Fantasy Cricket – Tricks of Hitting a Six Effortlessly

Long boundaries, back to back sixes, powerful shots – it’s no secret that it is the dream of every cricketer to hit sixes from the moment they step into the grounds. But a mere six landing just beyond the boundary is not enough to get the crowd’s applause. More power, consistent shot, and a good amount of distance is required to hit the right kind of six. Fantasy cricket players are more inclined towards boundary hitting batsmen with the view of getting more points in their bags. 

Even though theoretically the technique is the same, but you’ll find hard hitters like Gayle scoring long-distance sixes compared to the consistent ones like Rohit Sharma. Good reflexes and great muscles are a must combination that can help your favorite batsmen get a six during any fantasy cricket league. 

There are times when every cricket fan has wondered about the effortless manner in which the boundary shots are taken. And if you’ve played street cricket even once, then getting a window breaking sixer has been and will be your dream forever! 

In case you’re wondering how to get a great shot? Then this article will definitely help you to get some ideas on the same. 

How to get power for hitting sixes smoothly? 

Hitting the ball as hard as to get it over the stadium can seem a highly skilful act. While your favourite fantasy cricket player may keep on hitting the ball over and over again, however, to do this he needs an ample amount of skills! 

To strike the ball over the crowds, a person needs an immense amount of strength and lots of practice. It’s not a magical shot and will certainly not happen in a day. There’s a chain of movements associated with the same. Your hips, legs, shoulders, joints, and muscles need to be in a good form. A little cramp can ruin your plan! 

That’s the reason the performance of every player needs to be evaluated before selecting the same for online fantasy games. 

What will help in becoming a flexible boundary scorer? 

Exercise, diet, and practice – these are the three major factors that will help you become a hard-hitter. Ask any good batsmen and these three things will come as a common answer. Practising the sixes with not-so-heavy balls makes the person an expert. Moreover, you can check out various videos which show the correct leg positions, bends, and arm spins that are required to get a marvellous boundary shot. 

There are times during a fantasy cricket league when you might get frustrated at your favourite batsman for mishitting the ball. However, remember that every attempt at hitting a six may not be successful all the time. For an explosive shot to happen the batsmen must keep the head still while the ball is being bowled. 

Synchronization with the ball is of utmost necessity. If you want your ball to skyrocket out of the grounds, then keeping an eye on the bowling pattern is necessary. Moreover, you don’t want the hit to be too explosive! Length of six matters. Too much power can reduce the length and the batsman may end up getting caught out instead of getting six runs for his team. 


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Fantasy Cricket Games – Interesting Facts About The Super Overs

How to decide the winner in case of a tie? This question has haunted the cricket fraternity for a long time. That’s when the concept of super over was introduced. For fantasy cricket players super over is a crucial point because the fate of the winning team is depended on the same. You can be an expert in making up the best team for any fantasy cricket league, but the results of a super over are unpredictable. 

A tie in a limited over cricket match is a curse both for the live match and the fantasy game. However, such situations are inevitable. Hence to become a good fantasy sports person, you need to have a clue about what a super over is! 

What’s the concept of super over? 

Very simple. Each team gets an extra over to bat and score in those last six balls and the team scoring more in this extra over is declared as the winning team. This is a crucial turning point in the game. Because the result of the match depends on the same. The most intriguing point is the limitation of using only three batsmen in this over! The first two begin the over and the third is kept on standby in case one wicket falls. But if two wickets fall before the balls are over, then the team is done for the day! 

Fair concept of judging the winning team. But a fairly difficult situation for online fantasy games. The selectors of the fantasy cricket leagues will have absolutely no clue about the performance of the players in the super overs. Then whom to select? Indeed, a dicey situation! 

Tie in a super over! 

Now the question comes, if there’s again a tie in the super overs, then what? Well, fate can be cruel at times! If such a situation arises, then the boundary countback rule is used. For newbies who are not aware of the concept, as per the boundary countback rule, the team which has scored a large number of boundaries wins the game. 

However, after the 2019 Cricket World Cup final, the same was changed. In the upcoming matches from now on, of there’s a tie in the super overs, the other super over will be played. If the teams are really really unlucky then the same would go on and on! 


Before this fascinating thing was invented, a tie match was only a tie. There was no other way to conclude the same. Sometimes a bowl out process was also used. However, none were effective. Thus, cricket fraternity had sufficiently used their brains to develop this strategy and help in securing the best possible winning strike for the games. However, some countries like New Zealand faces high super over woes!   

Match tie can be a highly frustrating situation for the teams playing league. In fantasy sports as well, this can be a tough situation. Sometimes the batsmen and the bowlers also get tired and this reduces their skill level. 


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Fantasy Cricket – How Climate Can Affect the Match Outcome?

