5 Amazing Cricket Trivia for Cricket Fans

Playing fantasy cricket leagues is all about showing your cricket skills to the other players. But for that, you need to stay updated about the current as well as the past of the cricket world.  

We have brought you some unknown thrilling info, so that it helps you in showing your knowledge and understanding about the sport for playing fantasy cricket. Read on 

Shahid Afridi used Sachin Tendulkar’s bat to hit the fastest ever ODI century 

October 4, 1996, the cricketer stepped in to play against Sri Lanka but didn’t have proper playing kit. Pakistani spinner Saqlain Mushtaq offered him his boots and helmet and Sachin’s bat. The bat was with Waqar Younis as Sachin had given the bat to Younis to get a similar one from Sialkot. In just 37 balls he had 11 sixes to his credit and he managed to score fastest hundred in ODIs. 

The record broken later by Corey Anderson (36 balls), now belongs to South Africa’s AB de Villiers (31 balls) 

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All four innings of a test on the same day 

It happened thrice in the history of cricket. In 2000, the Lord’s witnessed all the four innings on the same day during an England-West Indies match. In 2002 again the same incident happens in a match between India and New Zealand at Hamilton and the most recent was happened in 2011, when the history repeats itself at Cape Town during a South Africa-Australia Test. 

Slowest ODI innings 

Sunil Gavaskar one of the greatest batsman ever produced by India holds an unusual record to play slowest ODI innings against England on June 7, 1975. England batted and piled up 334 for 4 in 60 overs, at the time the highest total in one-day cricket. In India’s reply, Gavaskar had crawled to 36 not out off 174 balls with just one four. India had scored 132 for 3 and had lost by 202 runs. This innings played by Gavaskar is considered as one of the most selfish innings played by a batsman. 

slowest Test innings 

Geoff Allott-New Zealand’s left arm fast bowler Geoff Allott was dismissed on zero after playing 77 Balls in 101 minutes batting in the first innings of the first Test match played in Auckland against South Africa in 1999. Geoff Allott did not make any runs in that innings, so his strike rate was 0.00. It is the slowest innings ever played in the history of test cricket for score minimum runs. 

First batsman to be declared run out by the third umpire 

Sachin Tendulkar, on November 14, 1992, at Durban, against South Africa. Tendulkar, who had scored 11, glance the ball to the backward point where Jonty Rhodes was fielding. Sachin attempted a quick single but was sent back by non-striker Ravi Shastri. Rhodes threw the ball to the stumps where Andrew Hudson, who had moved in from short leg, broke the wicket. It was a close call so square-leg umpire Cyril Mitchley asked third umpire Karl Liebenberg to decide. The TV replay clearly showed that Tendulkar was run out. 

Enjoy reading! 

Few facts about football you might not know

Football is known as soccer outside America. But when we watch the FIFA, we watch football and when we play fantasy sports, we normally play fantasy football. 

And this beautiful sport has some mind-blowing fact we do not know. Perhaps you play on field football at your club or play online games, the fantasy football; it’s quite possible that you have missed these facts. Read on: 

Origin of the word soccer 

Did you know that the word “soccer” originated from an abbreviation of “association football”? In 1880s, students of Oxford University used to abbreviate words by adding “er” to the end. Charles Wreford Brown, a student at Oxford, is normally credited for the word but there is no strong evidence to support. 

Mob Soccer 

Did you know that between the 7th and 9th century a violent game emerged between some villages? The object of the game was for one village to force a ball into the center square of the foe’s village. The game became so cruel that neighbouring villages would take cover and block their windows. 


Pele helped lead Brazil to the FIFA World Cup Championship at age 17. Pele, whose real name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento, is the only person to have won the World Cup three times as a player. He scored 1,281 goals in his professional career and is considered by many to be the greatest soccer player of all time. 

Juggling World Record 

The world record for juggling a soccer ball non-stop is 19 hours and 30 minutes. Martinho Eduardo Orige of Brazil juggled a regulation size soccer ball non-stop, meaning the ball did not touch the ground at all. This world record was recorded in 2003 August. 

India wishes to play barefoot 

India withdrew from 1950 World Cup tournament because FIFA hadn’t permitted the team to play barefoot. India had already qualified but refused to continue as they wanted to play barefoot. 

Most Olympic Gold Medals 

Did you know that Hungary is the country with the most Olympic Gold medals? Since 1908, Hungary has won 3 times. However, Argentina, United Kingdom and Uruguay are close behind, each winning 2. The United States Women’s team has made it to every final match in the Olympics since 1996. They have won 3 out of 4 Gold medal finals, only losing to Norway in 2000. 

