Fantasy Cricket World Cup – History of World Cup Trophy

The biggest tournament of cricket, World Cup 2019 is not very far. On 30th May 2019, the cricket world cup will commence for more than 45 days. This is the time when fantasy cricket world cup fans will be able to show their cricket knowledge and earn exciting prizes.

Every world cup leaves loads of special memories for the ODI fantasy world cup fans. The history of cricket is old but the history of this tournament dates back to 1975. It was the year when 7 nations started competing in the biggest cricket tournament. The oldest 7 nations who played at the first edition of the world cup are Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and West Indies.

Everyone who plays world cup fantasy game and watches cricket must have seen the first world cup trophy. As Indians, how can we forget the moment when Kapil Dev and team lifted their first WC trophy in 1983? That was one of the most glorious moments for all Indians. The trophy during that time was different. Prudential Cup Trophy was the name. The current name of the trophy is ICC trophy using World Cup 1999.

History of World Cup Trophy

The Prudential Cup

The first three editions of the World Cup held at England during 1975, 1979 and 1983. Prudential sponsored both the trophy and the cup. Windies lifted the Prudential Cup in the first two edition and India lifted it in the third edition.

The Reliance Cup

The venue of the world cup moved out of England into the sub-continent in 1987. The host was India and Pakistan and the new sponsor was Reliance. The young and aggressive Australian team lifted up the Reliance Cup.

Benson and Hedges World Cup

World Cup 1992 moved to Australia and New Zealand. For the first time all the matches were in colour clothes. Also, bowlers used white cricket balls to bowl. 9 teams participated during this world cup. Pakistan won the cup with some awe-inspiring leadership by Imran Khan. The trophy had been made of crystal and it is the only trophy which did not have any type of metal on it.

Wills World Cup

India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka hosted the world cup. 12 teams participated for the first time and also quarter-finals introduced. Arjuna Ranatunga led an unbeaten Sri Lankan team to become the World Champion in 1996. This is the only time till now that a co-host team has won the trophy.

ICC World Cup Trophy

The existing Trophy awarded to the winners of the ICC Cricket World Cup shaped for the 1999 championships. It is the first permanent prize in the tournament’s history.

A team of craftsmen from Garrad, the Crown Jewellers, developed the trophy. It was designed and produced in London within two months.

The world cup cricket games trophy is 65cm high, made from silver and gold and features a golden globe held up by three silver columns. The columns, shaped as stumps and bails, represent the three fundamental aspects of cricket: batting, bowling and fielding, while the globe represents the world and a cricket ball. The trophy is designed so that it can be instantly recognized from any angle.

The trophy weighs approximately 11 kilograms and has the names of the previous winners inscribed on its base. There is still room for a further ten teams to have their name inscribed on the base.

The International Cricket Council always keeps the actual trophy. A replica is presented to the winning team, which is identical in all aspects apart from the inscription of the previous champions.

In 1999, the trophy won by the Indian cricket team at the 1983 World Cup was damaged during a violent rampage on the Indian cricket board’s headquarters by the Hindu nationalist political group.

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Cricket World Cup Fantasy 2019 – Sri Lankan Squad

Sri Lanka is one of the oldest initial nations participating in the world cup. The history of Sri Lankan cricket dates back to 1800s. The first recorded cricket match had been played in 1832. The universe of cricket world cup fantasy league knew Sri Lanka as Ceylon in those days.

Sri Lanka began participating in the cricket world cup from the inaugural season of the tournament in 1975. Thy lost against West Indies by 9 wickets during that world cup tournament. However, they succeeded in grabbing the attention of cricket lovers with an excellent display against Australia. The world cup fantasy league cricket fans of the nation rejoiced when they succeeded in winning the cup after 21 years in 1996.

For two other occasions, the Sri Lankan team reached the finals ODI fantasy world cup. However, they lost on both occasions, in 2007 against Australia and in 2011 against India to be runners-up.

