Fantasy Football Fun Facts: 8 Most Difficult Footballer’s Names

Football is the most popular sport and is followed in every country. With over millions and billions of football fans, playing fantasy football has been a rage among all. Starting from managers to players, unlike cricketers or any other sportspersons, very few people are aware of the real name of the soccer player.  

Online fantasy football leagues are incomplete without the important names like Pele, Maradona, Messi and Ronaldo. But there are a few names which are impossible to pronounce. When the same flashes on the screen, fans go nuts with the difficulty of calling these players by their names! Especially while playing fantasy football in India, the players get confused with such difficult names as most of them are European players. 

Various linguistic roots, have made the simple life of these few mentioned players problematic! Here’s a list of the 8 most difficult names of soccer players in world football.  

Henrikh Mkhitaryan 

This footballer is Armenian by birth and was born in 1989. Although, it’s not very difficult to pronounce the first name, however the surname is derived from the Armenian word “mekhitar”. Standing true to the meaning of his surname, Henrikh is a hardworking and creative midfielder playing for Roma club. When this player features in any fantasy premier leagues, players face the dilemma of taking his name!  

Blerim Dzemaili 

Born in the year 1986, this man will surely give your teeth jerk if you try to maintain the authentic pronunciation of his name. A completely determined and versatile soccer player, he made been recently playing as a midfielder for Shenzhen FC. Although there’s no second thoughts about Dzemaili’s talents however, his name is a barrier in the path of his popularity.  

Stefan Kiebling 

Like many other German players, Stefan’s surname is also a difficult one. Born in the year 1984 he is one of the top strikers of the team. Out of 34 league appearances till date, this soccer player has been able to score 25 goals and has been recently capped as the Bundesliga top scorer for 2012-2013 season. He is an honest, successful and a celebrated soccer player. he has made several appearances in the online fantasy football games and hence is quite popular among the new generation.  

Kevin Grobkreutz 

Yet another German player like Stefan, Kevin also has a very unfortunate surname, which might seem difficult to many. Born in the year 1988, he is currently playing as a right back and winger for KFC Uerdingen. He is also the two times winner of the Bundesliga title and was also a part of the FIFA World cup in 2014.  

Wojciech Szczesny 

Going few years back to 1990, you can find another such player of Polish origin who is currently playing as a goalkeeper for Juventus. Szczesny – this Polish surname as a separate meaning of its own. In Polish the word means a person who is a fast learner and can make peace in every situation. Keeping pace to his surname, Wojciech is undoubtedly a brilliant player with high responsibility levels. Including such players in fantasy premier leagues can be a useful strategy. 

Sokratis Papastathopoulos 

Did you just break your teeth while pronouncing the name and the surname? Won’t be a surprising fact if such case happens. The word Papastathopoulos is a Greek word which means a person who is clever and has the potential of establishing impossible things in life. Unlucky for him, his surname s too big to be written on his jersey and on his kit!  

Kolbeinn Sigborsson 

Born in the year 1990, he is the current striker of AIK. His name and surname may seem strange to you. However, its common among Icelanders. The meaning of the word Sigborsson is an independent and a perfectionist person. He has successfully scored 35 goals for the local club and 26 goals for the Iceland national team. While playing fantasy football in India, taking these names becomes a bit difficult indeed! 

Jakub Błaszczykowski 

Long back in 1985, Jakub was born and player for the Polish national team as a captain for a long time. Błaszczykowski in simple words means the individual with the ability to attain great amount of success. Although he has not been a famous name among either live soccer world or fantasy football games, however he was a great passer and good defender in whatever team he played on.  

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4 Myths Related to Drafting of Fantasy Football Team

Unlike cricket, football that you see nowadays is an improvised version of street ball. So, what does the best of the best have in common? For all online fantasy football fans this is an interesting news. They’ve all played soccer barefooted! Although this may sound strange, but it’s true. Football – as the name goes can be played the best if its played barefooted.  

