Top 5 Countries with Highest Number of Ballon d’Or Wins Till Date

Ballon d’Or – for those who doesn’t have the idea about football, this is one of the most prestigious awards for the footballers. Since 1956 this award is being given to the best footballer and French New Magazine are the presenters of this prestigious award. Later the award was temporarily merged with the FIFA named as the FIFA World Player of the Year or FIFA Ballon d’Or. 

Fantasy football players are well aware of the fact that till date Lionel Messi is the one with the highest number of Ballon awards to his name.  Before 1995, it was given only to the European footballers and was known as European Footballer of the Year award. However, later things changed. Now any great player is eligible for the trophy.  

Online fantasy football players are a fan of this trophy. Everyone knows who has won the highest number, but do you know the countries with the highest number of wins? Although Germany is till date the leading country with 5 players winning the award, however, Brazil and Argentina are not far behind. Hard luck that the award was not present at the time of Maradona and Pele. They would have definitely made it to the top then! Check out the blog to know more: 

Germany/ Netherlands/Portugal 

With 7 wins till 2020, these three countries are leading the list. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge won 2 and Franz Beckenbauer won 2, rest are won by many other players. Franz Beckenbauer in the year 1972 raised the cup and from then different players of Germany kept on winning the title. Mattias Sammer is by far the last German player to be won the award in the year 1996. Online fantasy football leagues have gained more popularity because the inclusion of such awards under the name of the players. 

Similarly, from Portugal Cristiano Ronaldo alone managed to win 5 awards in the years (2008, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017). The similar miracle in Netherlands was done by Marco van Basten (1988, 1989, 1992). 

France/ Argentina 

Since this trophy was not present during the times of Maradona, hence Argentina is still stuck in the 2nd position with 6 wins. Michel Platini won 3 times and the rest thrice were contributed by Raymond Kopa, Jean-Pierre Papin and Zinedine Zidane. Competing up with France at the same level is Argentina with a sole player doing miracle for the country. Once Maradona with his godly skills had alone taken the responsibility of getting Argentina a world cup in football. And in the present days Messi has secured 6 Ballon d’Or single handedly! Undoubtedly the most favorite footballer and the most popular one in any online fantasy football game.  


With 5 trophies to the name, England is not very far behind in the run. Although popular for cricket, England also has very talent players whose extra ordinary swings have made the country’s players win Ballon d’Or 5 times till date. The winners of this country are Stanley Matthews (1956), Bobby Charlton (1966), Kevin Keegan (1978, 1979), Michael Owen (2001).  

Italy/ Brazil 

Italy should have been in the same ranking as England with 5 wins in their buckets, however this country has secured the 2nd place 9 times and hence is just a little below in the line. Unlike England all the 5 wins have been secured by 5 different people in the team. The winners here are Omar Sivori (1961), Gianni Rivera (1969), Paolo Rossi (1982), Roberto Baggio (1993), Fabio Cannavaro (2006). With Fabio Cannavaro securing the trophy in 2006, Italy is undoubtedly a fresh country on the list.  

Competing in the same position is Brazil with 5 wins. Ronaldo (1997, 2002), Rivaldo (1999), Ronaldinho (2005), Kaka (2007) – some of the popular names who have taken the fantasy premier leagues by storm presently. The first time Brazilian player won the trophy was in 1997 by Ronaldo. Alas, Brazil had to wait for long. Things would have been different if Pele was still active during this time!  


Only 3 wins till date has put Spain at the very end of the list. Alfredo Di Stefano (1957,1959), Luis Suarez (1960) these are the only wins that the country has been able to capture. Unluckily since 1960 till date there’s no potential player to get through the barriers and bring the trophy to the country.  

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Fantasy Football Fact: Top 5 Footballers Unrecognizable by Their Birth Names

Footballers are a sensation to the world. Starting from their moves, to their styles, every action of the favorite players is followed by the fans. Players engaging in fantasy football loves digging into the details of their preferred football players. For all football lovers, there’s a fun fact. There are many football players who don’t use their real names on field!  