Let us take a look at the declared Sri Lankan squad for world cup cricket 2019. Read on:


Dimuth Karunaratne (Captain)
Age – 31
Matches Played – 17
Runs – 190
Highest Score – 60
Average – 15.83
Strike Rate – 68.59
50s/100s – 1/0

Avishka Fernando
Age – 21
Matches Played – 5
Runs – 71
Highest Score – 29
Average – 14.2
Strike Rate – 89.87

Lahiru Thirimanne
Age – 29
Matches Played – 117
Runs – 2916
Highest Score – 139
Average – 34.71
Strike Rate – 71.12
50s/100s –20


Angelo Mathews (Batting All-rounder)
Age – 32
Matches Played – 203
Runs – 5380
Highest Score – 139
Average – 42.36
Strike Rate – 83.41
50s/100s – 37/2
Wickets – 114
Best bowling figures – 6/20
Economy – 4.62

Dhananjaya de Silva (Batting All-rounder)
Age – 27
Matches Played – 32
Runs – 681
Highest Score – 84
Average – 26.19
Strike Rate – 77.65
50s/100s – 4/0
Wickets – 15
Best bowling figures – 3/41
Economy – 5.36

Isuru Udana (Batting All-rounder)
Age – 31
Matches Played – 5
Runs – 110
Highest Score – 78
Average – 55.0
Strike Rate – 115.79
50s/100s – 1/0
Wickets – 2
Best bowling figures – 2/50
Economy – 6.41

Milinda Siriwardana (Batting All-rounder)
Age – 33
Matches Played – 26
Runs – 513
Highest Score – 66
Average – 23.32
Strike Rate – 98.46
50s/100s – 3/0
Wickets – 9
Best bowling figures – 2/27
Economy – 5.4

Thisara Perera (Bowling All-rounder)
Age – 30
Matches Played – 153
Runs – 2147
Highest Score – 140
Average – 20.64
Strike Rate – 112.35
50s/100s – 10/0
Wickets – 169
Best bowling figures – 6/44
Economy –5.86

Jeevan Mendis (Bowling All-rounder)
Age – 36
Matches Played – 54
Runs – 604
Highest Score – 72
Average – 20.13
Strike Rate – 85.07
50s/100s – 1/0
Wickets – 28
Best bowling figures – 3/15
Economy –5.09


Kusal Perera (Keeper)
Age – 28
Matches Played – 88
Runs – 2283
Highest Score – 135
Average – 28.9
Strike Rate – 90.81
50s/100s – 11/4

Kusal Mendis
Age – 24
Matches Played – 62
Runs – 1626
Highest Score – 102
Average – 28.03
Strike Rate – 84.82
50s/100s –14/1


Jeffrey Vandersay
Age – 29
Matches Played – 11
Wickets – 10
Best bowling figures – 3/50
Average – 43.0
Economy – 5.75

Lasith Malinga
Age – 35
Matches Played – 218
Wickets – 322
Best bowling figures – 6/38
Average – 29.03
Economy – 5.34
5-wickets hauls – 8

Suranga Lakmal
Age – 32
Matches Played – 81
Wickets – 105
Best bowling figures – 4/13
Average – 31.63
Economy – 5.41

Nuwan Pradeep
Age – 32
Matches Played – 34
Wickets – 38
Best bowling figures – 3/28
Average – 41.87
Economy – 6.13

*Records have been compiled as on April 26, 2019

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Fantasy Cricket World Cup 2019 – England Squad

Though IPL season is still on-going, all the 10 nations are slowly and steadily preparing for Cricket World Cup 2019. Even the fans of fantasy cricket world cup are waiting for the biggest tournament of cricket

And their wait is slowly bearing fruits. To the joy of ODI fantasy world cup fans, the playing nations are releasing their squad now. England team has also released their initial World Cup squad. The England team is ranking the first in the world ODI cricket ranks since long.

Playing with a fantasy world cup team in the world cup is going to be fun for cricket lovers this year. This is because of the inclusion of new and talented young cricketers.

Like many other players from the playing nations, several England’s players are making the first appearance in world cup cricket game. Here’s a detailed look at the 15 member England Cricket team and their player profiles which will help you know them better.


