Fantasy Cricket World Cup History – 5 Controversial Moments

None of the big events is complete without its fair share of controversy. World Cup fantasy cricket is no exception.

Almost every world cup cricket match has brought heaps of big and small controversies for the cricket loving fans of, the trusted fantasy cricket platform of India.

The world cup fantasy league is among the most watched cricketing tournaments around the world. While it enthrals the followers, they also get to watch a number of controversies each edition.

We take a glance at a few of the top controversies in Fantasy Cricket World Cup game so far.

South Africa’s heart-breaking modified target in 1992

South African cricketers were playing their first World Cup in 1992, and they were very well on their length of reaching the final. But, the disruption during their semis tie against England turned their luck the wrong way up. They needed 22 off 13 when rain cut off the game, and then the target was adjusted to 22 off just 1 ball. Without a doubt, a heart-breaking end!

Crowd protest at Eden Gardens in 1996

Indian fans have usually been passionate about cricket as a sport. But, their love occasionally takes a chaotic turn. The 1996 semi-final at Eden Gardens between India and Sri Lanka did find a similar story, as Indian team was on the brink of defeat.

India observed a collapse, as fans began pelting bottles to the ground and set seats on fire, leading to Lanka being awarded the game.

Hansie Cronje’s earpiece during 1999

Former South African captain Hansie Cronje had always been involved with controversy. In the 1999 World Cup match against India, Cronje had been discovered by Sourav Ganguly wearing an earpiece when fielding, apparently taking suggestions from Coach Bob Woolmer.

While there was no law about the same, Ganguly reported it to the umpires, who, after discussion with the match referee, got it taken off.

Shane Warne banned in 2003

Shane Warne was unquestionably Australia’s most prolific spinner. He was also in his leading form during the 2003 World Cup. But, right before the event, he tested positive for a banned compound. Consequently, he was banned from international cricket for a year, thereby forcing him to miss out the World Cup.

Nevertheless, it hardly had any effect as Australia won the trophy.

Bob Woolmer’s death in 2007

Pakistan had a forgetful campaign in the 2007 World Cup, having been ousted from the group stage. A day after their defeat to Ireland, coach Woolmer was discovered dead in his room at the team hotel. While preliminary investigations alleged foul play, carrying out a further long investigation, it was figured that he had died of natural causes.

This remains one of the greatest controversies.

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World Cup Fantasy – 3 Teams Who Never Made To Finals

Excitement and uncertainty are synonymous to cricket along with the world cup cricket games. We can see numerous instances when extremely strong teams have lost their match to their weaker opponents.

The cricketing and the world cup fantasy league universe of 11wickets.comhave seen many up and down throughout the years, particularly in the most vital tournament, the ICC World Cup. 20 nations have taken part in the event if you consider all the editions. But, the coveted trophy has been overcome only by five teams until now. The teams are West Indies, India, Australia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

There are several ODI fantasy world cup teams who have fought to withstand the pressure of playing against the best teams and have never made it to the knock-out stage. However, a few cricketing superpowers make it to the semi-finals several times. However they have didn’t go on and secure the trophy.

Here is a list of three teams for the cricket world cup fantasy league fans who have made it to the semi-finals but have failed to seize the cup even once.

Team South Africa

South Africa has been one of the most powerful limited-overs teams worldwide ever since their debut in 1991 against India. The Proteas have developed extraordinary all-rounders and bowlers in international cricket. And they have been one of the most challenging team to beat in ODI.

The team played their first World Cup in 1992. They made it to the semi-finals before losing to England in one of the most debatable games ever played. South Africa needed 22 runs off 13 balls when rain disrupted the game. When they started again the target was revised to 22 runs off 1 ball, according to Duckworth Lewis method.

The Proteas have taken part in seven editions of World Cup. They have made it to the top 4 four times – 1992, 1999, 2007 and 2015. However, they have never won the trophy.

English Cricket Team

Cricket has its roots in England. Amazingly though, the inventors have never had the opportunity to lift the World Cup trophy in spite of having played in all the 11 editions.

The English team is definitely one of the balanced teams in the ODI version of the game. The side managed to get to the semi-finals five times in the first five editions of the tournament – 1975, 1979, 1983, 1987 and 1992, however, couldn’t get the trophy.

Furthermore, the English team has also made it to the final of the tournament on three occasions – 1979, 1987 and 1992, sadly winding up on the losing side.