Chile banned from World Cup 

Chile was once banned from playing in World cup. It was the year 1994. During a qualifying match for the 1990 World Cup, Chile was down 1-0 Brazil. A loss would have meant elimination form the World Cup tournament. At around 67th minute of the match, the Chilean goalkeeper Roberto Rojas fell to the ground due to being hit by a firework. The team refused to continue to play and the match went unfinished. But, when FIFA reviewed the footage, it was found that no firework ever hit Rojas. He faked it with the hope that they would be making a replay game. FIFA awarded Brazil the win, banned Chile from the 1994 World Cup, and banned Rojas for life. 

Enjoy reading and playing fantasy games! 

Wicketkeepers Bowling And Setting Records

Playing cricket in India is like a dream come true for any cricket fan. But if you cannot play on-field, do not get disheartened and begin playing online cricket games 

We know, cricket is one that sport having the tendency to modify itself with the course of time and getting more competitive in the process whether on-field or online. 

With the advent of fantasy cricket and more and more people engaging with cricket through online medium, knowledge about cricket is crucial for playing online. There have been many cricketers who have performed dual responsibilities, for instance legendary wicketkeepers such as Andy Flower, Adam Gilchrist and Mark Boucher carrying out the role of bowler as well. 

Let’s know about them a bit: 

The first wicketkeeper to bowl was Alfred Lyttelton of England in a test match against Australia at London in 1884 during the first innings of the match. 

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Mark Boucher 

Mark has served South African national cricket team for over a decade and is a respected cricketer in the world of cricket. 

In 2005, during a test match South Africa played against West Indies in Antigua with both the teams scoring massive scores of 588 and 747 respectively. The match headed for a slow draw hen Mark was given the ball. 

Tatenda Taibu 

The talented skipper of Zimbabwe team was a wicketkeeper batsman. He made headlines in his cricketing career when he chose to bowl against Sri Lankan team at Bulawayo in the first ODI. 

Devon Thomas 

The West Indies wicketkeeper Devon Thomas didn’t expect this to happen when he made his debut in 2009 against Bangladesh. He took the crucial wicket of Mahmadullah on the second ball of his first over, when Bangladesh team was gaining momentum, cutting them off. 

MS Dhoni 

What can be said about this brilliant Indian skipper? There is not anything that Dhoni cannot pull off in the cricket field. This Indian captain is one of the best wicketkeeper and captain India has got.  

Dhoni is an expert of trying unique and unconventional moves. One such move was witnessed in South Africa when India was playing against West Indies in the 12 match of the 2009 ICC Champions Trophy.  

On a pitch well-suited for pacers, West Indies team was struggling at 49/4 in 16 overs with DE Barnard and TM Dowlin at the crease. 

Dhoni decided to bowl the 17th over and asked Dinesh Karthik to keep wickets, much to the amazement of fans and commentators. He bowled at a decent pace and managed to swing the ball. 

His first two deliveries were sent to the boundary line by Dowlin but the fourth delivery took the cake. 

Dhoni pitched a full-length ball that met with a thin inside edge off Dowlin’s bat and rattled the off-stump. His bowling figures in the match were 2-0-16-1. 

Enjoy reading and playing fantasy cricket! 

Gavaskar and Tale of Haircut In Middle of Test Match

Cricket is an amazing sport. Nearly the entire world is a fan of cricket. Apart from the frequent cricket matches, we now are concentrating in the fantasy cricket more and more for entertainment and showcase our cricket knowledge by building an online fantasy cricket team who can compete with others and win prizes. 

There are lots of interesting tales in the vast world of cricket. We are going to tell you about one such tale of Indian cricketer who is known for various records. This is a tale which will bring smile on your face. 

It is a known fact that Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar have been the record breaker and record creator in the 70s. He was quite a trendsetter in those days with his wavy curly locks. 

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And something happened surrounding those locks back in 1974! As you know, Sunil Gavaskar has many records, before they were broken. However, let us tell you that he is the only cricketer in the history of cricket who has gotten a haircut in the middle of the field, during a match. 

At a test match in 1974, where where India was playing against England, Gavaskar was on the field with the wind challenging his long curly locks. Now, we would expect him to carry on playing and visit a barber later, however guess that came to his recue and gave him a haircut, instead. It was none other than the then umpire Dickie Bird, who was maybe carrying a pair of scissors with him, and cut a chunk of Gavasakar’s hair, which were falling on his face and blurring his vision, while he was playing. 