  1. EoinMorgan (Captain) – Opening Batsman
    Age – 32
    Matches Played – 216
    Runs – 6813
    Highest Score – 124
    Average – 38.93
    Strike Rate – 89.74
    50s/100s – 43/12
    Previous World Cup Appearance – 2007, 2011, 2015

2. Jason Roy – Opening Batsman
Age – 28
Matches Played – 72
Runs – 2661
Highest Score – 180
Average –38.57
Strike Rate – 105.51
50s/100s – 12/7
Previous World Cup Appearance – None

  1. Joe Root – Opening Batsman
    Age –28
    Matches Played – 125
    Runs – 5090
    Highest Score – 133
    Average – 50.9
    Strike Rate – 86.7
    50s/100s – 29/14
    Previous World Cup Appearance – 2015
  2. Alex Hales – Opening Batsman
    Age –30
    Matches Played – 69
    Runs – 2419
    Highest Score – 171
    Average – 37.8
    Strike Rate – 95.73
    50s/100s – 14/6
    Previous World Cup Appearance – 2015


  1. Ben Stokes – Batting All-rounder
    Age –27
    Matches Played – 79
    Runs – 2088
    Highest Score – 102
    Average – 36.63
    Strike Rate – 93.84
    50s/100s – 14/3
    Wickets – 63
    Best bowling figures – 5/61
    Economy – 6.14
    Previous World Cup Appearance – None
  2. Moeen Ali – Batting All-rounder
    Age –31
    Matches Played – 91
    Runs – 1645
    Highest Score – 128
    Average – 26.11
    Strike Rate – 103.52
    50s/100s – 5/3
    Wickets – 78

Best bowling figures – 4/46
Economy –5.22
Previous World Cup Appearance – 2015

  1. Joe Denly – Batting All-rounder
    Age –33
    Matches Played – 9
    Runs – 268
    Highest Score – 67
    Average – 29.78
    Strike Rate – 65.53
    50s/100s – 2/0
    Previous World Cup Appearance – None
  2. Chris Woakes – Bowling All-rounder
    Age –30
    Matches Played – 83
    Runs – 1039
    Highest Score – 95
    Average – 26.64
    Strike Rate – 90.43
    50s/100s – 4/0
    Wickets – 116
    Best bowling figures – 6/45
    Economy – 5.61
    Previous World Cup Appearance – 2015
  3. Tom Curran –Bowling All-rounder
    Age –24
    Matches Played – 13
    Runs – 71
    Highest Score – 35
    Average – 23.67
    Strike Rate – 109.23
    Wickets – 18
    Best bowling figures – 5/35
    Economy – 6.26
    Previous World Cup Appearance – None
  4. David Willey – Bowling All-rounder
    Age –29
    Matches Played – 42
    Runs – 245
    Highest Score – 50
    Average – 18.85
    Strike Rate – 84.48
    50s/100s – 1/0
    Wickets – 48

Best bowling figures – 4/34
Economy – 5.67
Previous World Cup Appearance – None


  1. Jonny Bairstow – Wicket Keeper Batsman
    Age –29
    Matches Played – 58
    Runs – 2118
    Highest Score – 141
    Average – 46.04
    Strike Rate – 105.01
    50s/100s – 8/6
    Previous World Cup Appearance – None
  2. Jos Buttler (Keeper) – Wicket Keeper Batsman
    Age –28
    Matches Played – 126
    Runs – 3387
    Highest Score – 150
    Average – 40.81
    Strike Rate – 118.34
    50s/100s – 18/7
    Previous World Cup Appearance – 2015


  1. Liam Plunkett
    Age – 34
    Matches Played – 77
    Wickets – 116
    Best bowling figures – 5/52
    Average – 30.66
    Economy – 5.88
    5-wickets hauls – 1
    Previous World Cup Appearance –2007
  2. Adil Rashid
    Age – 31
    Matches Played – 82
    Wickets – 3807
    Best bowling figures – 5/27
    Average – 29.74
    Economy – 5.58
    5-wickets hauls – 2
    Previous World Cup Appearance –None
  3. Mark Wood
    Age – 29
    Matches Played – 39
    Wickets – 41
    Best bowling figures – 4/33
    Average – 45.17
    Economy – 5.59
    Previous World Cup Appearance –None

*Records have been compiled as on April 18, 2019

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IPL Fantasy Cricket – Best One-Handed Catches

Ever since the inception of the IPL T20 fantasy cricket, it has been the richest and most popular cricket league around the globe. In cricket, fielding contributes equally to winning a match for a side as its batting and bowling.

