Cricket World Cup Fantasy History – Highest Team Totals

The biggest tournament of cricket, World Cup 2019 has been hosting in England and Wales this year. The first cricket world cup fantasy game held in 1975, or the Prudential ’75, had also been held in England. The very first match had been held between England and Australia and the Kangaroos won that match.

Every 11Wickets fantasy cricket platform fans may know about the final battle between Australia and the West Indies. However, these fans may also know that England scored the highest in an innings during the tournament. They scored the then giant 334 runs against India and won the match by 102 runs.

While we talk about how scores have fast increased in cricket world cup fantasy game, distinctive pitches of England and Wales have apparently changed too. The surfaces are now calm, supporting batsmen to allow teams to make runs. Also, the grounds have now a better drainage system, holding less moisture letting more space for high scores by teams.

Discussed below is the list of the six highest totals in the World Cup history. Take a look at it and prepare for your world cup fantasy league to play:

Australia at Perth

The Australian team won the world cup 2015 for the fifth time and became the team winning most WC trophies. That year Australia also broke Indian record of highest team totals in WC innings. The team scored the highest runs of 417/6 at a run rate of 8.34 against Afghanistan on 4 March 2015. Player of the match, David Warner single-handedly destroyed the Afghani bowling line-up.

India at Port of Spain

Indian team ruled the top spot in this list from 2007 to 2015 world cup. The team scored 413/5 at a run rate of 8.26 against Bermuda on 19 March 2007. The match held in Port of Spain.

South Africa at Canberra and Sydney

South African team has captured the third and fourth spot in this list. They have scored 411/4 at a run rate of 8.22 against Ireland on 3 March 2015. They have also scored 408/5 runs at a run rate of 8.16 against West Indies runs on 27 February2015. The team played in Canberra and Sydney respectively.

Sri Lanka at Kandy

Sri Lankan team hold the fifth spot in this list. They have scored 398/5 at a run rate of 7.96 against Kenya on 6 March 1996. They won that World Cup tournament in 1996. Sri Lanka scored their highest world cup totals in Kandy.

New Zealand at Wellington

New Zealand team hold the sixth spot in this list. They have scored 393/6 at a run rate of 7.86 against West Indies on 21 March 2015.

*Records have been compiled as on May 17, 2019

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Cricket World Cup Fantasy – Amazing Facts

As cricket world cup fantasy game 2019 started, let’s know about some fascinating facts about previous world cups. Who can forget the seamless six of the 2011 World Cup final by MS. Dhoni?

Unquestionably, none of the Indians can. After all, we had waited for 28 years to hold the trophy again. No other cricket tournament holds as much importance to us as the world cup fantasy league.

Cricket in India became a religion when the legendary KapilDev held the precious world cup fantasy game trophy at the iconic Lord’s ground. Since then, our madness for the game became our second nature.

With cricket world cup game 2019 around the corner, all eyes are on the great Kohli and his fierce blue men. Also, Dhoni’s presence will be most valuable as he is all set to play his final world cup.

The World cup is a special event, and over the years, not only the format but the game has evolved, too. Many records broken and made. Though most of us are well-verse with World Cup facts, here are some of them you just may not know.

60 overs World Cup

At the time of first cricket world cup in 1975, the match was of 60 overs. It was only after three World Cups the tournament was reduced to 50 overs per side.

First hat-trick

Chetan Sharma was the first person to take a hat-trick in a World Cup match. On 31st October 1987, Chetan Sharma bowled New Zealand’s Ken Rutherford, Ian Smith and Ewen Chatfield with the last three balls of his sixth over.

Double toss in WC 2011 final

Did you know that the toss of the 2011 World Cup final happened twice? The coin had to be tossed twice after the match referee Jeff Crowe said he had not heard Sri Lanka captain Kumara Sangakkara’s call the first time. Well, he cannot be blamed for this. In the background, the roar of the Wankhede Stadium was at its peak.

Highest run-maker

The little master has scored a total of 2278 runs in his world cup matches, the highest by any batsman. Glenn McGrath had taken most wickets in the world cup tournament – 71 wickets.

Angry Indian fans and an abandoned match

The India – Sri Lanka match of 1996 was the first WC match to be abandoned. A group of angry Indian fans in Calcutta began throwing bottles onto the field as India was losing.

Fastest bowling

Shoaib Akhtar bowled the fastest bowl at 100 mph to England’s Nick Knight during the 2003 WC.

Zimbabwe left out in WC 2019

Since 1983, it will be the first time that Zimbabwe will not participate in a World Cup tournament.

