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4 Common Football Terms For Every Crazy Football Fan

Did you ever encounter a conversation between two crazy football lovers? If you have then you would know that they’ve their odd language to communicate which will seem like an alien language for a non-football person. 

This endless collection of odd terms has originated from different sources and has got some spellbinding history! If you’re a fan of  fantasy football games, then keeping the common terms at your fingertips is necessary to get a winning position in the game. Jumping into the play without any prior knowledge of the jargon, will land you into a messy situation and embarrassing as well! 

Although it is difficult to remember all terms together, while playing  online football game you’ll certainly come across some of these. Read on, they can come handy at times of confusion. 


When you get a free-kick option to put the ball back into the game, then the same is known as a kick-off. The good part about the same is that the opposing team can’t make any attempt to block your kick. As the name suggests it’s free! 

Onside kick 

This is a smart technique where the kicking team kicks the ball short so that they can get the possession of the ball before the receiving team takes control. So, if your player takes an onside kick during the fantasy football league, then you can be sure that your team is going to get hold of the ball. 

Extra point 

After every touchdown, a player can attempt a kick which is one-point worth. This is one of the oldest terms of the game. If your player scores a field goal, he gets 5 points and if he scores a touchdown, he gets 1 point. So, a smarter player will target getting an extra point which is worth 4 points. Since points are the only thing that you should look out for in an online football game, hence, knowing this term is very essential. 

Pooch Punt 

It is the type of kick that is made by the player when the player drops the ball and kicks the same from his foot. A punt is usually made on the fourth down when offense surrenders the possession of the ball to the defense. It’s also the best way to avoid lethal kicks since it’s a short kick. Try our players expert in pooch punt for your fantasy football leagues. 


This is a big shot. One touchdown and you get six points. But when does a touchdown occur? When the player with the ball crosses the goal line of the opponent, then the player catches the ball in the end line of the opponent and touches down with the ball. For every fantasy football player, the ultimate goal should be to cross the end zone and score a touchdown. 

To score winning points in fantasy football leagues, keep up with all crazy and trending foot terms and surprise your opponent with the move. 

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