Fantasy Cricket – Top 5 Best Swing Bowlers of the Decade

Cricket was first played by the Englanders but the practice of swing bowling started from a country where cricket is not very famous – America! Not every bowler can master the art of changing the direction of the ball in the mid-air. Precision, patience, time, and practice – the best of the bests have been created by the same. 

There are many to add to the list of swing bowlers and the list may vary from person to person. However, for daily fantasy cricketfans, these are some of the bowlers who if played now could have bagged an ample number of points. 

Zaheer Khan (India) 

Zaheer Khan fronted the Indian bowling for more than an era. Those who’ve seen his swing ball are well aware of his brilliant ability to swing the ball both ways (left and right). With 311 wickets in his bag, before he retired from all forms of matches, Zaheer was one stunning fast bowler who could even pull off the reverse swing with an old ball! Commendable and desirable player for cricket fantasy games! 

Chaminda Vaas (Sri Lanka) 

He might be the second-highest wicket-taker of Sri Lanka, but his undefined ability to swing the ball with ease made some of the great batsmen of his times go down on knees. Although he wasn’t a fast-paced bowler his trademark delivery was late indipper. And from the day he started making reverse swing his constant companion on the fields, no one was able to stop him from taking wickets. For sure the best online cricket gamesmiss his presence in the field now! 

Dale Steyn (South Africa) 

Like the others on the list, Steyn was a good swinger too! Then, what made him come up to this list? His ability to swung at 145 mph. If the batsman survived his initial throw, then he made sure that his reverse swing gets him back to the dressing room! 439 wickets from just 93 games – the number says it all! This is a type of player who cans smash records in daily fantasy cricket games. 

James Anderson (England) 

Sometimes you just need stop and marvel at the beautiful way in which this player swings the bowl on both sides. Even the best of the lot has succumbed to his bowling abilities. With insuperable power, skills, and fitness, Anderson continues to get wickets with his excellent swing deliveries. All daily fantasy cricket fans will admit that he is getting better with age. Looking forward to seeing a new record? Doesn’t seem impossible for this man! 

Wasim Akram (Pakistan) 

Although put in the end, talk’s about swing bowling is incomplete without mentioning the “king of swing bowling”. 414 wickets in 104 Test matches justifies the reason behind the title. Smooth, error -the free, continuous attack has made some of the biggest batsmen lose out to this man! Beautifully this man swings the ball with quick arm actions leaving the batsman no scope of hitting the bowl and getting runs. A true treasure to the Pakistan team, the presence of Akram in some of the best online cricket games could have changed the pace of the fantasy gaming! 


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List of Important Football Penalties that You Should Look Out For

When did your player break the rule? Why is the referee flagging the yellow signal? If you’re not aware of the simple this simple fantasy football tips on penalties, then unknowingly you may lose out on several points and won’t even have a clue why your player was thrown out from the field. 

Not being acquainted with the common terms and penalties may put you in a confused state since the terminologies used in football are a bit confusing. Unless you have got a handy list of some commonly occurring football penalties, it will be difficult for you to play the fantasy football game. 

Here’s a list for your convenience. 


A player will face an offside penalty if any part of the player’s body is beyond the free-kick line. It is a very minor foul. Let’s say a player takes a shot in the goal and a team-mate takes the shot in an offside position. Then the goal will be dismissed and the offside penalty is imposed. 


This is very simple. You may often find players getting either offensive or defensive holding penalties during the fantasy football games. When does this occur? Whenever an offensive player uses his hands, arms, or some other body parts to prevent the defensive player from getting the ball, that’s when holding a penalty is imposed on the player. Other than that, sometimes you also find the defensive player grabbing an offensive player to stop him from getting the ball from the ball carrier. Even in such aggressive cases holding penalty is imposed. 

Pass interference 

Who doesn’t want to restrict a goal? While playing football every player tries to stop each other from getting hold of the ball. At times you’ll find extremely aggressive players on the field. They seem like they can do anything to restrict the opponent from getting hold of the bowl. So, when such a situation occurs where defensive players try to make contact with the receiver and stop him from getting hold of the ball. It calls for pass interference penalty for the defensive player. 