World Cup trophy weight

The weight of the trophy is 11 kg (24.25 pounds) and the height of the trophy is 650mm.

Windies WC entry in 2019

West Indies had to win ICC qualifiers to fix their berth. The top seven nations in ICC rankings get automatically selected for the world cup. Since West Windies team was not among them, they had to battle for their spot.

No quarter-finals for WC 2019

In World Cup 2019, no quarter-finals will occur. With a total of 10 teams, each team will play nine matches. The top four teams from the group will progress to the semi-finals.

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World Cup Fantasy League – 5 Indians with Highest Batting Averages

Two-time world cup fantasy league champions India is one of the most dominant teams in international cricket now. This is both in terms of administration and the quality of cricket.

India currently sits at the second spot in ODIs. This supremacy in world cup fantasy game is not an overnight success though. The tournament which can be attributed to having changed the situation of cricket in India forever is the 1983 World Cup victory. This has inspired generations to take up the game and also made the game hugely popular among cricket frenzy fans at 11Wickets and in India.

Since then, not many teams have performed better than India in any world cup fantasy. Apart from the 1992 and 2007 World Cup disasters, India has maintained a decent record after the 1983 victory.

One time runner-ups,3 times semi-finalists and 2011 champions, India has their World Cup heroes. Here we look at 5 Indian players with highest batting averages in cricket world cup fantasy match history:

Rahul Dravid

He has been the part of 3 World Cups from 1999 and 2007. Dravid was also the highest run-getter in the 1999 World Cup. In World Cup innings, Dravid ended with 860 runs from 21 innings with 2 hundred and 6 fifties, at an average of 61.43, a strike rate of 74.98 and the best score of 145..

Sachin Tendulkar

Playing his first World Cup in 1992, Sachin was a part of 6 World Cup campaigns for India till 2011, where India emerged victorious after 28 years.  In 44 World Cup innings, Sachin scored 2278 runs in World Cups with the highest score of 152 in 2003. He had 6 hundreds and 15 fifties at an average of 56.95 and a strike rate of 88.98.

Sourav Ganguly

Sourav “Dada” Ganguly finished his captaincy tenure as the most successful Indian skipper. One of the best Indian Skipper, he was a part of 3 World Cups between 1999 and 2007 and led his side to the final of the 2003 World Cup.  In 21 World Cup games, Ganguly scored 1006 runs at an average of 55.89 and a strike rate of 77.5. He has 4 hundreds and 3 fifties to his name with the highest score of 183.

Yuvraj Singh

He is a key part of both T20 World Cup 2007 and World Cup 2011. Yuvraj Singh has always been a big match player and fourth in our list.

In 21 World Cup innings, Yuvraj has 738 runs with the highest score of 113 against West Indies in 2011. He has 1 hundred and 7 fifties at an average of 52.71 and a strike rate of 90.33. His all-around performance earned him the Player of the Tournament in 2011.

Navjot Singh Sidhu

Navjot Singh Sidhu, India’s opener in the 1987 and 1996 World Cups, stands fifth in the list of batsmen with highest batting average by Indians in World Cups.

In 10 World Cup innings, Sidhu scored 454 runs at an average of 45.4 and a strike rate of 78.82. He had 7 fifties in World Cups, including 4 consecutive fifties at the 1987 World Cup and had a best of 93 at Bangalore in 1996 against Pakistan. He had two semi-final appearances in both the World Cups he was a part of.

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Amazing World Cup Fantasy League Records

The cricket frenzy fans around the world have been waiting eagerly for this moment. So far 11 world cup fantasy league game has been held. And Australian team has been the most successful winning the trophy for 5 times.

Now, ten leading nations of CWC fantasy cricket world are playing with one another in round-robin format featuring 45 ODIs.

The four with highest points then move to the semi-finals and play knockout for fantasy world cup 2019.

In celebration of this world cup cricket game tournament, we explore some of the prior records made here.

Unbeaten Streak of Australia

The term ‘Invincible’ had been synonymous with the Australian team from 1999 to 2007. During 1999-2011, the Australian team had an unbeaten streak of 34 matches in 4 World Cup campaigns. In those 34 matches, they had won 32 matches with 1 tie and 1 No Result.

The streak which started in 1999 eventually ended in 2011 when the Aussies lost in a group match against Pakistan. Nowadays, with teams being equally competitive, it will be a mammoth task for any international team to surpass such an invincible record.

