Fantasy Cricket – Tales of Most Ducks in Test Career

The purest and longest form of cricket is the Test Cricket. It is the battle of cricketers from two teams spilling their talents on the crease and entertaining us for continuous five days. Along with the live matches the fantasy cricket games are also our entertainer during an on-going test match.

While the batsmen and bowlers play their own role in the field, sometimes they have to reverse their role as well. Like when all the major batsmen of a team have returned to pavilion, the bowlers have to bat and help in adding more runs to the team’s scoreboard and points to daily fantasy cricket players of 11wickets App.

Well, give glance to the bowlers who have hold the bat and scored the maximum ducks in their Test career. Just read on and play online fantasy cricket games and win prizes with your fantasy team.

CA Walsh – West Indies

Courtney Walsh, the former Jamaican fast bowler and the skipper of West Indies team for 22 test matches, sets the highest record of being out at zero run till now. In his career from 1984 to 2001, he played 132 matches and completed 185 innings. He remained not out in 61 scoring a total of 936 runs with 7.54 average and 30 runs being his highest. He scored duck in 43 matches.

CS Martin – New Zealand

Chris Martin is a former New Zealand cricketer and a right-arm fast-medium bowler. He played for the team from 2000 to 2013 and scored 36 ducks in total of his 71 matches played. He was not out in 52 matches scoring 123 runs with an average of 2.36.

GD McGrath – Australia

Glenn McGrath, the fast medium Australian bowler who played from 1993 to 2007 participated in 124 matches and 138 innings. He stayed on the crease playing in 51 matches while got out/ scored duck in 35 matches. Though he was a bowler, his highest score is 61 runs with an average of 7.36.

SK Warne – Australia

Shane Warne, widely regarded as one of the greatest bowlers in the history of the game, this Australian bowler played from 1992 to 2007 in 145 matches and 199 innings. His highest runs in 99 with 17.32 average with a total of 3154 runs. He remained not out in 17 matches while scored duck in 34.

M Muralitharan – Sri Lanka

Muttiah Muralitharan, the Sri Lankan bowler who is regarded as the greatest test bowler, played for the team and rocked the world cricket from 1992 to 2002. He played in 133 matches and 164 innings. He scored 1261 runs with 67 as his highest score and 11.67 average. He was not out in 56 matches and scored duck in 33.

SCJ Broad – England

Stuart Broad, the former English skipper and bowler, has a cricket career from 2007 to 2018. He played in 124 matches and 180 innings. He scored 3064 runs with 169 as his highest score and 19.39 average. He was not out in 22 matches and scored duck in 30.

Z Khan – India

Zaheer Khan is the former Indian cricketer who played from 2000 till 2014. He was the second-most successful Indian pace bowler in Test cricket, after Kapil Dev. He played in 92 matches and 127 innings. He scored 1231 runs with 75 as his highest score and 11.95 average. He was not out in 24 matches and scored duck in 29.

I Sharma – India

Ishant Sharma is the fast medium bowler who plays for the Indian team since 2007. . He has played in 87 matches and 120 innings. He scored 622 runs with 31* as his highest score and 8.07 average. He was not out in 43 matches and scored duck in 28.

M Dillon – West Indies

Mervyn Dillon, the Jamaican fast medium bowler, has played for the West Indies team from 1997 till 2004. . He played in 38 matches and 68 innings. He scored 549 runs with 43 as his highest score and 8.44 average. He was not out in 3 matches and scored duck in 26.

CEL Ambrose – West Indies

Sir Curtly Ambrose, another Jamaican right arm fast bowler, has played for the West Indies cricket team from 1988 to 2000. He played in 98 matches and 145 innings. He scored 1439 runs with 53 as his highest score and 12.40 average. He was not out in 29 matches and scored duck in 26.

*Records have been compiled as on December 31, 2019

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Fantasy Cricket – Most Catches in an Innings of ODI

If a team’s fielding performance is excellent, the team can win a match and you can win fantasy cricket games at 11wickets App.

Haven’t you witnessed any daily fantasy cricket match where the fielder of one cricket team and performed better than they have performed while batting and yet their good fielding has saved them from losing a match.

We hope to witness this sort of thrilling cricket match soon and play fantasy cricket with the same excitement.