False start 

When the interior player of the offensive team makes a hasty move even before the snap of the ball, then the situation is considered as a false start and that player is penalized. Patience is the key to winning games. So, while choosing your players for the fantasy football leagues, be sure that the player is consistent and not in a hurry. You won’t like it if your player goes out on a penalty. 


If the defensive player crosses the line and starts making contact with the offensive players even before the snap of the ball, then this penalty is positively imposed on the player. 

Not only these there are a greater number of penalties which can reduce your chances of winning a fantasy football league. Again, if a referee finds a player intentionally making moves to delay the game, even then a penalty is imposed. Playing fair and with all strength is what makes a good player.    

4 Match-Day Cricket Equipment That Every Cricket Lover Should Keep

Whether you’re a state-level cricketer or a gully cricket player, keeping the right kinds of stuff in hand is a necessity. Here’s a checklist of all the important equipment that can make you ready for a serious match. Although if you’re an ardent fantasy cricket lover, then you can save your money. 

However, for the ones who’re planning on taking their gully cricket to the next level, here’s a list you should go through. 

Cricket bats 

Most of us must have started our cricketing careers with plastic bats. However, to become a professional you need to become comfortable in wooden poplar or willow bats. They might seem heavy at the beginning. But later they will seem fine. There are no standard weight charts for the bats, but it’s best to select the ones suiting to your weight. Once, the player gets acquainted with the bat, swish and swoop will be easier! On the other hand, if you’re more of a couch player, then online fantasy sports are the ones for you. 

Cricket balls 

Generally, for inexperienced players, soft tennis balls or small plastic balls are enough to set the game. But, if you want the real feel, then you need to buy a perfect leather-covered cork ball. If you look carefully into the matches, then you’ll find that even the colors of the ball are different. Red balls are for test cricket whereas white ones are for one-days. Although the same doesn’t matter in a fantasy cricket game, however for live cricket a good ball may change the match. 


You might be thinking that wearing a pair of trousers with a shirt is enough for a match. Clothing might not be a matter of concern in fantasy cricket leagues. But, in a live match, getting the right attire brings life to the match! Even if you don’t bother about the trouser or shirt, you should get the right pair of shoes and caps for the match. Without a good pair of spiked shoes, it’s impossible to run and get the scores that you desire. 

Protective equipment 

Now, that’s one of the most important things that should be kept in mind while playing cricket. Abdomen guard, leg pads and shin pads, gloves, and helmets are a must. Gully cricket or world cup – protection of body parts is a logical option. Online fantasy game players also get options for decorating the players with protective gear to add reality to the game. 

Hope you find the blog helpful. There are many novice players, who walk down to the pitch without any prior preparations. In case you’re one of them, then do be prepared before you take up the bat in your hand! 

For the ones who can’t afford this costly equipment, fantasy cricket in India is a popular option. Download the app, register, login, and start playing. Cricket online is as good as cricket offline. Just passion is required to enjoy the game. 


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4 Reasons Behind Popularity of Fantasy Cricket in The Year 2020

Digitalization has taken a toll on every aspect of every industry. 20 years back did anyone imagine that cricket will be played online instead of live games? Fantasy games have paved the way for a new revolution in the cricket fraternity. However, standing in the current pandemic situation, the popularity of  Fantasy cricket games has increased more. 

With so many fantasy cricket apps giving numerous offers, fantasy cricket in India  is n more an unfamiliar game. What’s more exciting is that many young entrepreneurs are making this a part of their career. And with hundreds of players making millions out of the games, it’s one of the most exciting gaming options in 2020. 

Check out some of the interesting reasons that make fantasy cricket a popular sport in 2020. 

Easy money-making options 

What’s better than earning cash without working? Who will give you such an attractive offer? Probably no one! However, playing online fantasy games can give you the opportunity. Bonus, offers, first-time deposits, referrals, and winnings from the scores – there is an ample number of ways in which you can earn money by playing fantasy cricket in India. A piece of great news for sports enthusiasts. 