World Cup appearances

Javed Miandad is the first player to have played in six World Cups, the first six, from 1975 to 1996. Similarly, Sachin has also played in six World Cups, from 1992 to 2011.

Record 3: Youngest captain to win a World Cup

Kapil, at the age of 24, led the Indian team to their first World Cup triumph in 1983. With that, he also became the youngest captain ever to win a World Cup. Since the average age of the captains in the upcoming World Cup is 27+, it is affirmative that the above record will continue to be unbroken for another 5 years.

Most Consecutive Centuries

Kumar Sangakkara had his best World Cup campaign in 2015. Sangakkara scored those 4 centuries in 4 consecutive matches against Bangladesh, England, Australia, Scotland.

Most runs and most 50+ scores

Sachin Tendulkar was one of the prolific run scorers in World Cups. In 44 innings, Sachin has notched up 2278 runs at a staggering average of 56.95, making him one of the consistent performers in big stages. With 6 centuries and 15 fifties, Sachin has the most 50+ scores (21) in World Cup history.

With Martin Guptill being the closest one with most runs (809) in the current players’ list, Sachin’s record is bound to be on top for many more World Cups.

Most wickets off consecutive balls

Lasith Malinga created a unique record of 4 wickets in 4 consecutive deliveries against South Africa in ICC Cricket World Cup, 2007. In the last 2 balls of the 45th over and first 2 balls of the 47th over- Malinga picked up the wickets of Pollock, Hall, Kallis&Ntini making it 4 wickets in 4 consecutive deliveries.

Winners in both 60 overs and 50 overs editions of World Cup

India is the only team to win the World Cup in two different formats (60 and 50 overs format). Back in 1983, India won their first World Cup against the West Indies which was the last 60 overs format in a World Cup. Since 1987, all the other editions have followed the 50-over format.

The Indian team won their 2nd ICC Cricket World Cup in 2011, making them the only team to win it in 2 different formats.

Most World Cup Titles

Ricky Ponting, Glenn McGrath and Adam Gilchrist share the record of Three World Cup Titles. Each was a member of Australia’s winning teams of 1999, 2003 and 2007.

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Fantasy World Cup History – Top 6 Bowling Performances

A decent bowling performance can deflect a cricket game completely. Great batting may take the primary attention in a cricket match. However, a good fantasy world cup match can be complete with fantastic bowling.

A world cup cricket game bowler delivers the ball to hit the wickets applying various methods of delivery. He can startle the batsman and provoke him to bad innings, by manipulating him into hitting poorly and sending him back to the dressing room.

In the World Cup, there have been some superb bowling moments. The bowlers who have given these performances have been responsible for great matches that made the tournament worth enjoying. Here is a list of 6 Best Bowling Performances from the previous ODI fantasy World Cup. Let us check out them, and how they worked with the matches.

Glenn McGrath – 7/15

The legendary retired pacer from Australia, Glenn Donald McGrath is one of the greatest bowlers of the nation. During the 31st match of Pool A in World Cup 2003, Glenn McGrath took 7 wickets in his 7 over spell out of which 4 overs were maidens. He gave just 15 runs with an unbelievable economy rate of 2.14. The match was at North West Cricket Stadium between Australia and Namibia on 27th February 2003.

Andy Bichel – 7/20

Another retired bowler from the Australian team, Andy Bichel was an extremely talented seam bowler. During the 37th match of Pool A in World Cup 2003, Bichel took 7 wickets in his 10 over spell while yielding just 20 runs with an awful economy rate of 2.00. This match was at St George’s Park Stadium between Australia and England on 2nd March 2003.

Tim Southee 7/33

New Zealand’s right-arm fast-medium bowler Tim Southee is famous for his late outswings. He has delivered one of the best bowling performances in the World Cup 2015. It was the 9th match of pool A at Westpac Stadium on 20th February 2015. Southee took 7 wickets against England in 9 over spell, while conceding just 33 runs with an economy rate of 3.66.

Winston Davis – 7/50

Former Windies cricketer Winston Davis represented the West Indies’ World Cup squad in 1983. Cricket world cup fantasy league fans of still consider his bowling performances in World Cup 1983 as one of his best. During the 7th match of Group B, Windies faced Australia at the Headingley Cricket Stadium on 11th June 1983. Davis took 7 wickets in his 10.3 over spell with an economy rate of 4.85.