Let’s make a list of those players who have taken maximum catches in one inning of an ODI match. Read on:

JN Rhodes – South Africa

Jonty Rhodes, the legendary South African batsman who was also known as one of the greatest fielder in the world of cricket, played in test cricket and ODI matches from 1992 to 2003. In the 4th Match of C.A.B. Jubilee Tournament (Hero Cup) at Mumbai on November 14 1993, playing against West Indies, Rhodes took 5 catches. South African team won that match by 41 runs.

Saleem Malik – Pakistan

The Pakistani cricketer and a right-handed middle order batsman for the team, Saleem Malik records of taking 4 catches in one innings. The match was against New Zealand, 3rd ODI during the New Zealand tour of Pakistan at Sialkot on December 2 1984. However, in spite of all good performance of Malik, New Zealand won the match by 34 runs.

SM Gavaskar – India

One of the greatest opening batsmen of all time and surely the most successful, Sunil Gavaskar is the third in our list. Playing against Pakistan, Gavaskar took 4 catches in the 1st Match of Rothmans Four-Nations Cup at Sharjah on March 22 1985. India won the match by 38 runs.

RB Richardson – West Indies

Sir Richie Richardson is the former cricketer and captain of the West Indies cricket team. While playing against England in the 1st ODI during West Indies tour of England at Birmingham on May 23 1991, Richardson took 4 catches. But England won the match by 1 wicket, with 32 balls remaining.

KC Wessels – South Africa

Kepler Wessels played for South African team. While playing against West Indies, he took 4 catches in the 1st ODI during South African tour of West Indies at Kingston on April 7 1992. West Indies won the match by 107 runs.

MA Taylor – Australia

Mark Taylor, the masterful former opening batsman of Australian team, has the record of taking 4 catches in an innings. He was playing against West Indies in the 3rd Match of Benson & Hedges World Series at Sydney on December 8 1992. Australian team won that match by 14 runs.

*Records have been compiled as on December 31, 2019

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Fantasy Cricket Trivia – 13 Interesting Women Cricket Facts

Women’s Cricket has given us some of the best players from around the world, whom we can select in our fantasy cricket team. Many of the players have achieved something in their cricket career.

There are many unknown but interesting facts about the Women’s cricket players. You as the online fantasy cricket fans will be surprised to know of the achievements of women involved in the sport. They have made the entire world proud with their accomplishments, especially proven to those people who cannot see that men and women are equals.

We have compiled some of the unnoticed Women’s Cricket Facts, just to enlighten ourselves towards this format and play the next daily fantasy cricket match at 11wickets App that involves women players well.

First women’s cricket match

The very first Women’s cricket match was traced in 1745, between Bramley and Hambledon in Surrey, England.  The match was viewed by large number of spectators.

First double hundred by women

The first double hundred in international was scored by a woman. Belinda Clark former cricket player from Australia (1991 to 2005) has set this record and is inducted into ICC’s hall of fame.

Women’s World Cup

Women’s World Cup is two years older than Men’s World Cup. The first world cup was held in England, and won by the hosts in a one-sided final against Australia.

First official women’s cricket

The first official women’s cricket was played in 1934, and it took 40 years to start women’s cricket in India.

India in Asia Cup

The Indian women cricket team won their first Asia Cup in 2004. They subsequently won 3 more Asia Cups.

Youngest women player

Pakistan’s Sajjida Shah is the youngest player to appear in international cricket, playing against Ireland at the age of 12. She also holds the record for the best bowling figures in a one-day international, taking 7 wickets for just 4 runs against Japan.

Safety comes first

Like men women’s delicate parts need protection too. Women players also wear abdomen protector. The female version has a kit with box, cup and abdomen guard.

The curious case of batter

The right term for a woman player in field who is in main role with bat is not a ‘batsman’ or ‘batswoman’ but ‘a batter.’ Commentators often use the term batsman.

First double century in cricket came from women

Sachin Tendulkar is not the first cricketer to score a Double-century in a One-Day International. Belinda Jane Clark of Australia is the first cricketer to score a Double-century. She scored 229* against Denmark in 1998, which was unbeaten till 2018.

Highest score in women’s ODI cricket for India

Jaya Sharma’s 138* against Pakistan in 2006 is the highest score in women’s ODI cricket in India.

Indian best innings bowling

Neetu David from India has the best innings bowling analysis in women’s Test matches, having taken 8 for 53 against England.

400 plus runs in women’s ODI

New Zealand women’s cricket team holds the record of scoring 400 plus runs in all the three ODIs of a series. They played against Irish women’s cricket team and scored 491/4, 418 and 440/3 runs.