IPL matches and IPL fantasy cricket games have helped to revolutionise the concept of this short format of cricket. Over the years, the fielders have taken some brilliant catches and have shown some amazing aerobatics skills to fans.

In all the catches, the most brilliants ones are the catches which the fans’ eyes catch. Every single handed catch becomes a moment of rejoicing for fans sitting in the stadium along with IPL fantasy league fans.

Let us take a look at the best single-handed catches in the IPL T20 cricket game history. Read on:

Trent Boult vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

This one is said to be the best catch in the history of IPL. The New Zealand bowler, Trent Boult is the first in our list. During IPL 2018, in match Delhi Daredevils was playing against RCB, Trent Boult stole the show for his one-handed catch. Boult caught Virat Kohli’s ball single-handed. He caught Kohli’s potential boundary on the line keeping his nose in-field.

Kieron Pollard vs Chennai Super Kings

The Trinidadian cricketer and the aggressive all-rounder, Kieron Pollard is popular for his acrobatic fielding efforts. In this IPL 2019, Pollard shows off his brilliant acrobatic skills again to the fans. On 3rd April 2019, during the 15th IPL match, while playing against CSK Pollard dismissed one of its top order batsmen.

He dismissed Suresh Raina of CSK. During the 5thover, Raina’s bat connected flawlessly with a length ball and it flew towards deep cover. Pollard, who was positioned in front of the boundary line, pulled off a spectacular catch and CSK lost their third wicket. It was a marvellous moment to watch.

Faf du Plessis vs Mumbai Indians

The South African right-handed batsman, Faf du Plessis is the third in our list of fielders with the best one-hand catch. During IPL 2015, it was the match between the two strongest teams of the tournament, CSK and MI. CSK bowler caught the ball of MI batsman Corey Anderson. Anderson came to bat for his side MI at number 3 but could stay long at the crease, thanks to the one-handed catch by du Plessis.

Anderson pulled a short length delivery from Nehra of CSK but couldn’t quite middle it. The ball flew straight over the head of Nehra into no-man’s land.  But, du Plessis ran in from mid-off and took a single handed catch.

Sanju Samson vs Mumbai Indians

During the last IPL season in 2018, the Rajasthan Royals player Sanju Samson added another stunner to the list of one-handed catch. Playing against Mumbai Indians, Samson covered a lot of ground and dive full stretch to take a single-handed catch and sent Hardik Pandya of MI to pavilion for 36 runs.

Ricky Ponting vs Mumbai Indians

The Australian star played in IPL 2013 for a few matches for Delhi Daredevils. But he left an incredible mark by taking a single-handed catch. Unmukt Chand of MI tried to flick a delivery by Harbhajan Singh of DD to the leg side. However, it took a leading edge and flew towards extra cover where Ponting flung himself in the air, after slipping during his run, to take a brilliant one-handed catch.

*Records have been compiled as on April 17, 2019

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IPL Fantasy Cricket League – Cricketers Dismissed at 99

If you are a regular IPL fantasy cricket fan, you know that IPL centuries are treated to eyes. Though since 2008 we watch IPL matches almost every day during April-May, IPL century isn’t something we witness every day!

Till now numerous cricketers have played IPL. But just a few of them have succeeded to score a century. Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli and Shane Watson are the top centurions in the IPL fantasy cricket history.

If we include this season, though still, initial rounds are on-going, there have been 55 centuries scored by players. There have been only two players who got out on 99 since the beginning of the IPL fantasy league.

Read on those two incidents where the cricketer got dismissed on that nervous number in T20 cricket game.

Virat Kohli against Delhi Daredevils

The season was IPL 2013, 57th match and date was 10th May 2013. Royal Challengers Bangalore was playing against Delhi Daredevils, which is rechristened this year as Delhi Capitals. The venue was Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi.