New Zealand Cricket team

New Zealand happens to be an incredible team in ODI, mainly because of its significant all-rounders. The Kiwis have always smacked above their weight in the World Cup and have often amazed everyone with their ambitious brand of cricket.

This island nation has taken part in all the 11 editions of the World Cup, getting to the semi-finals seven times – 1975, 1979, 1992, 1999, 2007, 2011 and 2015, which happened to be a joint world record together with the Kangaroos.

Furthermore, the Black Caps managed to get to the finals in the last edition of World Cup, losing to arch-rivals Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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Cricket World Cup Fantasy 2019 – Afghanistan Squad

The history of Afghanistan cricket is much interesting. Fans of world cup fantasy cricket might know that the British played cricket in Afghanistan during the 19th century. However, the sport became popular amongst the Afghans living at the refugee camps in Pakistan during 1900.

In the early 2000s, when the Afghans began to move back home, they took cricket with them. To the joy of the world cup fantasy league cricket fans of the nation, a cricket board was formed in 1995. And a national team in 2001 which got affiliation from ICC in the same year.

The Afghanistan team had a series of success and losses in various international fronts. They narrowly missed their entry to World Cup 2011 and made their debut in the last cricket world cup. During their first ODI fantasy world cup appearance in 2015, they lost 5 matches in the group stage. Following this, they created history when they beat Scotland by 1 wicket on 26th February 2015. They recorded their first ever World Cup match win. It was a momentous occasion for them.

In 2018, the Afghanistan team gave a brilliant performance in the Asia Cup. Like with most new teams, there is a question of the immediate future once they have reached prominence. But in Afghanistan’s case, the next generation seems ready for the upcoming world cup cricket game in 2019.

Let us take a look at the declared Afghanistan squad for World Cup 2019. Read on:


Noor Ali Zadran
Age – 30
Matches Played – 46
Runs – 1148
Highest Score – 114
Average – 24.96
Strike Rate – 63.39
50s/100s – 7/1
Previous World Cup Appearance –None

Hazratullah Zazai
Age – 21
Matches Played – 6
Runs – 155
Highest Score – 67
Average – 25.83
Strike Rate – 106.9
50s/100s – 1/0
Previous World Cup Appearance –None

Asghar Afghan
Age – 31
Matches Played – 99
Runs – 2056
Highest Score – 101
Average – 23.63
Strike Rate – 65.17
50s/100s – 11/1
Previous World Cup Appearance –2015

Hashmatullah Shahidi
Age – 24
Matches Played – 29
Runs – 748
Highest Score – 97
Average – 32.52
Strike Rate – 63.39
50s/100s – 6/0
Previous World Cup Appearance –None

Najibullah Zadran
Age – 26
Matches Played – 54
Runs – 1210
Highest Score – 104
Average – 28.81
Strike Rate – 88.19
50s/100s – 8/1
Previous World Cup Appearance –2015


Rahmat Shah (Batting All-rounder)
Age – 25
Matches Played – 57
Runs – 1822
Highest Score – 114
Average – 35.04
Strike Rate – 69.86
50s/100s – 13/3
Wickets – 12
Best bowling figures – 5/32
Economy – 5.91
Previous World Cup Appearance –None

Gulbadin Naib (Captain)(Bowling All-rounder)
Age – 28
Matches Played – 51
Runs – 807
Highest Score – 82
Average – 22.42
Strike Rate – 71.04
50s/100s – 5/0
Wickets – 40
Best bowling figures – 4/27
Economy – 5.12
Previous World Cup Appearance – 2015

Samiullah Shenwari (Batting All-rounder)
Age – 32
Matches Played – 82
Runs – 1776
Highest Score – 96
Average – 29.11
Strike Rate – 66.1
50s/100s – 11/0
Wickets – 47
Best bowling figures – 4/31
Economy – 4.9
Previous World Cup Appearance – None

Mohammad Nabi (Bowling All-rounder)
Age – 34
Matches Played – 111
Runs – 2579
Highest Score – 116
Average – 28.66
Strike Rate – 87.13
50s/100s – 13/1
Wickets – 118
Best bowling figures – 4/30
Economy – 4.25
Previous World Cup Appearance – 2015


Mohammad Shahzad (Keeper)
Age – 31
Matches Played – 80
Runs – 2598
Highest Score – 131
Average – 33.74
Strike Rate – 89.09
50s/100s – 13/5
Previous World Cup Appearance –None


