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Top 4 Popular Wicket-keepers In Cricketing History

Bowlers and batsmen – cricket fans are more concerned about these two aspects of a team. How many of you know the name of the wicket-keeper of Australia during the last world cup? Probably a very few people keep a track of the man standing behind the stumps. However, both psychologically and physically, a wicket-keeper makes a great amount of contribution to the winning team. Looking closely into the history of world cricket it is evident that there have been many successful wicket-keepers who’ve been successful in getting the cup home for their team. Making the right choice for the wicketkeeper is crucial in the case of  fantasy cricket leagues. 

Instead of unnoticing the contributions of the wicket-keeper, take a look at some of the greatest wicket keepers that the world cricket fraternity has seen till now. There might not be all the deserving names on the list, however, these few need special mention. 

Moin Khan 

287 dismissals in 209 winnings within a career starting from 1990 to 2004, Moin Khan was undoubtedly one of the best wicket keepers, that the Pakistani cricket team had seen in years. His awesome cricketing skills made him the team manager of the Pakistan national team after he retired from the team as a wicketkeeper. He was fast, explosive, and innovative while was standing behind the stumps. Playing fantasy cricket would have been more interesting if teams had such wicket keepers now as well. 

MS Dhoni 

When it comes to the list of wicket-keepers, MS Dhoni deserves a special mention anytime! Unquestionably one of the best ODI captains of the Indian National cricket team, Dhoni is not only a marvellous wicket-keeper but also an all-rounder. Out of 166 innings, he has successfully achieved 294 dismissals during his time starting from 2005 to 2014. Wait, there’s more! This figure is a mere International cricket figure, if you look at the ODI career of Dhoni, then you’ll be amazed to find that he had secured 444 dismissals in 345 innings. Fantasy cricket in India has been a popular game because of Dhoni! 

Adam Gilchrist 

This former Australian wicketkeeper and captain Gilchrist is to date the highest wicket-taker of the Australian cricket team. In international matches, he has taken around 416 wickets in 191 matches and 472 wickets in 281 matches in case of one-day internationals. Not only a great wicket-keeper but also a very good batsman, Gilchrist has been coined as the best batsmen of all time! 

Rodney Marsh 

Before the world had seen the wonders of Gilchrist and Dhoni, Marsh was reigning in the first position and was unarguably the leading wicketkeeper in the world. 120 wickets in 92 matches in ODI and 343 matches in 96 matches in Test series was his record. The capability of getting the team out of difficult situations by taking crucial wickets just at the right time was his speciality. 

Whether it’s the fantasy sport or the live matches, without a good wicket-keeper it is difficult to score good runs. The role is not as easy as it seems. Thus, getting hold of the best wicket-keeper is essential to keep the team in a winning position. 


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