Gary Gilmour – 6/14

We get another Australian bowler on our list. Former Australian Bowler who was left-arm swinger Gary “Gus” John Gilmour was in the World Cup 1975 squad. He had given one of his best bowling performances at the semi-final of the tournament. Australia was facing England at the Headingley Cricket Stadium on 18th June 1975. Gilmour took 6 wickets in 12 over giving two maiden overs while yielding just 14 runs with an economy rate of 1.16.

Ashish Nehra – 6/23

Former left-arm pacer Ashish Nehra represented the Indian squad at World Cup 2003 in South Africa. India faced England in the 30th match of Pool A on 26th February 2003. Ashish Nehra took 6 wickets in his 10-over spell. He yielded just 23 runs with a marvellous economy rate of 2.30.

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Fantasy Cricket World Cup 2019: Afghanistan Team Stats

The cricket team of Afghanistan have come a long way in a short time span. The fantasy cricket world cup frenzy fans of Afghanistan have treasured the moment of their World Cup entry.

After participating in many qualifier matches Afghanistan had made their ODI fantasy World Cup debut in 2015. Despite the fact they finished at the 6th position in Group A matches at the league stages, they performed well. They managed to get two points and end up above team Scotland who was playing their third World Cup.

The nation played 6 matches in the World Cup 2015. Out of those 6 matches, they won 1 world cup cricket match and lost 5 having a win percentage of 16.66%.

Read on their CWC fantasy past performances & stats before we enjoy their performance in World Cup 2019.

Past World Cup Performances:

2015 – 6th at Group A in the league stages

Batting Performances:

Afghanistan scored 232 while playing against Sri Lanka in 2015. This is their highest team total in the World Cup till now.

Afghanistan scored 142 while playing against Australia in 2015. This is their lowest team total in the World Cup till now.

SamiullahShinwari of Afghanistan scored 254 in 2015. This is the most number of runs scored by an Afghanistan player in the World Cup.

Shinwari scored 96 against Scotland in World Cup 2015. This is the highest individual score by an Afghanistan player in the World Cup.

The maximum number of half-centuries scored by an Afghanistan player in the World Cup is 2 by SamiullahShinwari.

Bowling Performances:

ShapoorZadran had taken 10 wickets in 2015 World Cup. This is the maximum number of wickets taken by an Afghanistan player in the World Cup.

Zadran had taken 4/38 against Scotland in World Cup 2015. This is the best bowling performance by an Afghanistan player in the World Cup.

Wicket-keeping Performances:

AfsarZazaihas dismissed 7 cricketers during World Cup 2015. This is the most number of dismissals by an Afghanistan wicket-keeper in the World Cup.

AfsarZazaihad dismissed 3 cricketers against Scotland in World Cup 2015. This is the most number of dismissals by an Afghanistan wicket-keeper at an innings in the World Cup.

Fielding Performances:

Mohammad Nabi, NajibullahZadran&NawrozMangal took 3 catches each. This is the most number of catches taken by an Afghanistan player in the World Cup.

Mohammad Nabi against Australia, NajibullahZadran against Australia &NawrozMangaltook 2 catches each against Sri Lanka in 2015. This is the most number of catches taken by an Afghanistan player in an innings in the World Cup.

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World Cup Cricket Fantasy Game Facts and Trivia

Cricket is one of the oldest sports and its origins can be traced back to 1597. But, the history of world cup cricket fantasy game only dates back to 1975. This multi-nation tournament helps an ODI team get the ultimate glory.

It is the mother of all the cricket tournaments that have been held in every 4 years. The world cup fantasy league has been a great platform for many legendary cricketers to showcase their cricket skills.

The cricket world cup has always been the priority for the entire cricket playing nations. And these days they prepare for the world cup fantasy game well in advance.

The world cup cricket fantasy game has its own stories and facts so let us have a look at them and enjoy cricket world cup 2019!

#Fact 1

West Indies won the first two tournaments, beating Australia in 1975 and England in 1979 and then lost 1983 final to India, but have not reached another final since.

#Fact 2

The first men’s cricket World Cup was held in England in 1975, four years after the first recognised One-day International had been played in 1971, on the fifth day of a washed out Test between Australia and England in Melbourne.

#Fact 3

India also won the 2011 tournament. Pakistan (1992) and Sri Lanka (1996) are the only other winners.

#Fact 4

Allan Border’s Australia won the first of their four titles in 1987, sparking a period of dominance by the side in both one-day and test cricket for the next 20 years.

#Fact 5

Afghanistan will make their World Cup debut, having played three World Twenty20 tournaments.

#Fact 6

New Zealand and Australia will host 21 pool matches each, amongst 14 venues, seven in each country. It is the second time the two countries have co-hosted the tournament, having previously done so in 1992.