Rashid Khan
Age – 20
Matches Played – 56
Wickets – 123
Best bowling figures – 7/18
Average – 15.0
Economy – 3.91
5-wickets hauls – 4
Previous World Cup Appearance – None

Dawlat Zadran
Age – 31
Matches Played – 73
Wickets – 103
Best bowling figures – 4/22
Average – 29.14
Economy – 5.31
Previous World Cup Appearance – 2015

Aftab Alam
Age – 26
Matches Played – 21
Wickets – 31
Best bowling figures – 4/25
Average – 25.71
Economy – 4.84
Previous World Cup Appearance – 2015

Hamid Hassan
Age – 31
Matches Played – 33
Wickets – 59
Best bowling figures – 5/45
Average – 19.63
Economy – 4.52
5-wickets hauls – 1
Previous World Cup Appearance – 2015

Mujeeb Ur Rahman
Age – 18
Matches Played – 28
Wickets – 51
Best bowling figures – 5/50
Average – 18.8
Economy – 3.75
5-wickets hauls – 1
Previous World Cup Appearance – None

*Records have been compiled as on April 25, 2019

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IPL Fantasy League –Emerging Player of Each Season

For the ardent cricket fans and the IPL fantasy league lovers, IPL is the most popular T20 cricket league around the globe. Spreading its extravaganza, it is the breath of fresh air during the torrid Indian summer. Also, it offers the perfect platform for the budding cricket talent to demonstrate their talent to the entire world.

Every year, BCCI recognizes new talents. They award the most prominent young talent at each IPL season with “Emerging Player of the Year” award. These players are also encouraged by the IPL fantasy cricket fans. Moreover, these young talents have to pass certain age criteria and experience condition to be the future star.

You as the IPL T20 fantasy cricket fans might remember the transition of this award. During the inaugural season of IPL in 2008, this award was “Best U-19 Player” and it was “Best U-23 Player” in IPL 2009 & 2010. It has also been known as the “Under-23 Success of the Tournament” in 2009 & 2010. In the year 2011 & 2012, it has been known as “Rising Star of the Year”, while, “Best Young Player of the Season” in 2013. At last, since 2014, the name “Emerging Player of the Year” came to existence.

Let us now glance on the list of successful “Emerging Player of the Year” for each of the IPL season. Read on:

Shreevats Goswami – Royal Challengers Bangalore

The first season of IPL had“Best U-19 Player” award and it was won by ShreevatsGoswami, who represented Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL 2008. He scored just 82 runs from his 3 innings, including a Man of the Match award and a half-century.

Rohit Sharma – Deccan Chargers

With 362 runs and 11 wickets from 16 matches in IPL 2009, Rohit Sharma won the “Best U-23 Player” award. He was playing for Deccan Chargers, which won the IPL in that edition.

Saurabh Tiwary – Mumbai Indians

With the guidance of Sachin Tendulkar, Jharkhand’s Saurabh Tiwary could show his batting skills in IPL 2010. He scored 419 runs in 16 matches, which included 3 half-centuries. He won “Under-23 Success of the Tournament” award that season.

Iqbal Abdulla – Kolkata Knight Riders

The left-arm spinner ascertained to be a dark horse for KKR in IPL 2011 edition of IPL. With 16 wickets from 15 matches, Iqbal Abdulla won the “Rising Star of the Year” award. Remarkably, KKR reached the top-four spot for the first time in this season of IPL.

Mandeep Singh – Kings XI Punjab

Playing for KXIP in IPL 2012, Mandeep Singh impressed the T20 cricket game fans by his 432 runs from 16 matches. His tournament included 2 half-centuries and “Rising Star of the Year” award.

Sanju Samson – Rajasthan Royals

In IPL 2013, young Sanju Samson did a brilliant job with both bat and gloves. He was playing for Rajasthan Royals. From 11 matches, Sanju scored 206 runs and inflicted 6 dismissals behind the stumps. He won the “Best Young Player of the Season” award.

Axar Patel – Kings XI Punjab

During IPL 2014, the budding talent and left-arm spinner Axar Patel played a terrific role for KXIP. He took 17 wickets in 17 matches and won the “Emerging Player of the Year” award. This was the first time in IPL KXIP reached the finale but lost the game to KKR.