Sunil Gavaskar went on to score 101 runs that day however, India still lost the match! But whatever might be the outcome of the match, we got a really cute, hilarious and memorable incident. 

Enjoy reading this humorous tale and playing fantasy cricket as always!

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Winners List of FIFA World Cup

Soccer or football, as we know it, is the most popular sport on the planet. It is even catching on in the small nations who are not that active in the sport, as fans have more access than ever to watch matches being played around the world. And like all sports, we feel the need of turning this attention into the fantasy football leagues 

So, if you are going to join a fantasy football team, you are going to need all the information you can collect about the football teams and their team members to build a strong team by evaluating their current performances and past records. The past record of an entire team effect during the selection of a player from the team. Perhaps you are inclined to take a particular team; hence we have the entire information of the winning teams in FIFA World Cup from 1930. Read on: 

During FIFA World Cup 1930 Uruguay, Uruguay was the winner nation with the outcome of Uruguay 4-2 Argentina. 

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During FIFA World Cup 1934 Italy, Italy was the winner nation with the outcome of Italy 2-1 Czechoslovakia. 

During FIFA World Cup 1938 Italy, Italy was the winner nation with the outcome of Italy 4-2 Hungary. 

During FIFA World Cup 1950 Brazil, Uruguay was the winner nation with the outcome of Uruguay 2-1 Brazil. 

During FIFA World Cup 1954 Switzerland, Germany was the winner nation with the outcome of Germany 3-2 Hungary. 

During FIFA World Cup 1958 Sweden, Brazil was the winner nation with the outcome of Brazil 5-2 Sweden. 

During FIFA World Cup 1962 Chile, Brazil was the winner nation with the outcome of Brazil 3-1 Czechoslovakia. 

During FIFA World Cup 1966 England, England was the winner nation with the outcome of England 4-2 Germany. 

During FIFA World Cup 1970 Mexico, Brazil was the winner nation with the outcome of Brazil 4-1 Italy. 

During FIFA World Cup 1974 Germany, Germany was the winner nation with the outcome of Germany 2-1 Holland. 

During FIFA World Cup 1978 Argentina, Argentina was the winner nation with the outcome of Argentina 3-1 Holland. 

During FIFA World Cup 1982 Spain, Italy was the winner nation with the outcome of Italy 3-1 Germany. 

During FIFA World Cup 1986 Mexico, Argentina Argentina 3-2 Germany. 

During FIFA World Cup 1990 Italy, Germany was the winner nation with the outcome of Germany 1-0 Argentina. 

During FIFA World Cup 1994 USA, Brazil was the winner nation with the outcome of initially 0-0 and then Brazil defeated Italy 3-2 in penalties. 

During FIFA World Cup 1998 France, France was the winner nation with the outcome of France 3-0 Brazil. 

During FIFA World Cup 2002 Japan/ South Korea, Brazil was the winner nation with the outcome of Brazil 2-0 Germany. 

During FIFA World Cup 2006 Germany, Italy was the winner nation with the outcome of initially 1-1, and then Italy beat France 5-3 in penalties. 

During FIFA World Cup 2010 South Africa, Spain was the winner nation with the outcome of Spain 1-0 Netherlands. 

During FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil, Germany was the winner nation with the outcome of Germany 1-0 Argentina. 

In the last FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia, France is the winning nation with the outcome of France 4-2 Croatia. 

Enjoy reading and playing fantasy football! 

History of Portugal Much Deeper Than Cristiano Ronaldo

Portugal Football team is one of the best teams in the world. Every time you choose Portuguese footballers in your fantasy football team, they prove it. Perhaps that is the symbol that an online fantasy football team is never complete without a Portugal member in it. 

And who is the life of Portugal team in the recent years? It is obviously, Cristiano Ronaldo!  

The Golden Generation of Portuguese soccer has been the nation developing a few brilliant talents lately, and this has propelled the national team to a FIFA ranking as high as number 3, the highest the nation has ever achieved. 

Portugal team has been able to reach the semi finals of the FIFA World Cup on two occasions, 1966 and 2006, with the team getting their best ever finish as the third team in 1966 event. Regionally, Portugal team has reached the finals of European tournament in 2004. 

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Football playing style of Portuguese 

Portugal playing style of football is typical of Latin American styles, bearing a passing similarity with the Brazilian playing style of their former South American colony. 