#Fact 7

New Zealand will host one quarter-final in Wellington and one semi-final in Auckland.

#Fact 8

There are two groups of seven teams playing a round robin format, with the top four in each pool making the quarter-finals, which will be straight knockouts.

#Fact 9

The final will be at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, only the second venue after Lord’s in London, to host more than one final.

#Fact 10

They can possibly reach the final in Melbourne without having played any of their games in Australia. The two co-hosts are in the same pool and play that match on February 28 in Auckland.

#Fact 11

Australia’s Glenn McGrath has the most wickets, 71 in 39 matches. McGrath also has the best bowling figures of 7-15 against Namibia in 2003.

#Fact 12

India’s Sachin Tendulkar is the leading run scorer with 2,278 runs in 45 matches and has scored the most centuries (six). He also holds the record for most runs in one tournament, 673 from 11 matches in 2003.

#Fact 13

The highest score in a World Cup match is 413-5 by India against Bermuda in 2007, while the lowest is 36 by Canada against Sri Lanka in 2003.

#Fact 14

South Africa’s Gary Kirsten has the highest score in a World Cup match, making 188 not out against UAE in 1996.

#Fact 15

Australia’s Ricky Ponting has taken 28 catches, the most by a non-wicketkeeper.

#Fact 16

Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist has the most dismissals, 52 from 31 matches (45 catches, seven stumpings), though he could be overtaken by Sri Lanka’s Kumar Sangakkara (46) in this tournament.

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World Cup Fantasy – 3 Teams Who Never Made To Finals

Excitement and uncertainty are synonymous to cricket along with the world cup cricket games. We can see numerous instances when extremely strong teams have lost their match to their weaker opponents.

The cricketing and the world cup fantasy league universe of 11wickets.comhave seen many up and down throughout the years, particularly in the most vital tournament, the ICC World Cup. 20 nations have taken part in the event if you consider all the editions. But, the coveted trophy has been overcome only by five teams until now. The teams are West Indies, India, Australia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

There are several ODI fantasy world cup teams who have fought to withstand the pressure of playing against the best teams and have never made it to the knock-out stage. However, a few cricketing superpowers make it to the semi-finals several times. However they have didn’t go on and secure the trophy.

Here is a list of three teams for the cricket world cup fantasy league fans who have made it to the semi-finals but have failed to seize the cup even once.

Team South Africa

South Africa has been one of the most powerful limited-overs teams worldwide ever since their debut in 1991 against India. The Proteas have developed extraordinary all-rounders and bowlers in international cricket. And they have been one of the most challenging team to beat in ODI.

The team played their first World Cup in 1992. They made it to the semi-finals before losing to England in one of the most debatable games ever played. South Africa needed 22 runs off 13 balls when rain disrupted the game. When they started again the target was revised to 22 runs off 1 ball, according to Duckworth Lewis method.

The Proteas have taken part in seven editions of World Cup. They have made it to the top 4 four times – 1992, 1999, 2007 and 2015. However, they have never won the trophy.

English Cricket Team

Cricket has its roots in England. Amazingly though, the inventors have never had the opportunity to lift the World Cup trophy in spite of having played in all the 11 editions.

The English team is definitely one of the balanced teams in the ODI version of the game. The side managed to get to the semi-finals five times in the first five editions of the tournament – 1975, 1979, 1983, 1987 and 1992, however, couldn’t get the trophy.

Furthermore, the English team has also made it to the final of the tournament on three occasions – 1979, 1987 and 1992, sadly winding up on the losing side.

New Zealand Cricket team

New Zealand happens to be an incredible team in ODI, mainly because of its significant all-rounders. The Kiwis have always smacked above their weight in the World Cup and have often amazed everyone with their ambitious brand of cricket.

This island nation has taken part in all the 11 editions of the World Cup, getting to the semi-finals seven times – 1975, 1979, 1992, 1999, 2007, 2011 and 2015, which happened to be a joint world record together with the Kangaroos.

Furthermore, the Black Caps managed to get to the finals in the last edition of World Cup, losing to arch-rivals Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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World Cup Fantasy Cricket Facts for Online Cricket Gamers

The month of May is the season of rejoice for the world cup fantasy cricket players. The ICC Cricket World Cup is one of the major international cricket tournaments. It was first organized on June 1975 in England by the International Cricket Council. This tournament occurs every four years and thus it becomes one of the most exciting and watched tournaments in the world in the field of cricket.