DD won the toss and elected to field first, giving the batting opportunity to their guest. RCB scored 183 from 20 overs. On the last ball of their innings, RCB skipper Virat Kohli got run-out on 99. The last over saw him scoring 2-4-4-6-6 from the first five balls. While trying to sneak a double in the last ball, he fell short of a much deserving ton by 1 run.

Kohli faced 58 balls before getting run out. His strike rate was 170.68 and his innings included 10 boundaries and 4 sixes. Despite his century miss though, RCB had beaten DD by 4 runs.

Prithvi Shaw against Kolkata Knight Riders

This time again the ground was same, Feroz Shah Kotla in Delhi. It was the 10th match of this season, IPL 2019, on 30th March 2019. Young Prithvi Shaw of Delhi Capitals got dismissed on 99 after a remarkable batting show. Invited to bat first by DD, KKR scored 185 runs from 20 overs.

Chasing 186, Prithvi Shaw was in great form right from the first ball. In the 19th over, when he mis-hit a pull off Lockie Ferguson, he was caught by Karthik on 99. Shaw missed the milestone of becoming the youngest-ever century-maker in IPL history. His strike rate was 180.00 and his century included 12 boundaries and 3 sixes.

*Records have been compiled as on April 13, 2019

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IPL Fantasy League –Emerging Player of Each Season

For the ardent cricket fans and the IPL fantasy league lovers, IPL is the most popular T20 cricket league around the globe. Spreading its extravaganza, it is the breath of fresh air during the torrid Indian summer. Also, it offers the perfect platform for the budding cricket talent to demonstrate their talent to the entire world.

Every year, BCCI recognizes new talents. They award the most prominent young talent at each IPL season with “Emerging Player of the Year” award. These players are also encouraged by the IPL fantasy cricket fans. Moreover, these young talents have to pass certain age criteria and experience condition to be the future star.

You as the IPL T20 fantasy cricket fans might remember the transition of this award. During the inaugural season of IPL in 2008, this award was “Best U-19 Player” and it was “Best U-23 Player” in IPL 2009 & 2010. It has also been known as the “Under-23 Success of the Tournament” in 2009 & 2010. In the year 2011 & 2012, it has been known as “Rising Star of the Year”, while, “Best Young Player of the Season” in 2013. At last, since 2014, the name “Emerging Player of the Year” came to existence.

Let us now glance on the list of successful “Emerging Player of the Year” for each of the IPL season. Read on:

Shreevats Goswami – Royal Challengers Bangalore

The first season of IPL had“Best U-19 Player” award and it was won by ShreevatsGoswami, who represented Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL 2008. He scored just 82 runs from his 3 innings, including a Man of the Match award and a half-century.

Rohit Sharma – Deccan Chargers

With 362 runs and 11 wickets from 16 matches in IPL 2009, Rohit Sharma won the “Best U-23 Player” award. He was playing for Deccan Chargers, which won the IPL in that edition.

Saurabh Tiwary – Mumbai Indians

With the guidance of Sachin Tendulkar, Jharkhand’s Saurabh Tiwary could show his batting skills in IPL 2010. He scored 419 runs in 16 matches, which included 3 half-centuries. He won “Under-23 Success of the Tournament” award that season.

Iqbal Abdulla – Kolkata Knight Riders

The left-arm spinner ascertained to be a dark horse for KKR in IPL 2011 edition of IPL. With 16 wickets from 15 matches, Iqbal Abdulla won the “Rising Star of the Year” award. Remarkably, KKR reached the top-four spot for the first time in this season of IPL.

Mandeep Singh – Kings XI Punjab

Playing for KXIP in IPL 2012, Mandeep Singh impressed the T20 cricket game fans by his 432 runs from 16 matches. His tournament included 2 half-centuries and “Rising Star of the Year” award.

Sanju Samson – Rajasthan Royals

In IPL 2013, young Sanju Samson did a brilliant job with both bat and gloves. He was playing for Rajasthan Royals. From 11 matches, Sanju scored 206 runs and inflicted 6 dismissals behind the stumps. He won the “Best Young Player of the Season” award.