According to the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) maximum number of injuries that the footballers face is either in the lower limb, muscle strains or as ankle sprains. But the sooner you start playing the game without those costly shoes, the more your chances of reducing the injuries increases. Again, a strange fact indeed!  

However, medical science doesn’t say the same. A fit footballer needs to have trained set of feet to win the game easily. And for getting a good team in fantasy football leagues you need to concentrate on choosing the ones who are good with their feet!  

Now the question arises should players be training barefoot at practice? Read on to know more.  

As per the Journal of Sports Medicine, when the ball initially comes in contact directly with the feet of the player, the bigger plantar flexion angle becomes highly rigid. If you have a look at the barefoot of the soccer players then you’ll be amazed to see that they have bowed legs. Online fantasy football game players thus always focus on selecting the ones with such physical appearances.  

Makes your foot strong 

If you’re not a student of science, then you won’t be knowing that a human foot is made up of 26 bones, 33 joints and 100s of muscles. Hence, the foot needs to be active and functioning all the time. So, when a soccer player is training without shoes for long hours, the foot remains exposed and the muscles, ligaments and the tendons get activated. This makes it easy for the player to balance more easily.  

Makes a better and adaptable player 

Whether it’s the rains or the dry fields, a good football player needs to be adaptable to every playing situation. That’s why barefoot training can be useful. The more touch the athlete develops with the ball, the more efficient, strong and adaptable foothold is assured. What’s more? While playing fantasy football, you must be knowing the importance of checking the pitch conditions as well. So, the teams need more adaptable players so that they can play easily in any type of pitch and weather conditions.  

Makes the training process enjoyment 

Well playing football barefoot is not only an enjoyment but also needs a plethora of excitement. There’s definitely something magical about the game being played without a pair of shoes involved in the same. May be that’s the reason why football is more of a street game then any other sports. Long back when concepts like fantasy premier leagues were not present, playing soccer merely barefooted over the mudded streets was fun. Thus, even today, the best of the best soccer players like training barefooted instead of flaunting the costly soccer shoes.  

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5 Fascinating and Mind-Blowing Facts About Scottish Football

Did you hear about the Scottish Football Association Challenge Cup? We can bet that every fantasy football fan is well aware of the famous and the oldest Scottish cup. It was first awarded in the year 1874 to Queens Park FC. Undoubtedly football is one of the most popular sport of Scotland. Especially in the southern borders of Scotland, you’ll find every kid playing soccer at every nook and corner of the by lanes. Hence, you may say that there’s a long tradition of the game in this country. Another fun fact for all online fantasy football players – the national football team of Scotland is the 2nd oldest team.  

Hence, its very obvious that there’re a lot of unknown and mystic facts about the Scottish football that might not be known to many fantasy football game lovers. Such is the craze of football in Scotland, that the same was banned under the Football Act 1424 as it distracted the married men from their martial duties! 

To get more interesting news like these, read on. 

Unbeatable winning records against Barcelona 

For many, with Messi and Suarez on board, Barcelona is the strongest football team in the world right now. However, there’s an unbeatable champion who can proudly states that they have won 4 games against Barcelona till date. Yes, Dundee United, can claim the title of the invincible Scottish club till date. The two clubs met for the first time in 1966/1967 and till date there’s no record of losing the game against Barcelona. Online fantasy football leagues players should be aware of the same and should try to select more and more Scottish players for their dream team. 

Huge attendance for domestic match 

With an amazing record attendance of around 147365 people to watch the 1937 Scottish cup final, this has been the highest audience record in whole Europe for any domestic match. Hampden park was the iconic location that registered this huge number of audiences in the field. This audience was registered during the final match between Celtic and Aberdeen. Undoubtedly an out of the world experience for many people who were present for that particular match. 