Online playing opportunities 

Without going out if you want to relax and feel destressed, then fantasy cricket leagues are the best option. The new trend of staying at home and maintaining social distancing is making fantasy sports more popular than gully cricket in 2020! Now the unfulfilled desires of the cricket fans can be met. Only downloading fantasy cricket apps helps them to play to their heart’s content. 

Playing options for untrained players 

Millennials nowadays are addicted to the internet. Starting from classes, cooking shopping to gaming – they don’t love to go out. Rather lying down on the cozy sofa while indulging in games is their passion! That’s why fantasy cricket leagues are becoming popular in 2020. Again, not everyone can be a good cricketer. It requires a lot of money, effort, and time to be a cricket. Even if you acquire the skills, there’s no way that you’ll get selected in the team! But with fantasy games at your service, you can be the boss of your own game. 

Great time pass 

This is actually a good time-pass coupled with a lot of money. For most of 2020, you’ve been stuck within the four walls of your room. Reading, listening to music, binge-watching – all done! Now what? Start playing fantasy cricket games. It’s legal and it’s easy, especially for cricket fans. So, while you’ve no work to do and is tired of binge-watching, trying out a game of fantasy cricket is not a bad option. 

Summing up! 

With all that being said, there are more chances that fantasy cricket apps are going to develop and become more popular in the coming years. Internet and smartphone are the new trends. Gradually the global population will become more dependable on the same. That’s where fantasy sports will definitely make a place for themselves. Just a bit of knowledge, skills, and logical power – you’re going to win millions from fantasy cricket games. 


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How To Predict Cricket Match Results With Probably Accuracy?

Whenever you sit for a cricket match, there’s always a constant debate on who will be the winner today? As a non-professional, you can only trust your instincts and use all your prayers to make your favorite team win the match. However, if you’re playing  fantasy cricket games, then predicting in the right manner is essential for you to help you get the cash you want. 

This how-to-predict guide will surely help you next time when you try guessing match results. 

Recent performances of the team 

This will have a big impact on the team’s performance. Let’s say, there’s a match between India and Australia and Australia is already in form for the last 5 or 6 matches, then what will be your prediction? Depending on the past performance data, you’ll support Australia and will try to include more Australian players in your  fantasy cricket game. 

Home ground advantage 

Although it may sound bizarre, a team playing on the home ground gets a lot of advantages. Hence, if you find the match between the teams taking place in the home ground of one of the teams, then be pretty sure of its wins on that day. Own ground, favorable field radius, pitch advantage, known climate and innumerable lovers and supporters, make the players strong and positive and they play a good game, 

Team rankings 

Team ranking in any series plays a crucial role in shaping the winning position of the game. Check the One day, Test, and World cup rankings of the team. It may not be accurate but will give you a probable view of the team’s performance in the past matches and will help you identify the winning team. Fantasy cricket in India is largely based on an assessment of the teams as per their rankings! 

Toss results 

You may not know, but a toss can play a significant role in fixing the match and its results. if the winning team decides to bat, then always that team gets a better chance of winning because the second team has a projected run to chase and will most of the time be playing under pressure. Depending on the same chose players wisely for your fantasy cricket game. but, in recent years, teams have reversed the situation. They’ve strengthened their fielding and bowling and hence have the capability of restricting the teams from projecting a high score! 

Player comparison 

As soon as you’re able to forecast the winning team, you can build up the right set of 11 for your fantasy cricket game.  But how accurate is your prediction? Check the players of both teams. The batting line-ups, the types of bowlers, the performers, and the wicket-takers. The more strength the team has, the more likely that it will win the match. Hence, conducting overall analysis of the 11 players will help you understand which team can be the probable winner. 

Through research is what will give you the power to make near accurate predictions. 


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4 Amazing Ways in Which Fantasy Sports Benefits the Players

Rational thinking, an attentive mind, and numerical ability – these three are the most important qualities that should be present in every individual who is a fan of fantasy sports. You need to engage yourself in the mind game as luck will do no good in such cases. 