Much less physical than the English football, Portugal Football depends on the details and talent of the gifted players to get success in any match. It is hugely dependant on having players who possess the skills to be able to win one-on-one battles and complete the scoring chances whenever available. 

The bulk of the football play is built up through the midfield with lots of passing and possession.  Players will make quick runs at net with the ball at their feet, or look for through balls to open space.  Counter-attacks and long balls are seldom seen as these types of plays typically give up the possession that the style depends on. 

Defensively, Portugal does not have the same level of power as the Italian team may possess, nor does it focus on a principally defensive style of play.  Like Brazil, Portugal instead prefers to maintain ball control to limit opposition chances. 

The Future of Portuguese football 

Many of the players from the golden generation have by now retired or are fast approaching the end of their global careers.  As a result, a new era of players, spearheaded by the compelling superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, is leading the charge on the global front. 

The new generation has large shoes to fill in order to achieve the same level of promise as years past.  Even though little was actually won, the teams of years past were very competitive. 

Enjoy reading and playing fantasy football! 

The Tale of German Football Team

German Soccer team, who is ruling the FIFA World ranking this year, has some glorious past. Your fantasy football league cannot be complete without the inclusion of German team. 

So, let’s together drift into the past and know this team better and then include it in the fantasy football team. 

Soon after its 1863 founding in England, football spread the English Channel to all the nations of continental Europe. In Germany, fussball took hold fast and by 1920s it was rated as the nation’s popular sport. In 2014, the German men’s national team became the top in FIFA world ranking and the women team in number 2 spot behind US.  

World Cup Journey for Germany 

Germany football team snagged their 4th World Cup championship in 2014, with earlier wins in 1954, 1974 and 1990. The team has also finished second in four additional World Cups out of a total of 18 World Cup appearances making Germany the top football team in total appearances, eight in the World Cup final. In the year 2014, Germany had beaten Brazil, which was the host nation 7 to 1 in semi final match, on its way to dispatch Argentina in the final, 1 to 0.  

In addition, the German women won the Women’s World Cup, held 6 times, in 2003 and 2007 and came second in 1995. 

Famous Male Players of the German Soccer Team from history 

Franz Beckenbauer, a sweeper for Bayern Munich, tops all lists of star players for his defensive prowess and his wins as both a player and manager in the World Cup. Goalkeeper Oliver Kahn, also with Bayern, was part of eight German Bundesliga championships and a ferocious presence at the 2002 World Cup, keeping a depleted “Mannschaft” — as the team is known by home fans — in contention. Miroslav Klose holds Germany’s scoring record in international competition, with 71 goals, besting Gerd Muller’s 68. Ageless dynamo Lothar Matthaus drew kudos as an all-world midfielder, and played in five World Cups. Center forward Jurgen Klinsmann, who played with Matthaus at Inter Milan, also found the goal for Germany’s men in Italy in 1990; in 2011, Klinsmann became the U.S. men’s coach. 

Best Female Players of the German Soccer Team from history 

Germany’s woman are famous for strong goalkeepers, including Nadine Angerer and Silke Rottenberg. Up front, striker Birgit Prinz has been voted FIFA Women’s World Player of the Year on three occasions. She slotted home 128 goals in 214 national team appearances. In addition to their two World Cup victories, the German women also have eight European championships. 

Enjoy reading and happy playing fantasy football!

Famous Nicknames of the Footballer and their Tales Part 2

Do you remember our post where is talk about the famous nicknames of footballers? We hadn’t finished that post as we have many more to share with you. Fantasy football will be much more fun to play, if you are aware of these nicknames. 

So are you up for another part of interesting nicknames of your favourite footballers? Read them before you begin selecting your fantasy premier league teams.  

The King: Eric Cantona was given the nickname as the king as the guys was king of the ground and was the greatest player of the Manchester United. 

El Angel Gabriel: Gabriel Batistuta is named El Angel Gabriel who was basically from Argentina. 

The human lift: Sebastiano Rossi was Italian goalkeeper known for his remarkable height and athletic skills. 

Sissi: Sisleide Lima do Amor is the Brazilian player who was just 16 years old when he received the golden boot award. 

A Muralha Azul: Dida whose name was Nelson de Jesus Silva was the best goalkeeper of Brazil and was given the nickname which means the blue wall. 

The shorty: Romario O Baixinho who was a Brazilian striker stood at 5 ft. 4 in., yet he was incredibly agile and a thorn in the feet of opposing defenders.  

La Brujita: The nickname means the little witch and was given to Argentine young player who took the name from his father Juan Ramon. 