Team having most successful manager 

There might be many football managers who have made it great as managers in the football field. However, the Scottish team stands out in the crowd. Sir Alex Ferguson is the most successful soccer manager who has been reigning in the football world for years and years now. With incredible winning rates of 49 trophies, he is still date remembered by even the online fantasy football players. Not only Alex, but also people like Bill Struth, Jack Stein and a few more are also on the list. This makes the Scottish team one of the best among different others in world football.  

First British team who won European cup 

In the year 1967, Scottish foray was the first European cup by defeating Inter Milan club. Before this defeat, Inter Milan was the team who won the European cup repeatedly for three seasons. Although at some point of time, it was felt that history will be repeated and Inter Milan will again win the cup. However, all fantasy football game lovers would be delighted to know that Scottish team became the first one to snatch the cup away from the Milan.  

Home for the fiercest football rivalry 

Unlike cricket football is famous for the inter club rivalries. The derby between Celtic and Rangers is a well-known one and indeed the most hateful rivalry that exists till date in the history of European football league. It’s a quiet astonishing fact that both the teams hail from Glasgow and are neighbors to each other. However, when it comes to soccer, they are dead against each other.  

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Smart Tricks To Help You Beat Your Opponent in Fantasy Football Games

When you’re playing fantasy football for years, then winning is the only thing that comes to your mind, whenever you enroll into a league. You’ll find eye-opening blogs telling you about the dos and don’ts playing the game. But what matters most is the tricks that will help you beat your opponents! There’re many paths that can lead you to victory! But a smart player will always choose the shortest and quickest one.  

Before you dive into the world of fantasy premier leagues, have a quick look at the pointers that you should keep in mind while you’re at it. 

Don’t trust a single source of information 

Checking out the player history and stats from either NFL or ESPN only can lead you to the wrong direction. To be an unprecedented winner at the online fantasy football leagues, keep comparing data from different sites. And extensive research before the draft is what matters the most! Luck and foresightedness unquestionably play an important part. However, without strong information base, you’ll be lost amongst the pro fantasy football players.  

Maintain the right order of players 

As soon as the draft comes live, the first things that you need to do is make your team. But in what order you should pick the players? It’s always advisable to select the running backs first and focus hard on the receivers after that. But to win the online fantasy football game, selection of the quarterback is the most important one. Also remember that after checking the stats of the players the choice should be made. Don’t think that the defense who scored 100 for you in the last match will again get you numbers in the recent one as well. 

Conduct a proper research 

There are two ways of creating a team. Firstly, choosing the player you want and secondly getting the player who is good for the team. Yes, there’s a minor difference between both! Fantasy premier leagues can’t be played with your team of favorite footballers only. Although, bitter but true. So, what you need to do is make sure that the player you like is worth choosing for the game.  

Utilize the NFL data  

When there’s already a built-up source of data for you to use, why not deal with it? NFL data base will give you a hands-on experience of the useful information metrics that you need to know in order to form a winning team for your next fantasy football league. Always remember to use the information from this site because they are prepared by industry experts. You’ll get graphs, charts and information that will not only blow your mind but also keep you hooked to the game.  

Apart from these tricks be sure to keep yourself updated if you really want to win the game. Perfect routine, preparing the team before the live draft and checking up on the available players are the key things that should be kept in mind while you play fantasy football.  

4 Most Controversial Football Moments Which Are Popular Till Date

nlike any other sport, soccer has always been involved in different controversies. Whether its about the players, or about the goals, football controversies have been hot topic of discussion among the fantasy football fans.  There’ve been cases when your favorite footballer might have joined your rival club. Again, there’ve been hullabaloos about the shocking goals that helped countries and clubs win matches. With advent of fantasy premier leagues, the myths, discussions and controversies have raised in numbers.  

Since the game and its rules have been created by humans, hence mistakes are likely to be an integral part of the same. However, suspicion arises when some of the unethical actions in football are done on purpose. For the times when you’ve had severe headaches by seeing matches which look completely fake, here’s a list of a few popular ones. These matches have been hot topic of discussion for ages among online fantasy football players and the offline watchers as well.  