Axar Patel – Kings XI Punjab

During IPL 2014, the budding talent and left-arm spinner Axar Patel played a terrific role for KXIP. He took 17 wickets in 17 matches and won the “Emerging Player of the Year” award. This was the first time in IPL KXIP reached the finale but lost the game to KKR.

Shreyas Iyer – Delhi Daredevils

This Mumbai-lad made his name in IPL by representing Delhi Daredevils in IPL 2015. Throughout the tournament, Iyer played an important role for the team by scoring 439 runs from 14 games. Following his impressive performance, Iyer received “Emerging Player of the Year” award.

Mustafizur Rahman – Sunrisers Hyderabad

He is the first non-Indian player of IPL to receive “Emerging Player of the Year” award. In IPL 2016 MustafizurRahman from Bangladesh played for Sunrisers Hyderabad. The left-arm pacer took 17 wickets in 16 games during the entire tournament.

Basil Thampi – Gujarat Lions

Basil Thampi got to represent Gujarat Lions during IPL 2017. In the entire tournament of that season, he was impressive with his pace bowling. He took 11 wickets in 12 matches and won “Emerging Player of the Year” award.

Rishabh Pant – Delhi Daredevils

Delhi Daredevils retained Rishabh Pant for the IPL 2018. And Pant proved his word by making 684 runs in the tournament. Despite his great effort, team Delhi ended at the bottom. Pant’s achievement includes a century and 5 half-centuries and “Emerging Player of the Year” award.

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IPL Fantasy League – Players with Most Sixes

The stage is on the fireworks, as the 12thedition of the glitzy IPL fantasy league is continuing at full swing. Cricket-mad fans wait impatiently these days to watch their favourite players whack massive sixes. And send the cricket ball flying into the stands.

The shortest format of the game is indeed a nightmare for the bowlers who are being hit for maximums every now and then by the batsmen. However, the moment a batsman slams a six it pushes the overall adrenaline quotient up a few notches. It is the exciting moment for the fans who are sitting in the stadium or fans playing IPL fantasy cricket.

Here is a list compiled for IPL T20 fantasy cricket fans about players hitting most sixes in all these years. Wondering which two names will be on the top? Here is the end of your speculation. Read on:

Chris Gayle

It is absolutely no surprise for the fantasy cricket game fans that Chris Gayle is the “King” of sixes. It will take a few years for the second player in this list to match Gayle’s record. In 115 matches, he has hit clean 302 sixes. Wondering where does he get this energy to whack the balls and beat the bowlers? We are wondering too.

AB de Villiers

Yes, the South African legend, ABD – AB de Villiers is taking the second spot in this list. But we have already told you that he cannot touch Gayle’s record for a few years more. In 145 matches, he has hit 192 sixes. Interestingly, the first and second spot of this list has been captured by players of Royal Challengers Bangalore.

MS Dhoni

The finisher and the skipper of Chennai Super Kings are the third in this list. MS Dhoni is near to the record of ABD. In 179 matches, he has hit 191 sixes. So, we sure can see a tough competition for the second spot at the end of this IPL season.

Suresh Raina

This stylish cricketer of Chennai Super Kings is another close contender for the second spot this year. Suresh Raina like his team skipper has played in 180 matches so far and has hit 188 sixes. Raina is the fourth in this list.

Rohit Sharma

The extraordinarily-talented Rohit Sharma is fifth on this list. Playing for Mumbai Indians, in 177 matches, he has hit 185 sixes. There are not many who can match the striking abilities of this cricketer.

Virat Kohli

The flamboyant Virat Kohli of Royal Challengers Bangalore can easily surpass his rivals to take the second spot in this 12th edition of IPL.In 167 matches, he has hit 178 sixes.

*Records have been compiled as on April 5 2019

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4 Indian Players With Two Or More IPL Centuries

Two weeks is over in the 12th edition of IPL. Every cricketer looks to make his mark in IPL as it allows him quickly appeal to the IPL fantasy cricket fans and in particular the selectors all over the world. Therefore, a batsman tries to score as many runs he can in an IPL season. Particularly, scoring a century in a brilliant league like IPL represents a significant accomplishment.