The Czech Cannon: Pavel Nedved who was Italian was given the nickname because of his accurate pieces delivery and fantastic penalty kicks. 

Magic Dwarf: Philipp Lahm was German player who was only 5 feet and 7 inches tall and was known for his intelligence as ground was named as magic dwarf. 

The fifth Beatle: George best who was named so because he was stylish, handsome and one of the only men at the time to rival the fame of the music group. 

Chopper: The ex-Chelsea player Ron Harris was named chopper because of his aggressive behaviour and tackling capacities. 

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El Torero: Paolo Rossi is named as El torero after the 1982 world cup in which he scored big exploits. 

The Giraffe: As the name suggest, the nickname was given to Jack Charleton because of his long legs and high neck. 

Mayor of Street: Edgar Davids was the former Tottenham and Juventus player was famous for his fierce style of play. 

Piranha: Edgar Davids was also known by the name and also by the name shark. 

El Muneco: El muneco means the doll and was given the title to an Argentine player who was 168 cm tall. 

The Flying Flea: Jimmy Johnstone was a Scottish player who had nickname as the flying flea and was known for his amazing gameplay. 

Zeko: Zeko means rabbit which means the player was too fast at ground and the nickname was of Velimir Zajec. 

Pequeno Buda: Pequeno buda means little Buddha and the nickname was given to Ivan de la Pena who was Spanish player as played as central midfielder and was famous for his bald head.  

Le Divin Chauve: The nickname means the baldheaded God and is dedicated to the ex-French international goalkeeper who was famous for the rituals set by him and his teammate Laurent Blanc. 

The White Pele: Zico is known as the white pele who was Brazilian midfielder and was the coach of national team as well. 

Der Ausserirdishche: Oliver Kahn who is the best ever goalkeeper of Germany is given the name and he was the best player of the world cup 2002. 

The Extraterrestrial: Oliver Kahn is given the name because of his elegant performance. 

Der Titan: Der titan means the titan and the nickname was attributed to Oliver Kahn.. 

Volcano: Oliver Kahn was also named as volcano because of his fantastic performance.  

Machtig Maus: The name means the mighty mouse and is attributed to the famous player Kevin Keegan.  

El Buitre: The name is given to the Emilio Butragueno who is famous Spanish striker and excellent player of Real Madrid. 

El Toro: The nickname is of Argentine forward player Mario Kempes who won golden boot award in the world cup 1978. 

Prince Polley: Prince Opoku is Ghanian striker who was known for his exploits at the FC twente.       Petit Prince: Daniel Bravo was attributed with the name who was French national and played as midfielder and started career at a young age of 19. 

Super Mario: Mario Basler is given the name because of his outstanding set pieces and creativity in the football ground. 

Donkey: Well, this is definitely not the best nickname for a footballer but is credited by Tony Adams who was English captain and known for captaining the title wining in three different decades.  

Spillo: Alessandro Altobelli credited the name as Spillo who was Italian forward player and winner of the 1982 world cup. 

The Beast: The beast name is attributed to the great French player Marcel Desailly who was defensive midfielder and known for his strength, consistency, and hard tackling style. 

Stan the Man: Stan collymore was English striker who was at the time most expensive player and was signed for more than $8.5 million. 

Profesore: Gunnar Gren who was the Swedish football player known for his un-matched tactical skills and was given nickname of Profesore or professor. 

La Perla: La Perla means the pearl and is given the name to famous Julen Guerrero famous for his ambidexterity.  

The blind Venetian: Massimo Taibi played for Manchester United as a goalkeeper and is known for his poor performance. 

Speedy Gonzalez: The name is of famous footballer Cristian Gonzalez who was known for his speed and aggression and was part of world cup 2002. 

Lion de Rekem: The Belgian defender Eric Gerets was given nickname as the lion de rekem who was famous for dark and long hair. 

El Narizon: Carlos Bilardo was known as the El Narizon which means the big nose and he belonged to Argentina.  

La Joya: La Joya means the jewel and was attributed to the Portuguese player Paulo Futre and made world cup appearance as well as played for many clubs in the Spain, Japan, France, Italy, and Portugal. 

Diablo: Diablo means devil and is attributed to Bolivian national Marco Etcheverry who is considered as the best footballer of all time. 

Olen: Olen is for deer and is the nickname of Russian player who became politician as well and his name was Dmitrij Alenichev.  

Desert Maradona: Desert Maradona is the name of Saudi Arabian player who appeared in the world cups as well and his name was Said Al Owaeran. 