From Diego Maradona’s hand of god to Battle of Santiago, football has a rich history of fishy moments. Let’s take a look down the memory lane. 

Andres Escobar’s goal in 1994 

This is certainly the most tragic controversy that happened in world football till date. During the 1994 world cup, when Columbia had all chances of winning the game, Andres Escobar, the captain scored an own goal and was eventually defeated by South America for 2-1. Eventually he was shot and killed on the streets just after the world cup ended. Although the killer is unknown, however till date it is anticipated that the fury of the defeat resulted in this tragedy. Unquestionably a very sad incident that is discussed by online fantasy football gamers till date.  

Diego’s Hand of god in 1986 

Way before Escobar’s incident took place, there was another incident that shocked the football fraternity. This hand of god goal by Diego made him the prince of world football. During the 1986 quarter final between England and Argentina, Maradona had put forward the most controversial goal into the net by jumping and punching the ball inside. Till date experts are uncertain about the ethical aspect of this goal. Haters would say it’s a foul. But that’s the charm of the game, if you can’t find the offence, then the win is yours!  

Zinedine Zidane’s headbutt in 2006 

Now coming fast forward to the year 2006. This is sad and humiliating at the same time. The 2006 World cup was supposed to be the last match of Zinedine Zidane. Even after giving the best throughout his career, a headbutt of Zidane to Materazzi during the match called for the fourth red alert for Zidane. Later from sources it was found that Materazzi had insulted Zidane’s sister which enraged the footballer. Having said that, online fantasy football fans are till date all praise about this great footballer and his on-field skills!  

Battle of Santiago in 1962 

Again, going back to 1962, a high-tension match was created between Italy and Chile. Before the match started, fire was triggered by an obscene comment made by the Italian journalists about the beauty and morality of the Chile women. Now, just as the match started, a battle started between the two countries. Different players of both teams engaged in fouls, scuffling, hitting and spitting which resulted in some nose breaks and bloodbaths. Finally the police had to intervene and take the situation into control. 

Top 5 Tallest Footballers Who Have Secured Good Name in World Football

A footballer’s height is one of the crucial factors that contributes to his skills. Scoring a goal becomes easy when the athlete is tall and sturdy. Although world football has seen some of the best players with short heights like Messi and Maradona, however, not everyone is blessed and talented like this duo! Every fantasy football gamer must be aware of the tall players as this factor is crucial while selecting the player for the fantasy team.  

The taller the player is, the more advantage he gets. Especially with games like football and basketball, heights give easy access to the goals. If you look through the bio data of the footballers, you’ll find a long list of tall players. However only the top 5 has been jotted in this blog. There’s obviously more and all needs special mention. However, it’s difficult to fit everyone in the same frame.  

6’9” is the average height of most of the popular football players and this range of height assures that the player can score some of the easy goals. However, there are the ones with 6’11” inches as well! So, you can well imagine the sturdiness of such players on felid. For playing online fantasy football games, such players are the first choice of the selectors.  

Let’s have a look at some the favorites of the season. 

Simon Bloch Jorgensen 

From the moment this Danish player joined the world football league, the list has been shuffled. This man currently stands at a height of 6 ft 11 inches. Incredible height for an athlete. Currently playing as a goalkeeper, he is currently the tallest player in world football. He had started his football career with FC Copenhagen and after making around 53 appearances, he moved to another English club. Although there’s no other player taller than this person right now, however, we can still expect someone in the coming days.  

Kristof van Hout 

Before Jorgensen, this man was at the top of the list. With a height of around 6ft 10 inches this man also a renowned goal keeper. Younger than Jorgensen, this Belgium based footballer can easily save balls from entering the goal post with his long limbs! Thus, while playing fantasy football he is particularly a favorite choice for the selectors.  