From worst pitch conditions to sudden match halts – drastic climate changes are putting the cricket fraternity into dilemmas. And if the live matches come to hold, then there will be no fantasy cricket games! So, directly or indirectly, climate affects both live and fantasy cricket leagues at the same time. Unlike many other online fantasy games, cricket has always been at the mercy of the climate. If it rains, pitch conditions can worsen. If it’s cloudy, wind direction may hamper the bowling style. If it’s too sunny, the players may get drained in the second half of the game. 

Any weather, any condition – cricketers face problems always. During the 1930s many cricket clubs in England were frequently forced to stop matches in between because of the excessive wet fields. If you’ve been a cricket fan for a decade, then you might’ve seen the desperate attempts of the cricketing clubs to cover the wet fields with rubber mats, blankets, or trying to suck the water out of the field. 

Fantasy sites in India  are drastically affected by the rains especially. Let’s say you’re playing the game for a long time and are very much certain about a win from your team. But the rain hampers your plans at the last moment. Due to inconsistent pitch conditions, your top players fail to perform and you lose. Not an uncommon situation! 

What is the most unfavorable weather condition in cricket? Ask anyone and the common answer that you’ll get is the rain. If at the beginning of the match the rain starts, then building up a good team for the  fantasy game can be difficult. Will it rain later? Or will it stop raining within the next few minutes? How will be pitch conditions after the rain stops? All these questions will create mayhem in your mind. Just because you’ve selected the best players, doesn’t necessarily mean your team will win a fantasy match easily! 

Why can’t cricket be played during monsoons? 

Most of the internationals and one-days are played during the summers or mild winters. Rain is absolutely not the seasonal choice for cricket. However, football has no such limitations. For being a good  fantasy cricket player, you need to know the reasons behind the same. 

  • Unlike football, the shoes used by the cricketers have a slippery base and may create a disadvantage for the batsmen. 
  • Footballs are large enough to be seen even during mild rains. However, a cricket ball is small enough and players will not be able to see the ball coming. 
  • With all that extra padding on, rain can be a real mess for the players. 
  • Swinging the bat in the right direction can be painful if water droplets keep on falling on the same. 
  • If the pitch is flooded then the ball may not bounce out of the pitch .

A top-order batsman is very happy when they see a clear sky with a spongy set of clouds floating on the same. Now you might be knowing the reason behind that happiness. Cricket is an exciting and difficult game. It requires a fair amount of strength, practice, and skills. Rain makes the game more difficult. 

Fantasy Cricket – Indications That Shows That This is the Right Game for you

Sports can nurture physical and mental wellness within an individual. Indulging in sports is good. It helps you to become physically fit, boosts your confidence, increases knowledge, and helps in earning cash as well! What about  fantasy sports then? For people who aren’t physically fit or are having some kind of complications, there’s still a virtual sporting option. This comes in form of the fantasy games. For the lazy categories, playing fantasy cricket games is a thrilling and engaging option. 

But online games are not for everyone. Wondering why? Because to become a champion in fantasy cricket leagues, you need to have extensive knowledge about cricket. As ignorant as you are, the fact that fantasy games involve plenty amount of money is not unknown. It’s not a one-sided affair. You’ll have to give in some cash in order to get back double or even triple the amount! But to sum it up, knowledge is the word! If you have zero ideas about cricket, then definitely this is not your cup of tea! 

Are you a cricket fanatic? However, are you confused about whether or not to start playing fantasy cricket games? That’s a common dilemma. We’ve thus listed a few points. If you experience them, then this is definitely the right game for you. 

You love cricket but you hate physical workouts 

You are an ardent cricket fan. But you’re among the lazy ones. What to do then? Fear not, there’s the internet to save your day! If you’re one of those lazy ones, then fantasy cricket leagues are the ones for you. Instead of stressing out in the clubs and lanes, play your game comfortably on a couch. Another great point, you’ll already be having the app in your pocket, so you can start playing anytime whenever you feel bored! 

You’ve plenty amount of knowledge about cricket 

Who’s got how many centuries in the ODI? What’s the strike rate of the captain of the current team? What type of pitch is good for getting runs? If you’ve answered such questions at your fingertips, then start playing  fantasy cricket without any hesitation. Cricket should be in your blood. There shouldn’t be any occasion when you tend to forget any minute details about cricket. If these signs are present in you, then you are good enough to play fantasy games. 

You’re mathematically strong 

Yes, if you’re good with permutations and combinations, then no one can stop you from winning at fantasy games. The basic rule of fantasy cricket leagues is to create different teams with different combinations of players to make a winning strike. So, if you’re the expert and numbers are nothing for you, then you can surely try your hands on the same. 

You’re an internet addict 

Are you stuck with your phone all the time? Do you keep on browsing all the time? Then stop wasting the time and start playing online cricket. Rather than searching for weird things over the internet, why not play and earn some real-time money from the same. 