Shreyas Iyer – Delhi Daredevils

This Mumbai-lad made his name in IPL by representing Delhi Daredevils in IPL 2015. Throughout the tournament, Iyer played an important role for the team by scoring 439 runs from 14 games. Following his impressive performance, Iyer received “Emerging Player of the Year” award.

Mustafizur Rahman – Sunrisers Hyderabad

He is the first non-Indian player of IPL to receive “Emerging Player of the Year” award. In IPL 2016 MustafizurRahman from Bangladesh played for Sunrisers Hyderabad. The left-arm pacer took 17 wickets in 16 games during the entire tournament.

Basil Thampi – Gujarat Lions

Basil Thampi got to represent Gujarat Lions during IPL 2017. In the entire tournament of that season, he was impressive with his pace bowling. He took 11 wickets in 12 matches and won “Emerging Player of the Year” award.

Rishabh Pant – Delhi Daredevils

Delhi Daredevils retained Rishabh Pant for the IPL 2018. And Pant proved his word by making 684 runs in the tournament. Despite his great effort, team Delhi ended at the bottom. Pant’s achievement includes a century and 5 half-centuries and “Emerging Player of the Year” award.

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Play Fantasy Football While Working

Whatever may be the season is, for a vast majority the definition of popular sports is football. And with football comes fantasy football. Most of the football fans around the world now play fantasy football league. 

Out of all those who participate in fantasy games, over half of the people work full-time jobs. In those full-time jobs and play from their workplace. In fact, fantasy football experts argue that more and more companies must embrace and recruit their employees in playing fantasy games 

Being a part of an office’s fantasy football league and culture presents great social opportunities. With football as the unspoken true American pastime, there is a unifying dynamic to following the game, with Sunday’s gridiron goings-on becoming the stuff of water-cooler legend. 

Here are some great tips on how to take advantage of these opportunities. 

You Don’t Care About Football, So What? 

Now that we’re out of high school, it’s not necessary to pretend that we care about sports to impress the jocks. That being said, football is outrageously popular 

The Draft is a Major Social Event 

Anytime a fantasy football draft is scheduled, it is the opportunity to gather with the other members of your league and revel in the sprouting of the competitive roses. 

If you are in an office environment, this can be accomplished very conveniently after work. You’ve already got a room filled with computers built in.  

Fantasy football is a great conversation 

The workday is long and unless you are in an office that operates under complete silence, fantasy football banter can be a great way to pass downtime. This is when subtle trash talking can fly free. When you don’t have anything interesting to talk about, you can let the interesting actions of professional athletes talk for you! 

Winning is something 

It’s important to maintain your image through your fantasy team. It’s all too easy to get into a losing funk and lose interest, but keeping a respectable record provides confidence. 

The most important key to success is to actually check your line-ups often. Players go in and out of injuries and forgetting their bye week is an easy way to drop a win by leaving the wrong guys in the game and/or on the team. Chances are there will be someone who drops the ball or doesn’t care and it’s important to be the person that pounces on those opportunities rather than be the one pounced upon. 

Knowledge is Power 

Those who succeed in fantasy are seen as gurus to those who are not so successful.  

Keep It Competitive yet Professional 

India fantasy is great. It makes The Cleveland Browns interesting and gives you a truly solid excuse to bond with co-workers. That being said, it also holds the danger of being a distraction.  

Whatever you do, make sure you stay focused on what you have actually been hired to do and use fantasy as a welcome but moderated distraction. 

Enjoy playing fantasy sports! 

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Fantasy Cricket – A Peak In The Sports Industry

Fantasy cricket leagues is an innovative concept. With this sport’s origins dating back to 1598 at the earliest, fantasy cricket has been searching a strong foot still. Earlier it seemed inevitable that some sort of an online game would derive around cricket.

Is this good? Unquestionably! Fantasy cricket can be wonderful for not only county cricket, but the game on the whole. And here’s why.

So what do we understand by fantasy cricket?

Fantasy cricket is a game where players have the power to select their “playing XI.” It works by choosing a team of players, including batsman, bowlers, fielders and all-rounders from different sides. Several games have different rules, however, this idea holds across most cricket modes. From International Tests matches to Twenty20, you will discover fantasy cricket games for many cricket matches on the professional level. The points are then win over and lost depending on performance. The runs and wickets catch, run rate, stumps and ducks and runs concede impact the number of points each player gets in a match. These points are gathered over a specific period, and the player’s team with maximum points at the end is successful.