Paul Millar 

Again, twinning with Hout, Millar is also 6ft 10inches and is currently playing for Elgin City FC. Moreover, taking advantage of his height, this man has volunteered to work as a fireman in the Highland region of Scotland. A funny incident that humiliated Millar because of his tall height is quiet famous among all fantasy football fans. You must be astonished to hear that due to his height Millar has cracked his head at the entrance door of Elgin City FC club.  

Vanja Ivesa 

With a height of 6ft 9 inches, Ivesa is again a goalkeeper who has played for less known country clubs like Yugoslavia and Opatija. He made around 121 appearances between 2008 to 2012 on behalf of the Turkish Club which he later joined. Prior to the same he played for the home club only. His height has always been an advantage for him when it came to saving goals for his team. 

Tor Hogne Aaroy 

Unlike the others Aaroy is a striker with a height of 6ft 8 inches and is currently 36 years old. He is not only tall, but very swift and quick in his approach of scoring goals. Although you may not hear a lot about him, however online fantasy football experts are well aware of the classy finishing style of this footballer. Undoubtedly, he is an underrated player in world football arena. 

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Fantasy Football Fun Facts: Top 5 Accident-Prone Footballers

Injuries are an integral part of any sports person’s life. There have been cases where the players might be performing at the best and suddenly an unfortunate injury puts a full stop on their career. Thus, while selecting players for online fantasy football games, it is necessary to check the fitness level to get the best performance out of the sports person.  

Whether its cricket or football, every sportsperson has incurred an injury sometime or the other. But as we all know that sportspersons are fitness freaks, so they easily get back on the field without any long-term injury. Fantasy football game players should remain alert all time and keep updated information about the same.  

On that note, it is necessary to mention that there are a few who unfortunately are highly injury prone in nature. Want to know more? Then read on and check the list for the same. 

Jack Wilshere 

In 2008 when he first started his sports career as a footballer the dribbling skills of the person looked extremely promising. However, his stars were always against him. Since then, he incurred many injuries starting from ankle, knee, foot to hamstring. Ankle injuries have been the most frequent issue; however, foot fracture has been a set back for his football career.  

Daniel Agger 

This former Liverpool center was very unlucky in terms of maintaining physical fitness. Although this man has spent almost a decade with the Liverpool club however the number of games played by this player was very less. Fans of fantasy premier leagues must be aware that this man has only managed to play 30 games in total while his long tenure at the Liverpool club.  

Ledley King 

In 2012 at the age of 31 only, King was forced to retire due to injuries which seemed to like this player and never left him alone. Whether it was on the field or off the field, accidents and injuries had become a part and parcel of King’s life. Unfortunately, King, who was once considered one of the best defenders of England was not able to grow high in his career due to a chronic knee condition. If not for the injuries, King would’ve been a good performer even in fantasy football games.  

Abou Daiby 

With only 120 league appearances, this footballer has been in hospital or under medication for the most part of his career, rather than being on field and playing the game. he is undoubtedly an injury prone midfielder and not much of this man has been seen on the fields. Starting with calf and thigh injuries, to ligament tears and ankle fractures – he has been under operations several times.  

Aaron Ramsey 

Ramsey is an Arsenal’s player and is well-known for his injuries rather than his football skills. Not only did this man suffer from lengthy leg injuries but also there were several other problems all the way long. Playing fantasy football with these types of players in team is a loss. They will certainly not be able to perform and get the required money for the team. Broken legs and ankle fixatures have been common facts for Ramsey.

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4 Footballers Whose Career Was Overshadowed by Criminal Records

Athletes are always the living idols of their fans. The way the dress, they walk, they work and they move about in their real life, is followed by their fans diligently. Respect and honor are two integral qualities of every football player. However, with all due respect to their skills, there are a few footballers who’ve been engaged in unfortunate criminal activities that definitely ruined their sports career.  

Majorly these players have been into problems because of their bad behavior on the fields. Even while playing fantasy football games, the selectors have to keep in mind. Some of them could have made it big in the world of football. But, alas! Stars had something else planned for them! Check out the names of such few footballers who remained unknown to the world and whose skills remained unseen by many. 