If the IPL T20 cricket fans recollect, about 53 centuries have been registered in IPL history with Chris Gayle alone hitting six of them. Like Gayle, a number of players have scored multiple centuries in their IPL career. Amongst the players with multiple centuries, read on four Indian players who have hit two or more centuries in their IPL fantasy cricket career.

Sanju Samson

Sanju Samson, the right-handed batsman of Rajasthan was too harsh on Bhuvneshwar Kumar last week in IPL 2019. He smashed Kumar  for 24 runs during the 18th over of first innings. It was Samson’s second century in his IPL career as he scored 102* off 55 with the strike rate of 185.45.

But, a solid century opening collaboration between David Warner and Johny Bairstow within the 1st ten overs of the second innings got SRH victory.

Let us rattle our IPL fantasy league fans’memory, earlier in IPL 2017, Samson had scored his maiden IPL century against Rising Pune Supergiant (RPS). Playing for Delhi Daredevils (now Delhi Capitals), Samson scored 102 runs off 63 balls and really helped his team to post a target of 206. In reply, Pune just scored 108 as Delhi won the match at ease by 97 runs.

Murali Vijay

Murali Vijay began his IPL T20 cricket game career with CSK. In IPL 2010 he scored 458 runs in 15 matches. He played a pivotal role in CSK winning their maiden IPL trophy. During this edition, in a match between CSK and RR, Vijay scored his maiden IPL century as he scored 127 runs off 56 balls with 11 sixes.

He scored his second IPL century in 2012 against Delhi Daredevils. He scored 113 runs off 58 balls with the strike rate of 194.82. Vijay became the first Indian player to score two centuries in the history of IPL.

Virender Sehwag

Representing Delhi Daredevils,  Virender Sehwag scored his maiden IPL century in the IPL 2011 season. He scored 119 runs from 56 balls against Deccan Chargers with an explosive strike rate of 212.50. In IPL 2014, he represented Kings XI Punjab and scored 122 runs off 58 balls with an impressive strike rate of 210.34.

Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli has been associated with RCB since the start of IPL. Kohli’s century list in the order they were scored is like this – 100* off 63 against Gujarat Lions. 108*off 58 against Rising Pune Supergiant. 109 off 55 against Gujarat Lions again and 113 off 50 against Kings XI Punjab. All his centuries came in IPL 2016.

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IPL Fantasy Cricket League – 3 Incidents of Unique Sportsmanship

The 12th season of IPL got on the move with CSK defeating RCB by 7 wickets in a low scoring affair on 23rd March. The T20 cricket game following this augural match saw a number of big-hitting by Rishabh Pant and Andre Russell who single-handedly backed for their team’s victory.

Victories and defeats are part of any game. The gesture of any player on the field can be an example for the other players. IPL fantasy cricket is a fast game. Incidents in this T20 cricket sport occurs within moments.

Cricket is always said to be the game of gentleman. To promote sportsman spirit in IPL, teams have been awarded Fair Play Award after every season of the tournament. It is for the team with the best record in terms of fair play. The board decides winner calculating the points they get in every match distributed by the umpires. The criteria for accumulation points are like good rapport with the opposition, obeying to the rules along with respecting the decision of the umpires.

Chennai Super Kings have won this Fair Play Award six times in 11 seasons. In the last season IPL 2018, Mumbai Indians won this award. Read on three instances where the spirit of the game and IPL fantasy league was held high.

David Warner hand over the shoe to a bowler in the midway of taking a run

The IPL T20 fantasy cricket fans might remember this one. Sunrisers Hyderabad was playing their second match at IPL 2017 in their home ground. They had a convincing victory against the RCB in the opening IPL match. In the second one, they were facing Gujarat Lions. SRH won the toss and sent Gujarat to bat first, where Gujarat managed to score just 135 runs. The target was easy for Hyderabad with David Warner and Moises Henriques after they lost Shikhar Dhawan early.

One episode that was cherished was the gesture displayed by Warner during the chase. During the tenth over of the match, Henriques pushed the ball down the ground bowled by Basil Thampi. Thampi, in an attempt to prevent the ball, dropped his shoe. Warner, who was at the non-striker’s end, halted between the wickets to hand over the shoe and then finished the run. Henriques was taken aback for a moment, uninformed of what had taken place.

