 

On that note, we take a peek at 5 test cricketers from international cricket and their favourite playing venues. Read on and get set go with your online fantasy cricket team at 11wickets App: 

Sachin Tendulkar at Sydney 

The heights that Sachin Tendulkar attained in his cricketing career had much from international grounds. For the greatest cricketer of our times, Sydney has been the most favourite venue. A Sydney Cricket Ground, the master blaster played 9 test innings to score 785 runs at an average of 157. The highest of these was an unbeaten 241. At his last match on the ground, he scored 80. 

Rahul Dravid at the Oval 

With more than 13,000 Test runs in this career, Rahul Dravid is among the greatest cricketers of the century. In test matches, the former player has been the second-highest Test scorer for India. He played 164 Tests with intensive records on international grounds. The Oval in London was one of the top stadiums for the batsmen where he scored a double century. At the ground, he scored was 443 runs at an average of 110.75. In his maiden match at the Oval, he scored 217 against the host team and drawn the Test. In his last test match at the stadium, he had an unbeaten century. 

Ricky Ponting at Headingley 

For former Australia Captain Ricky Ponting, Headingly at Leeds was the favorite venue. With an average of about 52, the player scored 13,378 runs in 168 Test matches he played. Ponting was noted for his excellent play at international grounds and among others, he played the best innings at Headingley. He scored 493 runs at an average of more than 80 on the ground. He knocked two centuries at the oval, one in 1997 and another in 2001. 

Brian Lara at Adelaide Oval 

Lara, the Legend, has been the master at cricket grounds, but the Adelaide stadium has certainly witnessed his best strikes. Lara holds the record for being the top individual scorer in a Test inning with his knock of 400 runs. He has nearly 12,000 runs in Test tournaments. At Adelaide Oval, the batsman played 8 innings with an average of 76.25. He scored a total of 610 runs with two tons and two half-tons. However, his laudable knock of 226 at Adelaide Oval could not bring a win to his side. 

Jacques Kallis at The Oval 

The Oval, currently known as The Kia Oval is the famous ground at Kennington of South London. The cricket field has been an iconic venue to host a number of historical tournaments. The best batsman to be on the ground at The Oval was Jacques Kallis, which is heaps of Test scores. The player, in fact, transformed as a legendary batsman for his career-best stances at the Oval. As a test player, Kallis played 166 matches, scoring more than 13,000 runs with 45 centuries. In Oval, he played his best 5 Test innings to score 294 runs with an average of 73.50.  

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy! 


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