Nizar Trabelsi 

If you’re not an ardent football freak then its difficult to have heard the name of this Tunisian born footballer. However, in 2001, he was suspected to have links with the terrorist agency Al-Qaeda and was directly linked to the wanted terrorist Osama Bin Laden. Although he pleaded innocence, however he was sentenced for a 10-year imprisonment after the 9/11 attacks with sufficient proofs in hand. This incident left a negative mark upon his football career and subsequently ended the career of a good upcoming footballer. 

Marlon King 

This Jamaican striker had been convicted with around 14 offences starting from damage, deception, rash driving, drink and driving and sexual assaults. Hence, even if this person had any essence of football skills in him, the same was not visible to world. Starting from 2002 till 2008 there has been many instances which made him a criminal and ruined his reputation. Not many fantasy football gamers are aware of the name of this footballer.  

George Best 

Unlike the other names listed above, Best was undoubtedly the greatest footballer of Northern Ireland. On-field he is one of the best legends and very professional, however he had a very spendthrift lifestyle. Moreover, his skills were overshadowed by alcoholism and different controversies related to women. Moreover, he was also charged with cases of domestic violence. Thus, the man although lucky initially, wasn’t able to sustain a long-term professional career in football.  

Patrick Kluivert 

This Dutch footballer was a well-known striker and played for famous clubs like Ajax, AC Milan, Barcelona and New Castle United. Hence, he was known name among the fantasy premier leagues. However, at the age of 19 he was involved in a fatal car accident that killed the theatre director Putman. That’s it! Once a criminal tag gets imposed on a player the reputation of that particular player falls in stake. After the accident Kluivert suffered from depression and sudden anxiety attacks. Although he revived from the situation, however he was not able to recover from the shock completely and hence was unable to revive the career as a footballer.  

Some intentional and some unfortunate events made these and some other footballers criminals by the record.  

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6 Short-Height Footballers Who Achieved Fame in World Football

Physical ability, sturdy and height is valuable in almost all types of sports. Along with toughness, technicalities and skills, for an average footballer height is an important factor. Unlike tall heighted games like basketball, baseball, American football and Hockey, to be a goalie a taller footballer is required. While selecting players for online fantasy football leagues, keeping in mind the physical abilities the choice is made. 

At least 6 feet tall is a basic requirement for a good footballer. However, things have changed. Today, football is no more a big man’s game. Technical capabilities and physical power can over shadow the height of a player. Starting from Lionel Messi to Juan Mata, year after year and day after day, these excellent players with exceptional skills have proved that short height is no more a bar to be the greatest footballer of the world. Unquestionably these are a few likable players for playing fantasy football.  

Elton Jose Xavier Gomes  

A midfielder with an average height of only 5’1” is till date the shortest footballer to be present in world football leagues. The 2012-2013 season saw a smashing performance from his end. He also has many fans in fantasy premier leagues. This short-heighted footballer has scored smashing 11 goals in this season and helped his club win the league for the first time.  

Daniel Alberto Villalva Barrios 

The shortest player in the Argentina team is currently playing as a forward for the Veracruz club. Although his height doesn’t permit him to be an athlete, however, his excellent dribbling skills ensure that the man was born to play soccer. He is also the youngest player to get into the team at the age of 10 and soon he became a well-known name in the fantasy football arena.  

Marcin Garuch 

When it’s a dead ball situation, then Garuch is the name that comes to the mind of the polish national team. Standing tall at a height of 5’1” he is extra ordinarily trained in the game. His short height is an advantage because he is quick, swift and can pass the ball with a blink of an eye to the next player.  

Levi Porter 

Slightly taller than the above ones mentioned on the list, Porter is 5’3” and is currently 32 years old. He began playing in 2006 for the Leicester City and with his debut match he proved his skills by helping his club win with 3-1 goals. Preferred by many for playing fantasy football, Porter has played till date around 39 matches for Leicester. Currently he is playing for Melton Town from the year 2018. 