Whether you accept the fact or not, you need to be smart and quick in order to successfully play fantasy sports in India. Hence, whenever an individual’s mind is engaged in any kind of brain game, the cognitive effects of the same, make the person smarter, wiser, and more intelligent! 

So, stop playing mindless games and start playing fantasy sports! Win cash, give your grey cells a jerk, and enjoy an on-field experience. 

To know more, read on and check out the benefits that the fantasy sports players get. 

Quick decision-making skills 

To do the last-minute changes in the team of 11 depending on the on-field toss results requires quick decision-making skills! If you get nervous or confused, then you may lose out on some of the best players and thus miss your chance of winning. Be as fast as a lightning strike! Think fast, decide rationally. Information about all players and series should be on your fingertips. Only then, you’ll be able to make drastic decisions and build up an unbeatable team. As you keep on doing this, you won’t even recognize that your decision-making skills have sharpened as well! 

Great in mathematics 

Mathematics has always been a source of nightmare for many! How about developing your numerical skills while playing free fantasy cricket? Perfect use of permutation and combination calculations will surely make you win fortunes in case of any fantasy sport in India. Don’t be a fool and choose your team based on your predictions! Luck, fate, and predictions can’t make you win these games. 

Improves patience and concentration levels 

Repeated defeats, waiting for the toss, thinking hard before building up a team – if you’ve ever played a game of  fantasy games, you’re well-acquainted with these situations. So, what do you need then? Patience. Patience and Patience. Being anxious, tensed, and pumped up will only make you lose all your money! A cool and focused mind is the key to success in this case. When you check out the “how to play fantasy cricket?” options over the page, you’ll find the same being mentioned for your convenience. 

Social bonding 

When you start playing these online sports, you’ll find thousands of people just like you addicted to the game and fighting hard to get the money. While playing you’ll definitely develop a social bonding with your co-players. Now, that you’ve found similar types of people, look beyond the matches and connect with them on a personal level. The common passion for sports will land you all in a favorable situation. 

In a nutshell, playing fantasy sports makes the players more knowledgeable about sports compared to the normal fans! So, when you’ve so many benefits, why not play and become smarter than your companions. You can also win cash while you develop your intelligence level. 


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Top 5 Death Over Bowlers To Look Out For

Death bowlers are an asset for limited over matches. Just a single over can make a lot of difference in the whole match. So, if you have got a death bowler in your team, then the fantasy cricket league is certainly in your hands. A skilled death bowler will have a good variety of strategies. You’ve got spinners! Great news. But do keep the death bowlers intact as well. 

Next time when you  play fantasy cricket, check out for the recent death bowlers while building the team. For now, here’s a list of top 5 who’ve managed to win over the hearts of millions of cricket fans. 

Wasim Akram 

Do you need an expert bowler for the death overs? The 1990s saw a prodigy in Pakistan’s Wasim Akram who miraculously delivered some of the best death balls of any innings. You can call him the real founder of death balls. His consistent ability of bowling at 90mph made the most skilled batsmen fail in front of him. It’s a tragedy that fantasy cricket did not exist during his time. He would have been undoubtedly the most popular player of that platform. 

Lasith Malinga 

How does the bowl? Why does he chuck the ball or throw it away? Malinga had faced several such questions in the early days of his career. But he slammed the views of the critics soon. The list of death bowlers is incomplete without Malinga’s name in it! Lethal bowling technique, slow balls, and excellent accuracy, if he is in your fantasy cricket team, then the winning chances are surly high. His ability to bowl Yorkers whenever needed makes him the best death bowler of the decade. 

Dwayne Bravo 

Death bowling is an art and Bravo is the artist! Among the top death bowlers of the decade, his name should be mentioned without fail. He has the ability to take the game out of its dead situation. 6 runs in 6 balls – defending such a tough situation is like a piece of a cakewalk for Bravo. Already a popular name among the IPL leagues, Bravo is the number one option for fantasy cricket leagues. 

