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Top 5 Longest-Serving Managers in Football Leagues

One win or one loss – football clubs change their managers immediately. For people who are watching football now, this is a common and not at all surprising scenario. However, previously club presidents were not so impatient and had full faith on the ones who served the teams as managers. Just a string of bad results was not enough to decide the fate of the managers. While playing fantasy football games, checking out the background of the team managers is as important as checking the players before selecting them.   

Now, check out the rich history of the football leagues. To your astonishment, you’ll find managers who have served clubs since the time of their inception. Ranging from 2018 to 1877 days, you’ll be amazed at the long number of days and years through which these managers have been attached with their respective clubs. Online fantasy football players should be knowing these names definitely! Good for enhancing the knowledge of all football fanatics.  

Arsene Wenger 

Till date, Wenger has been the longest staying manager of any club playing league matches. after successfully completing 22 years in Arsenal as a manager, this Frenchman retires in May 2018. During this long tenure, he had immensely contributed to the wins of the club. 3 premier league titles and 7 FA cups are all destined to his name. Currently, he has been replaced by Unai Emery. Although hoping to see some more cups in the name of Arsenal, however, Wenger will always reign high in the hearts of the millions of people.  

Alex Ferguson 

If you don’t know the name of Ferguson, the definitely you’re not an ardent fantasy football lover. For years now, he has been serving as the manager of the Manchester United club. From 1992 to 2013, he has led the team to immense success. Apart from that he has led the team to multiple domestic cups before he retired in 2013. Serving for around 7582 days to be precise, made Liverpool the most successful team in the league.  

David Moyes 

This Scottish professional footballer is currently the manager of West Ham United club. Since 1998 till 2019 he is still serving as a manager of different teams. Its true that he has a long career as a football manager, however, his career graph is not very convincing like his competitors. Starting his career as a manager with Preston North End, he finally landed up with the West Ham United. 4082 days and continuing till date, it is expected that the club will see more good days in the coming time.  

Harry Redknapp 

Before Moyes, this man-made sure that the club West Ham is included into the premier league. Thanks to Harry from 1992/93 West Ham became a part of the leagues and also a popular team to participate in the fantasy premier league. From the moment he took charge of the team, he made sure that the team stayed in the league for the next 7 years. Finally, he left the team in 2001 after a long duration of serving for around 2454 days. 

Rafael Benitez 

Although this Spanish footballer has managed many teams, however, while serving as a manager of Liverpool, he has projected a long-term career. Starting from 2004 to 2010, he has served Liverpool for around 2119 days. In 2019, he was appointed as the manager of the Chinese Super League club Dalian professional and is continuing his career as a successful manager.  

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