That permits for the creation of leagues among players. Generally, a player’s team enters mainly, major league comprising every team created. The winners win cash prizes.

Similarities with Fantasy Football

Other sports have identical principles. With football setting a proceeding for these types of fantasy-pick games, millions playing the greatly well-known fantasy football.

It attracts on two levels. The foremost is picking a team. For many, this is actually the big excitement of the game. Choosing your squad, trying to have the best team from the assets you have – at times an allocated amount of cash where players have been priced depending on quality and often specific points where players are priced on the same basis. Choosing the right team and then evaluating them with friends’ squads by pitting them against one another to find out which performs best is the appeal.

The secondary aspect to it is handling the team throughout the period. The joy comes from looking at players that you picked to carry out well in matches, as those results in points gained for the fantasy premier league team. But, there’s that extra management required where players can tweak their teams by replacing players in and out of their side if they’re not really performing well and getting points.

Why is fantasy cricket good for the sport?

Thus, fantasy football leagues are greatly popular, and we’ve proven that fantasy cricket draws plenty of similarities to it and is fairly popular as well, but exactly why relevant? Well, it is the fact that fantasy cricket is more beneficial for the sport.

Firstly, it’s safe to say that cricket does not usually provide enchanting entertainment every single over bowled. But, with fantasy cricket, it excites fans and gives them an interest in every ball. A first over may seem unadventurous, but that is music to the ears to somebody who has the bowler in their team, as they will score points for that.

Additionally, it encourages a rise in viewership. If 80% of fans hardly ever watch any cricket match besides those involving their team, daily fantasy cricket gives these people a devoted involvement in other games involving the players in their team. It offers an additional bonus other than to watch the great game of cricket to watch a match.

Also, it targets another era of fans. Due to its custom, cricket has a lot of older fans. Youngsters are more often encountered with sports such as football than cricket, yet fantasy cricket gives more engagement for those younger fans who can be more likely to bump into the sport while browsing online.

In the end, there isn’t any downside to fantasy cricket!

Enjoy reading and playing fantasy sports!

Best Fantasy Sports Game in India

We know how it feels when your favourite sports team is constantly losing. It is just not funny and is extremely frustrating. Sitting there yelling at the television, saying that everyone on the team should be fired, is an ordinary incidence for the sports fans. Every sports fan out there thinks that they can run a team better than the management in place now. Well, actually, now you can run your own fantasy sports team.

In the middle of 2000s fantasy sports India was created and every sports fan dream came true. Fans were now able to select players from cricket, football, basketball, kabaddi and many other sports. Fans are now able to run a team however they wish. They could set line-ups, drop players, pick up new ones and execute trades.

But which fantasy sport is the top of the bunch?

In India, the most popular fantasy sport is cricket. Fantasy cricket is by far the easiest one to play though Indians are also a huge fan of fantasy football league as well.

For playing the daily fantasy cricket games, all you need to do is selecting the playing XI and your fantasy team is set. For most of us, fantasy cricket is the best, as cricket is religion in this nation. You can have the most dominant team online, and your opponent can be defeated with the points earned. Trust us; you will live it down either, especially if you’re in a league with your close friends, or people at work.

The next popular fantasy sport after fantasy cricket is fantasy football.

Fantasy football takes a lot more of your time, especially if you are in a league where you need to set your playing XI daily.

Instead of one game, a weekend, and a winner you have daily (almost every day). Now, in case your team has a slow start, they can make up for it later in the week. The roster in fantasy football is a lot deeper, and there are a lot more spots to fill on your team. Managers really need to know all of the players and the potential breakouts who could help their team.

Well then, who is the fantasy sports winner?

For the busy, casual sports fan we would say online fantasy cricket can be your primary choice. Don’t get us wrong, fantasy football is pretty intense because every game matters and that one loses can hurt your season.

We think that the best fantasy sport has to go to both cricket and football. Obviously, if you are only a cricket fan or only a football fan, and not both, then you have your own personal winner.

So next time your yelling at your computer screen or phone, and your fantasy team is losing, the only one you can blame is, yourself.

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy!

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FIFA World Cup Mascots Through The Years

Fantasy football is all about the knowledge you have about the soccer world.  Mascots are as much a part of the FIFA World Cup as the loud audiences, great goals and crooked refereeing decisions. 