England was the first country to hold the first 3 World Cup until 1987. It was after 1987 other nations had a share to host the Cricket World Cup under an unofficial rotation system. The ICC permits all members to play in the World Cup but only top 10 teams in the ranking are chosen for it and leftover teams to have to compete in ICC World Cup Qualifier to participate in Cricket World Cup. We all know that this year is trick-n-treat for those who play ODI fantasy world cup. So are you not excited that the teams have started their practice for the tournament in full swing?

Let us know about all the notable records set by cricketers and teams:

Team records

Most Cricket World Cup wins: Australia – 5

Australia has an amazing history in the Cricket World Cup! So far, 11 World Cups has been held and the Australian cricket team has won the tournament on 5 occasions. This includes three consecutive wins between 1999-2007.

Highest successful run chase: Ireland vs. England (2011) – 329-7

At World Cup 2011, the game between England and Ireland has been classic. The cricket team of Ireland had pulled off an amazing victory after their pitiful score of 111 runs and 5 wickets down. Kevin O’Brien had hit the fastest century in the history of the world cup, 113 of 63 balls. The team reached their target of 328 runs with 5 balls remaining. The highest successful run chase ever at a World Cup!

Highest team score: Australia vs. Afghanistan (2015) – 417-6

During World Cup 2015, Australia not only defeated Afghanistan but also became the team to score highest runs in the World Cup. They set an amazing huge score of 417/6. In reply, Afghanistan could just score 142 runs as they were all out. The margin of victory was 275 runs, which is again the highest recorded in World Cup.

Individual Records

Most runs scored at the Cricket World Cup: Sachin Tendulkar – 2,278

Who can make the most runs record other than our very own, little master? Sachin Tendulkar has scored 2278 runs in the tournament.

Fastest double century: Chris Gayle vs. Zimbabwe (2015) – 215

West Indies terrific opener Chris Gayle hit the fastest double century in World Cup 2015 against Zimbabwe. Gayle went on to hit a total of 16 sixes in 147 balls and made 215 runs.

Most sixes scored at the Cricket World Cup: AB de Villiers and Chris Gayle – 37

Skilled batsmen AB de Villiers from South African cricket team and Chris Gayle from West Indies hold the record of hitting 37 sixes till date in all the 11 World Cups.

Most wickets were taken at the Cricket World Cup: Glenn McGrath – 71

Australian pacer, Glenn McGrath lifted the trophy three times. Between his debut at the World Cup in 1996 and his final appearance in 2007, McGrath has taken 71 wickets in 39 games.

Most wickets in consecutive balls: Lasith Malinga v South Africa (2007) – 4

Lasith Malinga had set a new World Cup record by dismissing 4 players in consecutive 4 balls. The opponent team, South Africa, had just 4 runs left to reach their target and victory. But with one wicket left, victory came to the South African team.

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ODI Fantasy World Cup – First World Cup History

Cricket world cup 2019 will be held from May 30 to July 14. This time, in the first round of ODI fantasy world cup tournament ten test playing cricket teams, will play. The top four teams will march into the semi-finals.

The participating teams are England, Australia, Bangladesh, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and West Indies. England will host the cricket world cup fantasy league for this season.

Today let us talk about the events which led into starting this fantasy cricket world cup championship. Read on:

1912 is the year when the first attempt of any kind of championship had been taken. A three-way tournament involving the teams of test playing nations had been held between Australia, England and South Africa.

The idea of a competition involving all three nations playing Test cricket (Australia, England and South Africa) was proposed at the first meeting of the Imperial Cricket Council in July 1909. The original proposal was for a tournament to be held every four years, with the first hosted by England in 1912.

For a variety of reasons, the tournament was not a success. The summer of that year was one of the wettest since records began in 1766. Rainfall in the three months of June, July and August was more than twice the annual average, and August 1912, was the coldest, dullest and wettest August of the 20th century. This experiment between the cricket playing nations were dropped almost due to bad weather and was not repeated again till 1975.

First Cricket World Cup 1975

The first World Cup was organised in England on June 1975, with the first ODI cricket match having been played only four years earlier. However, a separate Women’s Cricket World Cup had been held two years before the first men’s tournament. England hosted the first three World Cups. From the 1987 tournament onwards, the hosting has been shared between nations under an unofficial rotation system, with fourteen test playing members having hosted at least one match in the tournament.

The first world cup was named as Prudential world cup, sponsored by Prudential Plc. During those days one day match consisted of 60 overs (6 balls / over).

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