You can call it superstition, or attempt to be popular, using such long birth names wouldn’t have helped the fans keep the names in their minds. Then again there are many footballers, whose names are so big that they don’t fit into the jerseys. You’ll be amazed at to find some popular names on this list. 

For years now, you’re acquainted with the shortened names of these footballers, however it’ll be fun to know their real birth names as well. Next time before you indulge in a game of online fantasy football league, knowing these names will definitely give you an edge over the competitors. 


Originally born in Argentina, this 33-year-old incredible football player is currently playing for the Barcelona club and also for the Argentina National Team. Although the whole world lovingly calls him Messi, however his birth name is Lionel Andres Messi. Too long to fit into the jersey! Hence, Messi shortened his name and since then the name remained engraved into the hearts of millions of football fans.  


This attacking midfielder and one of the best players of his time, Kaka was born in Brazil. Have you ever wondered why was he called “kaka”? This handsome and charming player with winnings like FIFA world cup and UEFA Champions League to his name, originally has a very lengthy name! Obviously, his parent was unaware of his future and hence names him Ricardo Izecson dois Santos Leite. If he would have continued with this name, playing fantasy football with such long named player would have been difficult.  


Widely regarded as the greatest football player of all time, Pele is a name which every football or non-football freak is aware of! However, a very few people know his real name. This retired Brazilian footballer is originally known as Edson Arantes do Nascimento. How weird would it sound to take such a long name during the commentaries? Undoubtedly a poor recognizable feature!  


This former Brazilian footballer and currently the brand ambassador of the Barcelona team has mostly played in the attacking midfielder position. Whenever, he walked into the field, people cheered up with his name “Ronaldinho”. However, a very few are aware of his birth name which he rarely uses. Originally known as Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, he changed is name to Ronaldinho Gaucho from the time he chose football as his career. Fantasy football games would have been uninteresting without the presence of such big names!  


Toping the list as one of the most handsome, rich and greatest football players, this Portuguese professional is popularly known as Cristiano Ronaldo. He was born in Madeira, Portugal and started his career by playing for the home club before signing for Manchester United. Although fantasy football players might be recognizing him the name of Ronaldo only however it’s interesting to know that his original name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.  

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Fantasy Cricket Facts: 5 Popular Cricketers Representing Two Countries

With the starting of IPL the trend of shuffling players of different countries into different teams have become a popular concept. Furthermore, you can also get your favorite player from the Australian or West Indies to play for your fantasy cricket in India by including them in the eleven. However, did you know that in reality there are a few players who have actually played for two countries?  

In countries like India, Australia, England there are abundance of talent. Hence, majority of the players play for home country but they also play for other countries as well. There are times when some of them have been compelled to take such decisions. Again, there are situations where due to lack of good opportunities they have been forced to play for some other country.  

Players of fantasy cricket leagues get confused on such cases at times. They keep on forgetting the country where the person is belonging from. To keep you updated, here’s a list of some notable players. 

Jofra Archer 

This man has represented both West Indies and England proved to be an outstanding player for both the teams. Undoubtedly a talented and promising player when we started playing for U19 in West Indies. However, everyone though his smashing career has come to and end because of a sudden injury that he suffered. But later fate took a turn and he retuned with a bang! His talent in the Big Bash League got noticed and he joined England’s National team. Rest is history! He is undoubtedly the most popular choice for fantasy cricket players when it comes to any leagues.  

Eoin Morgan 

Whenever you see Morgan, definitely the first thing that strikes your mind is that he an Irish cricketer. Undoubtedly that’s a true fact! The limited over captain for England had played for Ireland previously. At U17 and U19, he had represented the Ireland’s team. Since he was born there hence at the initial stage, he played for the home team. In 2007 when Ireland defeated Pakistan, Morgan was still a part of the team. However, he was selected into England’s team in 2010 and from then there was no stopping him. Whether Ireland or England – country is no bar for Morgan’s popularity in playing fantasy cricket games.  

Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi  

Fondly known as Tiger Pataudi, this man was one of the most loved Indian captain. But did you know a fun fact? While studying at the oxford, he used play for Sussex. Later he came back to India, after meeting with an accident which damaged his right eye. However, this was not the end of his cricketing career, rather he made India win 9 tests as a successful captain. Call it the turn of fortunes, the came back of Pataudi was a major gain for the Indian cricket team.  

Imran Tahir 

For those who have seen Tahir playing, must have witnessed his iconic celebration feat that he positively takes after every wicket. For U19 leagues, Tahir had played for Pakistan which is the home country of the player. However, his national career was molded by his entry into the South African cricket team from 2011 to 2019. Investigating the major reason behind such change shows that among the large number of good spinners in the Pakistan team, Tahir lost his place. But he was smart and didn’t let the same defeat his dream of becoming a cricketer! Since the South African team lacks good quality spinners, hence Tahir’s contribution into the team made him stand out in the crowd.  

Kepler Wessels 

 Rugby was the game which was more popular than cricket in Africa. Kepler Wessels was an exceptional African who preferred playing cricket and not rugby. During the 1980s and 1990s, while he continued his career as a cricketer,  Wessels played for both South Africa and Australia. In 1991, Wessels was elected as the captain of the South African team. Although his ODI performance was criticized since a long time, however, he had been successful in all respects.  

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5 Fatal Life-changing Accidents In Cricketing History

Cricket is a popular game, no doubt about that! It’s an elegant, stylish and high-profile game. With millions of fans glued to the screens for just a boundary or a six, cricket has a special place in the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. With the rage of fantasy sports trending currently, cricket has become more popular than ever before.  

However as ornamented as it may look, the game is not completely safe for the players. You may say there’s no life risk, but a sudden adrenaline rush may result in some fatal injuries. Such instances are quite common in cricket. You’ll find people especially the fantasy cricket league players recalling the iconic shots. However, no one remembers the mortal accidents and injuries that might have hampered the flourishing career of a cricketer.  

There’s no gain without a little risk. Both live cricket and fantasy cricket has it’s share of risks. On-field injuries are a part of live cricket and loosing out on real money is a risk for fantasy cricket gamesIf you browse the list, you’ll find many such instances of accidents, however here’s a few incidents which had literally shocked the cricket fans!  

Death of Phillip Hughes  

Under uncertain and very sad turn of events, this incident in unquestionably till date the saddest day for the cricket fraternity and also the Australian cricket team as well. Born in the year 1988, this 25-year-old left-handing Australian opener had made his test debut in 2009 and international debut in 2013. One of the finest cricketers and having played many tournaments, if alive, this man would have made it to the top and would have been a favorite choice for playing fantasy cricketHowever, on 24th November during a match at Sydney Cricket Ground, he was hit by a bouncer in the neck which caused a brain hemorrhage.  

Heart attack of Wasim Raja 

Starting his career as a cricketer from the very beginning with under-19 Pakistan team, Raja played at least 54 ODIs and 57 test matches on behalf of Pakistan team in his 12 glorious years. However, his death was not an on-field accident rather a very unfortunate event. He suddenly suffered from a heart attack on the ground and died on spot! Since he was a healthy cricketer hence this unfortunate incident was completely unforeseen.  

Raman Lamba temple hit 

This all rounder batsman played for India, North Zone, Ireland and Abahani and in a match against Himachal Pradesh he scored 312. This was indeed a notable success in his career as a batsman. However, his glorifying career and life came to an end in 1998. While fielding in Bangladesh league cricket, a ball has hit him on the temple and he slipped into coma. After that there was no way that he revived from the same!  