Since 1966, every host country has its own mascot who promotes the event. While you play the fantasy football leagues, you should know about the lucky charm of the host nations till date. 

Let’s have a look back over the past FIFA World Cup mascots: 

World Cup Willie – 1966 

The mascot of host nation England, World Cup Willie was a lion, an animal which is synonymous with Britain and the English national side. This one is the first FIFA WC mascot and was created Reg Hoye, the man best known for illustrating Enid Blyton books. 

fantasy football

Image Source – Google

Juanito – 1970 

The mascot of host nation Mexico, Juanito represented the average football fan of Mexico. Juan is a common name in Spanish. 

fantasy football

Image Source: Google


Tip and Tap – 1974 

The mascot of host nation West Germany, Tip and Tap represented two boys wearing Germany kits, having to letter WM and digits 74. WM stands for Weltmeisterschaft, World Cup. 

fantasy football

Image Source: Google

Gauchito – 1978 

The mascot of host nation Argentina, Gauchito was criticized for being looking similar to Mexican mascot, Juanito. The key difference is that he ears Argentinean colours and neckerchief. 

fantasy football

Image Source: Google

Naranjito – 1982 

The mascot of host nation Spain, Naranjito was an organge. This was a fruit synonymous with Spain. This mascot was the first one not to be a human. 

fantasy football

Image Source: Google

Pique – 1986 

The mascot of host nation Mexico, Pique was a jalapeno pepper. This is actually a Mexican food which is a large part of the nation’s cuisine. 

fantasy football

Image Source: Google

Ciao – 1990 

The mascot of host nation Italy, Ciao is normal Italian greeting. It is a stick figure having colours of the Italian flag and a football is used as the head. This was the first time football was used in mascot design.

fantasy football league 

Image Source: Google

Striker, the World Cup Pup – 1994 

The mascot of host nation USA, Striker, the World Cup Pup was a dog designed by Warner Brothers. The dog was chosen simply as it is the popular pet in USA.

fantasy football league 

Image Source: Google

Footix – 1998 

The mascot of host nation France, Footix is a cockerel. It is a traditional symbol of France. It has the words “France 98” on the chest. 

fantasy football league

Image Source: Google

Ato, Kaz, and Nik (The Spheriks) – 2002 

The mascot of host nation South Korea and Japan, Ato, Kaz and Nik (The Spheriks) were for the first time computer generated and futuristic. A fictional sport of Atmoball has a team which has Ato (yellow/orange) as the coach and Kaz (purple) & Nik (blue) as the players of the team. interestingly, the colours do not have any connection with the host nation. 

fantasy football league

Image Source: Google

Goleo VI Sidekick: Pille – 2006 

The mascot of host nation Germany, Goleo VI Sidekick: Pille is designed for younger audience. Goleo is the lion and Pille is a talking football. 

fantasy football league

Image Source: Google

Zakumi – 2010 

The mascot of host nation South Africa, Zakumi is a leopard. The colours of yellow and green represented the South African colours. ZA means South Africa and Kumi means 10 in many African languages. 

fantasy football league

Image Source: Google

Fuleco – 2014 

The mascot of host nation Brazil, Fuleco was Armadillo. Brazil sought to acknowledge environmental issues in the mascot design. 

fantasy football league

Image Source: Google

Zabivaka – 2018 

The mascot of host nation Russia, Zabivaka signifies “one who scores” in Russian language. The name was selected through voting by over 1 million Russians. 

fantasy football league

Image Source: Google

Enjoy reading and playing online football! 

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Top 10 Forwards According to FIFA 2018 Ranking

It is never a simple task to compare the talented strikers in football sport. But the fact is according to this comparison, we somewhat rely on making our fantasy football team. 

Today we have brought the top 10 FIFA 2018 striker list which will be helpful for the fantasy football league users when playing the daily fantasy games. Read on: 

Cristiano Ronaldo 

The star Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid captures the first position. He prefers right foot while playing. His position in the field is of left winger and has a rating of 94 at the FIFA 2018 ranking. 