An incident of jersey swapping

Kings XI Punjab took over Mumbai Indians at Wankhede stadium in one of the league matches last season, IPL 2018. MI batted first and scored 186 runs in 20 overs. In reply, KXIP scored 34 in the first four overs before Chris Gayle departed and Aaron Finch came to the field. Finch and KL Rahul put up a crucial 111-run partnership for the second wicket of Punjab. With Finch dismissed by JaspritBumrah, the middle order crumbled after this which resulted in Punjab losing by 3 runs. KL Rahul’s heroic effort with the bat went in vain.

After the match, HardikPandyaof MI and Rahul of KXIP exchanged their jerseys as a goodwill gesture. This is the first time something like this has occurred in cricket but is a common customary in football. This was broadly valued in the cricketing world.

Hashim Amla walks off despite the opposition not appealing

HashimAmla always has been the player to take into consideration in all the formats. It was the match in the M Chinnaswamy Stadium against RCB in IPL 2017. RCB won the toss and chose to ball. AniketChoudhary began the proceedings with the new ball and then HashimAmla edged one to the keeper while aiming to play a big drive. Nobody during a call appealed for it. Even wicket-keeper KedharJadhav didn’t appear too interested.

To their wonder, HashimAmla began walking off without waiting for the on-field call. This renewed the fact that the spirit of the game still is in existence. The entire stadium gave a standing ovation as Amla got back to the pavilion. Punjab defeated the Bangalore by 19 runs.

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IPL Fantasy Cricket 2019 – Batting average of CSK

Two-year suspension and then coming back with a bang! Chennai Super Kings has never failed to prove that the team is the king of IPL T20 cricket game. Considering all the IPL seasons, it is not very easy to track down the records of the currently playing batsmen of CSK for the IPL fantasy cricket fans.

Over the years, Chennai Super Kings have had different batsmen opening up the innings which would include Matthew Hayden, Mike Hussey, Murali Vijay, Brendon Mccullum, Faf Du Plessis, Dwayne Smith and many more. Each of these players has made their best and valuable contribution for the team with their bat.

Today, we are here to compile a short record for the IPL T20 fantasy cricket fans. Perhaps this is going to help them when they sit to select their fantasy cricket team for the next match of IPL 2019.

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Suresh Raina

The soul of CSK and the finest T20 batsman, Suresh Raina has been in the team since the advent of IPL in 2008. He is in the squad for this season too. And though he is making a slow start, we have confidence he is going to show his true IPL colours in the next match. Till date, he has played 149 matches and 145 innings, making 4193 runs and remaining not out in 23 innings. His highest score is 100*at an average of 34.36 with strike rate 138.88. He records one century and 29 half-centuries hitting 374 fours and 163 sixes. We think you are not leaving him out of your next IPL fantasy cricket league match.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

The next oldest player of CSK is its skipper, MS Dhoni. We are sure there is nothing to say to praise this wicketkeeper-batsman, who is with the team since first, IPL 2008. He is one of the great team manager, strategist and game finisher. Till date, Dhoni has played 147 matches and 132 innings, making 3474 runs and remaining not out in 50 innings. His highest score is 79*at an average of 42.36 with strike rate 140.02. He records 18 half-centuries hitting 244 fours and 157 sixes.

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Ravindra Jadeja

All-rounder of team Chennai, Ravindra Jadeja is giving his services to the team since 2012. During the two years CSK suspension from IPL, he has played for Gujarat Lions. Till date, Jadeja has played 88 matches and 61 innings, making 765 runs and remaining not out in 24 innings. His highest score is 48 at an average of 20.67 with strike rate 125.20. He records hitting 49 fours and 27 sixes.

Dwayne Bravo

The overseas all-rounder from Caribbean nation, Dwayne Bravo is in the team since IPL 2011. Till date, Bravo has played 79 matches and 56 innings, making 851 runs and remaining not out in 26 innings. His highest score is 68 at an average of 28.36 with strike rate 137.03. He records 2 half-centuries hitting 63 fours and 40 sixes.

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