Wilf Slack on-field collapse 

The viewers who had witnessed this unfortunate match of 1989 knew that it was a sheer bad luck that caused the death of this English cricketer. Slack played county cricket for the Middlesex and Windward Islands and was also a popular name in the ODIs. However, his death on-field was a highly mysterious event. For a long time, he was experiencing sudden blackouts. The day when he died, he was on the field and was playing fine. Suddenly due to a black out he fell unconscious and died on spot! If online fantasy games were present at that time, then such an uncertain event must have affected the player as well.  

Ian Folley’s heart attack 

Another English cricketer who began his career at Lancashire as a right-handed batsman and later became an extra ordinary spinner also had an unfortunate luck. He managed to take 129 wickets in his whole career. However, he died too soon when he suffered from an eye injury on the field. Later when he was shifted to the hospital, he died out of heart attack!  


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5 Early Retirements of Cricketers That Proved To be A Loss for World Cricket

Retirement – the mere word brings a tint of sadness with it. Unquestionably it’s one of the toughest decisions of any person’s life. Talking about retirement in a cricketer’s career, it’s not only a daunting task but also a game-changing situation for the team as well. Play fantasy cricket becomes a terrible experience if you find your favourite player getting retired from live matches. 

If the player has come off his age, bagged quite a lot of tournaments, and has created some iconic moments, then the retirement of that particular player doesn’t hurt much. However, in the past, there’ve been players who have unfortunately retired too early! Even in  fantasy cricket, there’s no place for a retired cricketer. So once a player decides to walk out of the team, there’s no way that you can get to see him play on the field ever again. 

Zafar Ansari 

Having considered cricket to be just a part of life, Ansari announced his retirement from the England cricket team in the year 2016. Although he didn’t consider the decision to be tough, however, the team lost a good all-rounder. The retirement of this 25-year-old was a piece of surprise news for the fantasy cricket league players as well because they had plans revolving around the young blood in the future. The period of this player in the England cricket team was very less and hence there’s not much to talk about! 

Craig Kieswetter 

His career was quite promising since in 2010 he was the man behind the success of England’s T20 world cup trophy. But when he retired at the young age of 27 due to some serious facial injuries, the England team was devasted. Currently, he is a professional golfer but to the dismay of the fantasy cricket game players, there’s no way to get him on to the field again. His vision problems made him finally call a quit with the cricket fraternity. 

James Taylor 

When he was at the highest point of his international career, Taylor had to, unfortunately, retired in 2016 at the age of 26 years. Again, a big blow for the England cricket team when this rising star had to retire due to some serious health issues that he faced during the training session. Under the unfortunate turn of events, it was later revealed that Taylor was suffering from a heart problem that didn’t permit him to continue his career as a successful cricketer. 

Beau Casson 

Similar to the sad story of Taylor, this Australian batsman was forced to take early retirement at the age of 28 in 2011 because of rare heart disease. Although this was not a piece of sudden news for the player since he had already undergone heart surgery during his childhood. He was undoubtedly a great spinner and would have made an unbeatable position in the online fantasy cricket if he would have stayed on. However, life is precious than a profession! 

Simon Cook 

Although not a very early retirement, however, Cook retired from the game at the age of 32 in 2004. However, a sudden accident caused some serious injuries to the player and forced him to end his career with the Australian cricket team. 


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Fantasy Cricket – Best Finishers in Modern Day Cricket

Unlike other games, cricket has always been a thrilling game. Most of the matches in cricket end with a nail-biting situation. One ball and six runs – audiences glued to the television sets! Just then the batsman finishes the game with a boundary! Fantasy cricket lovers wait for such mind-blowing endings to the matches. 

With different platforms of cricket taking a toll over the choices of the audiences, the term finisher has become an important concept. Most recently MS Dhoni has carved a niche in this factor. Players like Ab de Villers and Michael Hussey are some of the best crowd pullers who have the ability to finish a match in style! With these names on the list, a fantasy cricket game has achieved new heights. 