Diego Maradona 

Although there’s no need of any introduction on this man. However, before he made it big in the world of football, there were critics who wondered with a height of 5’5” whether this man would be able to make a career as a professional. However, his exceptional and surprising goal of 1986 World cup made the world believe that a star has been born and skills can overshadow any kind of physical disabilities.  

Lionel Messi 

Messi is undoubtedly not at the beginning of the list. The reason being, as you can see that there are many players before Messi who are more short-heighted than the player and has still made it big in world football. Till date, he is 5’7” and the main reason behind the same being growth deficiency hormone that restricted his growth from the very beginning. However, when you’re born with the lucky stars and technically, you’re trained, there’s no force that can stop you from getting to the desired heights! Messi is a living proof of the same. Online fantasy football leagues are incomplete without the name of this player on the list.  

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Fantasy Football Fun: 6 Well-Dressed Footballers in The World

Whether it’s football or cricket, the lives of every sportsperson are documented, followed and replicated all over the world. Playing fantasy football has become a raging trend now. If you go through the lives of the footballers, you’ll find many rags to riches stories. But what makes it more interesting is the way their personality and dressing sense changed with years of success.  

With social media taking a toll on the lives of people, footballers have to look brilliant and clean all the time! Afterall they are the living icons for the commoners! Fantasy football leagues have become highly popular because of this reason.  

Here’s a list of some of the best dressed footballers of the modern era. You’ll certainly be dazzled with the glam and attitude that these footballers carry in their real life.  

David Beckham 

One and only footballer, who till date has been on the top of the list when it comes to the best-dressed players! A fashion influencer, creating mass fashion trends and pulling off every style brilliantly – Beckham is as much a fashionista as he is a footballer. When you’re not seeing him on the fields, you may find him either with hoodies, tattoos and chunky jeans. He is a name which is known to all who plays fantasy football games.  

Keisuke Honda 

This outstanding Milan midfielder has an awesome sense of style and fashion. Moving in the footsteps of the famous predecessor Hidetoshi Nakata, this Japanese poster boy has lived in some of the best fashionable countries and has adopted the culture successfully. His multi-cultural experiences are reflected through his fashion sense. Whether it’s the unique hair style or the high-end dresses, he is making a mark everywhere!  

Xabi Alonso 

Polo, Prada and Lauren – when he is not busy playing football, he likes using his time by modelling for these brands! What’s the plus point of Alonso? He can look cool and rocking with a simple casual pair of trousers and shirt! What’s more? He is the spokesperson of Emidio Tucci a leading fashion house in Spain. Unquestionably he was voted as the smart-dressed footballer by several Spanish media groups. Online fantasy football league players love selecting Alonso, not only for his gameplay but also for his rocking personality.  

Cristiano Ronaldo 

He is a name showing at the top of the charts of the best footballers as well as the most handsome and best dressed footballers. Although his sophisticated approach towards fashion has not helped him to overcome the likes of Beckham, however his modelling for Emporio Armani and Nike has definitely made him a known face to the current generations. He is also a popular choice among online fantasy football platforms for his excellent gaming skills. 

Thierry Henry 

When you think about the best dressing options, Thierry Henry is the name that comes to your mind. Consistency is the basic skill of this man. Whether it’s on the field or off the field – he is consistent in everything. And what’s more beautiful is the dressing sense of this man gets better with time. Generally you may find him in traditional attires in most of the public appearances but give him any kind of suits, he will surely carry it off without any hindrance!  

Djibril Cisse 

Although there has always been a controversy related to the dressing sense of this man, however, the cutting-edge approach of Cisse is also appreciable and takes his fashion sense to new heights. He may flaunt some crazy hairstyles, whole-body tattoos and funky clothes, but there’s no denying to the fact that his fashion levels make him a prominent role in the fashion industry.  

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