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Top 5 Female Cricketers on Top of Charts in World Cricket

The sports cricket has always been pointed to as a “Gentleman’s game”; however, girls are not much behind in the race. For those who are ardent fans of cricket, gender should not be a matter of concern. Women cricket team all across the world have repeatedly shown their potentiality. Playing fantasy cricket has become more exciting with the inclusion of the women leagues into the gameplay. If you want to compare the female counterparts with the male ones, then definitely you’ll find some great and exceptionally talented names cropping up on the list. 

Rather than discriminating against the term “batsman” on the grounds of gender, let’s have a look at some of the greatest female batsman of modern-day cricket. 

Mithali Raj (India) 

Leading the Indian women’s cricket team from the front, Mithali Raj currently holds the record of the highest individual test score of 214 runs among world female cricketers. For all male cricketers out there, Mithali is a tough competition as she already has more than 8,000 runs in her bucket. Popularly known as the “small wonder”, this superwoman stands undefeated leading the Indian women’s cricket team to majority successful matches. Players playing  fantasy cricket in India admire selecting Raj for every league. 

Debbie Hockley (New Zealand) 

New Zealand women’s cricket team has seen a great player in form of Hockley. She was the first woman to score 4,000 runs in ODI and played in more than 40 World cup matches. Within the glorious years from 1982 to 2000, this female batsman made a mark in women’s cricketing history. She is also the first female cricketer to have played 100 ODIs and in 2016 she became the New Zealand Cricket President. Achievements such as this are truly appreciable! 

Meghann Moira Lanning (Australia) 

She is the youngest female cricket to have scored a century only at a tender age of 18 years. Currently only 28 years old, Lanning has been a part of 5 successful world campaigns. She has marked her victory in the Women’s world cup and Twenty20 world cup as well. Alongside cricket, there’s no denying her strong affliction towards hockey as well. Undoubtedly this lady is a fair choice for any fantasy cricket leagues. 

Jhulan Goswami (India) 

Jhulan Goswami the Indian Bengali female cricketer is currently the fastest women bowler in World cricket. Unquestionably this is an honour for the Indian cricket team and her exceptional on-field talents make her the fairest choice while playing fantasy cricket games. Browse for the list of the top women cricketers and you’ll surely find this name always on the top. 

Belinda Clark (Australia) 

She was the former captain of the Australian women cricket team and was the first cricket among the girls to have scored a double century in ODI. It’s befitting to know that this lady has successfully achieved a place in the ICC cricket hall of fame 2011 for her contributions to world cricket. Here ODI career total is around 4800 runs and she had successfully completed 5 not out test innings. Superpower to you girl! 

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