Even during the late 1990s, there were great finishers like Arvind Da Silva and Javed Miandad. However, with cricket getting merged with entertainment, things have become more prominent now! With no further discussion, let’s have a look at some of the most entertaining finishers of modern-day cricket. 

Jos Buttler 

The current vice-captain of the England cricket team and the wicket-keeper of the team is undoubtedly the one adorning the list at the top. Whenever the team is in a crucial stage, it’s Buttler who can extravagantly get the team out of the situation. He has a brilliant strike rate of 116.97 and can manipulate fielding positions easily. He definitely acts as the lifesaver for the England team thereby bringing the team out of the tricky situations. 

Andre Russell 

It would be incomplete if there’s no mention of Russell in this list. this hard-hitter is one of the best ones in the team to finish an over in style. 6 boundaries in 6 balls – inexplicitly a brilliant game to watch. When Russell is on the grounds, you can expect such smashing overs now and then. This Caribbean all-rounder is a favorite choice when it comes to online fantasy games. Although there have been many questions about his consistency, however, the super overs are a guarantee if you’ve Russell in your team. 

AB De Villiers 

Probably the best finisher after MS Dhoni, this South African batsman can finish a match in a worthwhile style. Put up a run target in front of this player and watch him work wonders with the same. Fantasy cricket league players popularly call him the master run chaser! His fabulous batting style not only makes him different from other batsmen but also makes the match worth a watch. 

MS Dhoni 

While talking about the list of finishers, there’s no missing out on this name. If there’s any player who can finish a game off in style, then it definitely has to be MS Dhoni. There’s no such situation that puts pressure on the Dhoni. That’s why the guy is known as captain cool. Taking things lightly and playing the game correct has always been his motive. Fantasy cricket in India has become popular due to this one man’s presence in the Indian cricket team. 


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Fantasy Cricket – Indications That Shows That This is the Right Game for you

Sports can nurture physical and mental wellness within an individual. Indulging in sports is good. It helps you to become physically fit, boosts your confidence, increases knowledge, and helps in earning cash as well! What about  fantasy sports then? For people who aren’t physically fit or are having some kind of complications, there’s still a virtual sporting option. This comes in form of the fantasy games. For the lazy categories, playing fantasy cricket games is a thrilling and engaging option. 

But online games are not for everyone. Wondering why? Because to become a champion in fantasy cricket leagues, you need to have extensive knowledge about cricket. As ignorant as you are, the fact that fantasy games involve plenty amount of money is not unknown. It’s not a one-sided affair. You’ll have to give in some cash in order to get back double or even triple the amount! But to sum it up, knowledge is the word! If you have zero ideas about cricket, then definitely this is not your cup of tea! 

Are you a cricket fanatic? However, are you confused about whether or not to start playing fantasy cricket games? That’s a common dilemma. We’ve thus listed a few points. If you experience them, then this is definitely the right game for you. 

You love cricket but you hate physical workouts 

You are an ardent cricket fan. But you’re among the lazy ones. What to do then? Fear not, there’s the internet to save your day! If you’re one of those lazy ones, then fantasy cricket leagues are the ones for you. Instead of stressing out in the clubs and lanes, play your game comfortably on a couch. Another great point, you’ll already be having the app in your pocket, so you can start playing anytime whenever you feel bored! 

You’ve plenty amount of knowledge about cricket 

Who’s got how many centuries in the ODI? What’s the strike rate of the captain of the current team? What type of pitch is good for getting runs? If you’ve answered such questions at your fingertips, then start playing  fantasy cricket without any hesitation. Cricket should be in your blood. There shouldn’t be any occasion when you tend to forget any minute details about cricket. If these signs are present in you, then you are good enough to play fantasy games. 

You’re mathematically strong 

Yes, if you’re good with permutations and combinations, then no one can stop you from winning at fantasy games. The basic rule of fantasy cricket leagues is to create different teams with different combinations of players to make a winning strike. So, if you’re the expert and numbers are nothing for you, then you can surely try your hands on the same. 