Lionel Messi 

The talented Lionel Messi of FC Barcelona captures the second position. He prefers left foot while playing. His position in the field is of right winger and has a rating of 93 at the FIFA 2018 ranking 


What can be said about this footballer? Neymar of Paris Saint-Germain captures the third position. He prefers right foot while playing. His position in the field is of left winger and has a rating of 92 at the FIFA 2018 ranking 

Luis Suárez 

Luis Suárez of FC Barcelona captures the fourth position. He prefers right foot while playing. His position in the field is of striker and has a rating of 92 at the FIFA 2018 ranking 

Manuel Neuer 

Manuel Neuer of Bayern Munich captures the fifth position. He prefers right foot while playing. His position in the field is of goalkeeper and has a rating of 92 at the FIFA 2018 ranking 

Robert Lewandowski 

Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich captures the sixth position. He prefers right foot while playing. His position in the field is of striker and has a rating of 91 at the FIFA 2018 ranking 

Sergio Ramos 

Sergio Ramos of Real Madrid captures the seventh position. He prefers right foot while playing. His position in the field is of central backer and has a rating of 90 at the FIFA 2018 ranking 

Eden Hazard 

Eden Hazard of Chelsea captures the eighth position. He prefers right foot while playing. His position in the field is of left winger and has a rating of 90 at the FIFA 2018 ranking 

Toni Kroos 

Toni Kroos of Real Madrid captures the ninth position. He prefers right foot while playing. His position in the field is of central midfielder and has a rating of 90 at the FIFA 2018 ranking 

Gonzalo Higuaín 

Gonzalo Higuaín of Juventus captures the tenth position. He prefers right foot while playing. His position in the field is of striker and has a rating of 90 at the FIFA 2018 ranking 

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Unrevealing Sides of FIFA World Cup Trophy

Football World Cup or what we know as the FIFA World Cup is the most exciting event for the entire world. People who play fantasy football wait for every 4 years gap for this event so that they can make the team of the brilliant footballers.  

They say the trophy of the event is the biggest glory for the footballer and the supporting fans. We have brought this special post of FIFA Trophy history for the users of the fantasy football league. Read it on: 

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Many trophies presents for various sporting endeavours today. However, one of the most famous of these is the FIFA World Cup. Yet what many people do not realize this. The FIFA Trophy awarded today has only been in existence since 1974. Before, those nations that were winners of this particular sporting event were presented with the Jules Rimet Trophy instead. 

Why a new FIFA trophy

Know the main reason why a new FIFA trophy introduced in 1970. Brazil awarded the Jules Rimet Trophy outright as they had won this competition three times. The FIFA had to arrange for a new trophy to replace it. 

The new FIFA World Cup trophy then presented to the winning Nation in 1974. And this was West Germany and Franz Beckenbauer at the time captained it. Silvio Gazzaniga designed the trophy and Bertoni Milano produced it. 

This trophy just like the Jules Rimet one before is very elaborate in design. On the body, two figures has been shown holding up the Earth. And on its base “FIFA World Cup” engraved in outpouring letters. The actual trophy has made from 18 carat solid gold. And it weighs a total of 11lb and measures to a height of 14.4 inches. To ensure that the cup stands correctly the base, it has been made from a strong carbonate mineral named Malachite. It measures a width of 5.1 inches.

To be able to view the names of the winning nations on this particular trophy it needs being turned upside down. This is because the names and dates when the trophy was won, engraved on plaques in English on the bottom of the base. 

The current scenario

Today there are still enough plaques available to allow a further 9 nations to have their winning details placed on this trophy. It is only after the FIFA World Cup Competition in 2038, a decision need being made as to whether this particular trophy should retire and gets replace with a new one. 

The biggest difference with this particular FIFA World Cup Trophy is that it is not one that can be won outright as Brazil did with the Jules Rimet Trophy. Today although the winning team gets this trophy on the day of their victory they don’t actually get to keep it and instead of provided with a replica. 

The main reason for this is that following Italy winning FIFA 2006 after the Trophy was restored, it was damaged. Days after the trophy had presented to Italy pictures appeared in newspapers showing a small piece of Malachite base had broken off. The damage to the trophy was repaired. But to prevent such a situation in the future the FIFA decided no longer to allow the winning nation to retain the trophy until the next tournament. 

The FIFA World Cup Trophy replica that the winning nation now receives is the same size as the original. However, unlike the original solid gold not used to make them but rather they use gold plating instead. 

With such rich history in the FIFA world cup, one can easily see why it is the most popular trophies. And also most watched tournaments on earth. Many young footballers aspire to one day play in the World Cup one day. 

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