Sunil Narine 

This West Indies player has a mysterious talent of taking wickets and delivering slow balls. This makes him an intriguing contender of the death bowler list! A calm mindset and no-nonsense attitude make him stand out in the crowd. It’s been only 2 to 3 years in international cricket and every batsman is baffled by the way he bowls. Living up to the reputation, this man is indeed a good choice while playing fantasy cricket. 

Waqar Younis 

If you want to cut down on the last-minute runs, then there’s no better death bowler than Younis. His thin physical appearance acted as an added advantage. Inswing Yorkers were his favorite. The expert believed that he was even quicker than Akram. It would have been great to include this present Pakistani coach into  an online fantasy game. Alas, he is retired now! 


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3 Amazing Tips for A Probable Winning Chance in Fantasy Cricket Platforms

Getting the opportunity of heading a match with all favorite players sounded like a fairytale dream for all sports lovers a few decades back. However, with one-touch access to the fantasy cricket apps, all sports buffs can now be relieved! 

Team up all your favorite players and gear up for the game! The best thing about this game is that you get to win cash! That’s why you’ll find millions indulging in fantasy games – some for passion and others for money. If you’re are still struggling to win a few matches, here are a few pro tips that may come handy. 

Research and select 

A cricket fanatic will definitely have personal idols. It’s good to support them blindly when a real match is on, but put a hold over your emotions when you’re playing fantasy cricket. If winning is on your mind, then rigorous research is vital before diving in. Remember, that your 11 players are your game changer. 

Check on the statistics, past performance, playing style, and weaknesses, then select accordingly. Don’t just jump on to make a dream team just because you’re the boss! Make an ideal team that will fetch you money and a guaranteed win. 

Start with the small ones 

Whether you’re new or you’re an old player, starting and playing the small leagues are a sign of intelligence. You want to win big! Certainly, there’s no doubt about that! However, if you keep on losing the big games, then what’s the point of playing? 

Be reasonable and always opt for the small ones. Unless you’re a master in the field of fantasy games, being slow and steady will help you win the race! 

Make decisions based on the toss 

What to do when matches are played between teams with unmatched strengths? Let’s say that the team that won the toss and planned to bat has a strong batting line-up. Then, what should be your strategy as a fantasy cricket player? To chase a big target, you need good batsmen. Quickly pick up the ones from the stronger team and a weak blower for the slog overs. 

Batsmen of the weaker team will stand no chance of getting points against the strong ones of your team! So, you get the money and the points! 

If you’ve already decided on the team, then be ready to make some vast changes after the toss of the real game. Sticking blindly to the team formation will do no good! 

To sum it up 

Know your team well. Since you’re the boss and have the power of forming the best team, then get on to work smartly. Spending time on researching your team will help you predict the best players. 

Even a small last-minute change to your dream team can ruin your chances of getting a confirmed win. You might be thinking “it’s just a game, I have other things to do!” Remember, only a passionate player can win and play a good game. 


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4 Most Preferred Cricket Stadiums in India for Cricket Matches

Cricket – when it comes to India, this is not a word, it’s a religion, it’s an emotion and it’s love! The cheers of billions of Indian fans for their team is a spectacular and common show in any Indian stadium. The craze of the game has made India one of the favorable countries to host different platforms of cricket. Definitely great news for fantasy cricket lovers. 

Currently, India has around 50 international stadiums, out of which these 5 are the most preferred ones. Location, weather, and pitch conditions of these favorite five make them preferable even for  fantasy cricket leagues. 

Here’s a short detail of the same. 

Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai 

Mumbai, the city of dreams, is the home to the most popular cricket stadium in India. With India’s 2nd World cup win in 2011, this 45,000-capacity stadium has secured its place at no1 position. Exhilarating crowds, perfect pitch conditions, and awesome weather make this a great choice. When a match is a help at this stadium, playing fantasy cricket becomes an obsession! Even in terms of transportation Mumbai is a favorable location for many cricketers. 

Eden Gardens, Kolkata 

With a capacity of around 68,000 people, this is the largest cricket stadium in Asia. This ground has seen it all! IPLs, Tests, ODIs – everything! Located at the heart of the city of joy, this stadium is as old as 1864. Ask any international cricket player, everyone knows about Eden. Considered as one of the safest cricket grounds, Eden is a popular choice for the cricketing boards when it comes to ODIs and Tests. Fantasy cricket in India has witnessed many memorable matches in this stadium. 

MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chennai 

Not as big as the other two, however, a personal favorite of the Chennai Super Kings team for the IPL matches. Unlike the hilarious and maddened crowds of the other stadiums, this place is famous for its sophisticated range of crowds. It has a sitting capacity of 38,000. Those who are addicted to playing fantasy cricket, are quite fond of the consistent pitch of Chidambaram stadium. In the year 1997, the Independence cup between India and Pakistan was held here. And the place witnessed a memorable moment when the crowd game a standing ovation to Saeed Anwar after 194 runs from the Pakistani cricketer. ​ 

Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharamsala 

Now, this is a real beauty! Extremely picturesque views as the stadium are located in between the breathtaking landscapes of Himachal Pradesh. It is the favourite home ground for the Ranji Trophy. Since the stadium is surrounded by hills on all sides hence it’s a complete treat to the eyes. However, it ranks last in position because of the travelling issues. Not many interstate audiences fly down to Himachal Pradesh. 

You might feel that stadiums are randomly selected, however, that’s not the case. Pitch and weather conditions matter the most for fantasy cricket games. In case you’re a fan of the same, then a match held in any of these can be useful for your fantasy leagues. 

5 Fantasy Football Draft Mistakes That Can Ultimately Ruin Your Game

A slight mistake in the draft season of  fantasy football  can cost you the whole game. The game comes to an end if you make the wrong selection on the draft day. It’s like a maze, the more mistakes you make on the draft day, the more easily you let your opponent walk away with the winner’s title. 

First and foremost, important lesson – don’t ever be late for a draft in  fantasy league games. It’s common sense because the early bird always catches the worm! The one who comes late will be a loser. 

Keeping this in mind, read on to know the most common mistakes that should be avoided at any cost, to get a good hold in the match. 

Mistake 1: Drafting popular players 

Taking up the favourite player and the most popular one – that’s the vital mistake that novice players make in fantasy  football leagues. Just wait and watch the drafting in session and you’ll see the popular ones taken up in minutes while the household names are been left off! 

Does popularity judge the quality of the player? Not always. Depending on league type, previous performance and current form of the player, the selection needs to be made. Also, check the ranks of the players before jumping to take them into your team. 

Mistake 2: Not realizing the past drafting mistakes 

Even in real-time football matches, managers make mistakes during drafting, so it’s not an unnatural phenomenon in fantasy football. However, a pro  fantasy football tip; don’t make the same mistake again and again! If you’re into the game for winning, then keep a note of the past drafting mistakes that you’ve made. 

To make it simpler, check them out in the app’s draft recap option. Let’s say you’ve won a few leagues before, then go back to the drafting process, look up the strategies, and imply the same in your current match. 

Mistake 3: Stay within your limits 

In almost every fantasy gaming app, you’ll find hundreds of  fantasy league games being listed. If you’re a new player, then go easy! Taking up the best players and the popular ones during the drafting season will not give you a great start. Rather, it will make you lose repeatedly. Selecting leagues and games as per experience is a basic requirement. 

The mere fact that you’re a football fan, doesn’t make you a good fantasy football player. Staying within limits is essential. 

Mistake 4: No idea about league specifications 

Which type of league are you playing? There are hundreds of  online football game players who have simply no idea about the type of league they are playing. Scoring process, roaster formation, free agents – every league has different characteristics. You can’t win a game, without selecting the right type of player for the right type of league. 

Mistake 5: Quarterback and defence player selection 

A quarterback is an important player in any online football game. The one you select should be consistent and completely in-form to make you win the match. It’s better not to hurry in the selection of the same during the drafting session. Sometimes the best is left for the last! 

To sum it up 

It’s always better to be slow than being fast and lose out on the game. Fantasy football players are all football lovers and hence accomplishing a win means a lot to the players. Be prepared before you enter into the drafting session. Hurrying into the selection part might make you lose out on the bigger picture. 


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