You’re an internet addict 

Are you stuck with your phone all the time? Do you keep on browsing all the time? Then stop wasting the time and start playing online cricket. Rather than searching for weird things over the internet, why not play and earn some real-time money from the same. 


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Fantasy Cricket Leagues – Ways to Make It More Engaging

Fantasy cricket in India is not a vague concept anymore. Once it was only a brainchild of a few sports enthusiasts, but now it’s a million-dollar industry. It’s growing and growing and is expected to grow more in the coming years. What’s the good thing about fantasy sports? It has eradicated netting and gambling completely. 

This brain game accompanied by attractive cash prizes is attracting the attention of millions of circlet fanatics all over the world. While browsing through your play store, you’ll come across many Indian  fantasy sports apps. Some of them have seen a huge surge in the user base, especially during the pandemics. However, many have not been lucky enough to experience the same! 

Does that mean the craze for  fantasy cricket games is over? Absolutely not! It’s the other way round. Looking at the popularity of fantasy games, the companies have actually taken the players for granted. If you get ample options for the same product then which one would you choose? Certainly, the most popular one! Similarly, many fantasy games companies have failed to keep their users engage with sports. Then, who’s to be blamed? 

Extensive research of the same shows that incorporating the following points will certainly help the companies to retain the engagement level of the users. 

Off-season rewards 

We’ve all heard about entry bonuses, surprise gifts, winning cash prizes, etc., that these fantasy cricket apps give during the match seasons. That’s when the site gets loads of traffic. But how to keep them engaged even when there’s no option of  playing fantasy cricket on the app? The one who’s able to strategize the same wins the race. For the reference of the companies, users love gifts! They love it all the time! So, to keep them engaged the best option to is float a few referral bonuses, low money cash prize, discount coupons, and one-time deposit bonuses. This is certainly a smart trick to lure users throughout the year. 

Test the cricketing knowledge 

Yes, every cricket fan claims to have a pool of knowledge about the game and its players. And when it comes to fantasy cricket in India, flaunting of cricket knowledge is a common thing. A small tip for the app makers – uses the same. Use it interestingly. Introduce live polls, sports quizzes, and recall experience sharing options within the apps. This competitive feel creates an adrenaline rush within the players. So, what next? App makers can expect an overflow of users even if there’s no game to be played. 

Sport debates 

Politics and cricket – two hot topics of discussion among the millennials. You’ll be amazed at the way Indians can go on and on about cricket teams, best batsmen, etc. Moreover, Indians are always overwhelmed by the thoughts of socializing with other people. So, it becomes very easy for the app makers to engage the online fantasy game players by just installing a debate section in the app. The opportunity of discussing and fighting over their favorite players is too good to be true. 


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Fantasy Cricket – 5 Bizarre Batting Tips That Actually Works Wonder

Batting is indubitably the most important part of any cricket match. Whether a player is a good spinner or a great wicketkeeper – being a good batsman is necessary. The better you bat, the more successful your career will become. To form a good  fantasy cricket league, it is necessary to get the best batsmen and the all-rounders in the team. Because it takes one wrong swing to break the stumps and lose the game! 

You might come across many blogs that will give you the basic tips that can improve your batting skills. Don’t worry, we won’t bore you with the same list! Rather, an interesting write-up follows below. Here you’ll get to know some weird tips (unimaginable at times) that can, in reality, improve the batting skills. Simply  playing fantasy cricket may at times feel boring, why not indulge in knowing more about batting as well.   

Tip 1# Keeping a watch over the ball 

When you’re watching a live match, it’s not possible to see whether the striker is having his eyes on the ball or not. But the trick of getting a great boundary is to keep your eyes glued to the approaching ball. Playing  fantasy cricket in India requires scoring batsmen. How to ensure that your selected striker scores? The player who pays full attention to the complete journey of the ball can hit it at the right time. 