Billy: Billy is attributed to the Alessandro Costacueta who was the Italian defender known for his skills and performance. 

Kun: Sergio Aguero was the argentine player who was given the nickname of Kun taken from famous cartoon series as his appearance was like kun character. 

Flout de Neu: Ronald Koeman who was from Holland was given the name from Barcelona fans because of his complexion and he also resembled the character of flout de neu. 

Disorderly: Duncan Ferguson who was standing at 6 ft. 4 in., the Scottish player scored more goals than any other player of his country in the Premier League but was known for his red cards and antics on the field. 

Big Dunc: The name is also attributed to Duncan Ferguson. 

Village at Elland Road: Jonathan Woodgate who was K. defender who is most famous for the best responses to a routine questionnaire. 

Super Frank: Frank Lampard who was possibly the greatest player in the history of Chelsea, he went from Fat Frank to Super Frank. 

Tank: Tank is the nickname of Saed Kolasinac who was from Bosnia and played for Arsenal. 

El Nino Maravialla: The nickname means the squirrel which is attributed to the famous player Alexis Sanchez because of his climbing and restless habit of climbing on buildings of hometown. 

Little Mozart: The nickname is of famous player of Tomas Rosicky from He gained the title because of his abilities and epic gameplay. 

Hulk: Hulk is the nickname of Givanildo Vieira de Souza from Brazil who was tall, strong, and huge. 

Roadrunner: The roadrunner is the nickname of Aaron Lennon from England who was known for his epic speed and classic gameplay. 

Crazy Horse: Emlyn Hughes of England earned the nickname because he was famous for his commitments and galloping runs and was crazy on the field. 

Zizou: Zizou is the name of world’s most acknowledged footballer of all times the great Zinedine Zidane who was a French player and also got famous for his head hit to the opponent in world cup final. 

El Fenomeno: Ronaldo is also known with the nickname El fenomeno who became the star of all time and is among the best strikers of all time. 

Sparky: Mark Hughes is from Wales who is known as Sparky. The nickname was earned by him as he and his mates decided to look for a comic book and Hughes chose Sparky. 

Enjoy reading and playing fantasy football!

English Culture and England Cricket Team

England is said to be the modern initiator of cricket around the world. This is the nation who has initially popularized the sport slowly and slowly by taking them to their colonies and playing there. As we all know that fantasy cricket is the recent trending game for cricket lovers, the sport has evolved a lot from the ancient times and has reached to this spot. 

Take a look at the history of cricket in England and be sure you play fantasy cricket later after knowing is brief history: 

Sports experts have found a reference of a game like cricket in the household accounts of Edward I in 1300 being played in Kent. 

The English game originated in the sheep-rearing nation of the South East, where the small grass of the down-land pastures made it possible to bowl a ball of wool or rags at a target. That target was normally the wicket-gate of the sheep pasture, which was defended with a bat in the form of a shepherd’s twisted staff. 

By 17th century the sport was fairly popular as a rough rural pastime, but in the next century the leisure classes took up the sport, especially in Sussex, Kent, and London. An organised match was hosted at the Artillery Grounds, Finsbury, London, in 1730. During the middle of the 18th century, cricket was being played at every niche of society, from the wealthy estates to the village greens. But, the game lacked a rational set of rules. 

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The first and most significant cricket club in the land was formed at Hambledon, Hampshire, in the 1760’s. The club was sponsored by wealthy patrons, but the players were local tradesmen and farmers. The Hambledon club established techniques of batting and bowling which still hold today. 

The centre of power soon shifted to London, most notably with the advent of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), which had its headquarters at Lord’s ground. In 1835 the MCC gave cricket its first formal laws, which still stand mainly intact today.  

A main boost for the sport of cricket was offered by famous schools like Eton, Harrow, and Winchester. The sport proved so admired among the wealthy students that an annual match termed as “Gentlemen vs. Players” took place at Lord’s from 1806-1963. 

Major cricket matches can last as long as 5 days, with each side having two “innings”, or turns at bat. Recent substitutes to the longer matches are “limited over” matches. These events may take a fairly short 3-5 hours during the course of one day.  

Cricket is now played global, and in spite of rare successes, it is fair to say that the real power in the game has shifted from England to nations like India, South Africa, Australia, Pakistan, West Indies, etc.  

In England the major focus of the game is the county championship, with both four-day and one-day events running concurrently during the summer months. But conventional village cricket is still played in towns and villages all across the UK. 

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