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Fantasy Cricket vs. Online Games – Which one is Better?

From the time online games came into existence, fantasy cricket also came along. Although both are the same platforms, however, they’re different. Many companies are providing different online games like Rummy, Poker, Pools, and Ludo. But cricket is something different! 

Although it’s the same old story for all online games, fantasy sports are any day better than the other online games. If your only target is to earn some real-time cash, then you can opt to play any game. However, for cricket lovers, playing fantasy cricket is a better option than any other online game. 

Unlike any other virtual games, fantasy cricket games give the option of building their own teams. Hence, you get to learn a lot by merely playing these games. Instead of demeaning the other games, let’s have a look at the good points that fantasy cricket leagues have over other games. 

Makes you a cricket encyclopedia 

As strange as it may seem, but while playing a fantasy cricket game, you’re required to make extensive research. You’ve to dig deep into the records of the players, their performance, their current form, and their records. Only then, you can expect to make the best team selection and secure a probable win. In the process of doing this, you develop research skills. This may come handy in many other cases as well. Not only that, years of playing fantasy cricket ensures that you get hold of plenty of knowledge about the cricketing fraternity. You’re now a cricket bug! 

You’ll become a good planner 

Team arrangement is not a matter of joke. Virtually you’ll be playing the role of the captain. Selecting your team, managing strategies, and keep an eye on the live match. Everything needs to be done at the same time. A little bit of a shakiness can cost you a lot of money! Compared to other card games available online, engaging more in a fantasy cricket game can make you a better planner! Agreed or not? 

Learning to develop insights 

Not everyone is gifted with the inner eye! But to lead a fruitful life, predictions are an integral part. If you feel that all this is mumbo-jumbo, then you’re wrong. Predictions are as scientific as any other process. Interpreting the probable results of the fantasy cricket leagues will make you an expert in the same. What’s good about this quality? Very profitable for taking decisions in adverse situations. 

Become a good decision maker 

Taking prompt decisions at the right moment – that’s the zeal and quickness that is expected out of the individuals who are engaged in playing fantasy cricket. The trickiest part here is to take a prompt decision and change the team as soon as the toss result is out. If you’ve been playing the game for a long time, then this will certainly help you soon. 

Last but not the least, earning money is always a provoking option. If things go right, then it’s not a very difficult task to earn money in fantasy cricket. Just get the right team on board and wait for the live match to kick in!  


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Fantasy Cricket Leagues – Ways to Make It More Engaging

Fantasy cricket in India is not a vague concept anymore. Once it was only a brainchild of a few sports enthusiasts, but now it’s a million-dollar industry. It’s growing and growing and is expected to grow more in the coming years. What’s the good thing about fantasy sports? It has eradicated netting and gambling completely. 

This brain game accompanied by attractive cash prizes is attracting the attention of millions of circlet fanatics all over the world. While browsing through your play store, you’ll come across many Indian  fantasy sports apps. Some of them have seen a huge surge in the user base, especially during the pandemics. However, many have not been lucky enough to experience the same! 

Does that mean the craze for  fantasy cricket games is over? Absolutely not! It’s the other way round. Looking at the popularity of fantasy games, the companies have actually taken the players for granted. If you get ample options for the same product then which one would you choose? Certainly, the most popular one! Similarly, many fantasy games companies have failed to keep their users engage with sports. Then, who’s to be blamed? 

Extensive research of the same shows that incorporating the following points will certainly help the companies to retain the engagement level of the users. 

Off-season rewards 

We’ve all heard about entry bonuses, surprise gifts, winning cash prizes, etc., that these fantasy cricket apps give during the match seasons. That’s when the site gets loads of traffic. But how to keep them engaged even when there’s no option of  playing fantasy cricket on the app? The one who’s able to strategize the same wins the race. For the reference of the companies, users love gifts! They love it all the time! So, to keep them engaged the best option to is float a few referral bonuses, low money cash prize, discount coupons, and one-time deposit bonuses. This is certainly a smart trick to lure users throughout the year. 

Test the cricketing knowledge 

Yes, every cricket fan claims to have a pool of knowledge about the game and its players. And when it comes to fantasy cricket in India, flaunting of cricket knowledge is a common thing. A small tip for the app makers – uses the same. Use it interestingly. Introduce live polls, sports quizzes, and recall experience sharing options within the apps. This competitive feel creates an adrenaline rush within the players. So, what next? App makers can expect an overflow of users even if there’s no game to be played. 

Sport debates 

Politics and cricket – two hot topics of discussion among the millennials. You’ll be amazed at the way Indians can go on and on about cricket teams, best batsmen, etc. Moreover, Indians are always overwhelmed by the thoughts of socializing with other people. So, it becomes very easy for the app makers to engage the online fantasy game players by just installing a debate section in the app. The opportunity of discussing and fighting over their favorite players is too good to be true. 


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