Tip 2# Say no to hard-hitting techniques 

Russell, Gayle, Pandy, and MS Dhoni – all these hard-hitters and many others are some of the favorite choices for fantasy cricket games. However, hard-hitting all the time doesn’t help a batsman to stay for a long time on the pitch. Playing consistently and getting runs throughout the overs or hitting sixes in the first 6 balls and getting out – which one is more important? Depending on the situation this skill needs to be altered. 

Tip 3# Bending knees may work 

The power of the legs is very important. For any batsman having a firm strength on the knees is essential. While selecting batsmen for playing fantasy cricket, generally the performance and fitness of the players are kept in mind. A player who is fit enough can play for longer overs. It’s a common trick that whenever a striker bends the knee and hits the ball, it’s going to be a successful shot! 

Tip 4# Imagine playing within a box 

Yes, the whole field belongs to the batsman, but a good one should stop taking that in the literal sense. Many times, you’ll find good coaches saying that it’s better to envision themselves within a box while playing the same. Online fantasy cricket can get entertaining if the great scorers are all playing on the same team. Although, it may seem strange to any novice player, however, this actually works. 

Tip 5# Be cautious with slow balls 

A small tip for facing the slow bowlers with utmost care – take time and think while the ball comes to your bat. With slow bowlers, the trick is that as the balls get closer, the player gets the time to think and position himself. 


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Basics About The Different Important Strokes of Cricket

A straight shot or a cover drive – what’s the signature stroke of your chosen batsman? If you don’t know the difference between both, then surely, you’re not a cricket fan. Knowing the basics of cricketing strokes will take you a long way in online cricket games. 

An all-rounder can seamlessly play any strike and enthrall the crowds. However, there are also a few who stick to one or two strokes and make them their signature strikes. Selecting a player merely based on his popularity will not help you play fantasy cricket and win cash daily. Learn about the type of strikes that the players take, their range, their playing style – only then, you’ll be able to choose the consistent one from the pool! 

Here’s a list of the same. Read on and increase your cricket knowledge. 

Cover drive 

To get this shot right, the batsman needs to know where the “covers” are on the field. Flexibility, eye on the field, and a perfect hit through the covers – that’s it, runs are scored! The biggest challenge is to get the ball past the fielders. Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly has beautifully mastered the art of the cover drive. He’s an unblemished shot made other cricketers’ comment on the fact that only God can compete for the skill level of Ganguly. 

Square cut 

This is one of the most frequent shots that are scoring and you can see almost all good batsmen trying to hit the same. If you’re an ardent cricket fan, then there’s a lot of square cuts that you’ll get to see. Very useful in scoring high runs. The only thing that the hitter needs to keep in mind is getting the correct line and length of the ball before he takes a square cut shot. Hence, players playing square cuts are the first choice for playing online cricket games. 

Straight drive 

A consistent player who is looking forward to staying on the crease for the longer overs prefers playing straight drive shots. Very secure and helps the hitter to get as many runs as possible. Veterans like Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulkar can effortlessly play a straight drive with their bats facing directly towards the bowlers. Thanks to the gully cricketing genes in Indian cricketers, the straight drive is a piece of cake for them. Indian fantasy cricket platform loves players with this inborn striking skill. 


Most innovative front foot shots played in the cricketing fraternity is the sweep. Spinners are the best ones who help the batsmen to play such shots. This is never a random one. Just as the bowler is all set to bowl, the batsman sets his mind to sweep it through the wickets. Easy and pre-meditated stroke helps in getting the desired runs. 

Pull shot 

Definitely a deadly weapon! From mid-wicket to fine leg – anywhere the ball can be hit and there’s no way of stopping the same. This shot can be only played by the batsman when the ball is in between the waist and the shoulder range of the player. Whether the opponent team is having a spinner or a swing bowler, if the ball is in a range pull shot can be easily taken. Some amazing pull shots have been seen from legendary players like Viv Richards and Ricky Ponting. 


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