Highest team totals

The top 4 highest team totals in Women’s ODIs are by New Zealand Women’s Cricket Team.

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Fantasy Cricket – Highest Totals at Sharjah Cricket Stadium

One of the factors in selecting a dream team in online fantasy cricket is the pitch condition. During the 1980s and 1990s, Sharjah was the regular stadium to arrange international cricket matches. It was the period when Sharjah stadium roared into life with all the international team playing matches there.

After 2001, the stadium’s influence declined because of the controversies. And because BCCI decided not to let Indian team play in the ground for their rivalry with Pakistan. Now, again fantasy cricket league teams are heading to that ground and matches are being held. Soon Sharjah is going to regain its declined glory.

Let’s talk about the records created at this ground. Take a look at the highest totals at Sharjah Cricket Stadium and keep playing daily fantasy cricket games at 11Wickets App.

Pakistan v New Zealand

Pakistan was playing against New Zealand at the 3rd ODI (D/N) during the New Zealand tour of United Arab Emirates at Sharjah on December 14 2014. Batting first, the team made a huge score of 364/7 at a run rate of 7.28. The New Zealand team tried to cope up with the score but went down all at 217 at 38.2 overs. Pakistan won the match by 147 runs.

New Zealand v Bangladesh

During the 4th Match of Austral-Asia Cup at Sharjah on April 28 1990, New Zealand was playing against Bangladesh. The team scored 338/4 at a run rate of 6.76, batting first. In reply Bangladesh made 177/5 in 50 overs. New Zealand won the match by 161 runs.

Pakistan v West Indies

Playing against West Indies, Pakistan was at 2nd ODI (D/N) during West Indies tour of United Arab Emirates at Sharjah on October 2 2016. Batting first, at the end of 50 overs Pakistan made 337/5 with 6.74 run rate. West Indies could reach to 278/7 in their innings of 50 overs. Pakistan won the match by 59 runs.

West Indies v Sri Lanka

During the 5th Match of Singer Champions Trophy at Sharjah on October 16 1995, West Indies and Sri Lanka were playing against each other. Sri Lanka got a target of 334 runs as West Indies scored 333/7 at a run rate of 6.66. The game was exciting and Sri Lanka lost all wickets at 49.3 overs scoring 329 runs. West Indies won the match by 4 runs only.

Afghanistan v Zimbabwe

At the 1st ODI during the Zimbabwe tour of United Arab Emirates at Sharjah on February 9 2018, Afghanistan was playing against Zimbabwe. Afghanistan made 333/5 at 6.66 run rate and in reply Zimbabwe scored just 179 in 34.4 overs. Afghanistan won the match by 154 runs.

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Fantasy Cricket – 3 Major Records Held by Tendulkar Broken by Kohli

The Kohli die-hard fantasy cricket fans witness him shattering various records almost every time he bats, irrespective of the format.

The current Indian national team skipper is on a record-breaking spree and owns a number of batting records. The daily fantasy cricket fans of 11Wickets App has witnessed him breaking important records which were formerly owned by batting legend, Sachin Tendulkar.

In our today’s post, we will look into the three important records once held by Tendulkar. Read on and play online fantasy cricket matches with your friends and family.

Quickest to 10,000 and 11,000 ODI runs

Virat Kohli became the quickest batsman to reach the milestone of fastest to 10,000 runs in ODI cricket.  The Indian captain achieved the feat in 205 innings while Tendulkar touched the five-figure mark in 259 innings.

Fastest to 20,000 runs in international cricket

Kohli is the quickest batsman of the international cricket world to make the fastest 20,000 runs during this last World Cup. Before the Robin-round match against Windies Team, Kohli was short of just 37 runs to reach the milestone. He took 36 innings less than Brian Lara and Tendulkar, both of whom took 453 innings to reach the mark.

Highest rating for any Indian batsman in ICC ranking

As if finishing as the highest run-scorer in the three-match series against the New Zealand team in 2017, Kohli claimed best career rating points by any Indian batsman. He also reached the top spot in ODI rankings. With 889 points, he crossed Sachin’s record, which he achieved in 1997. Kohli had scored 263 runs in the three-match ODI series which included two centuries.

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Fantasy Cricket – Day and Night Test Match History

Amongst the many formats of cricket matches, the fantasy cricket fans of 11wickets app for Android/iOS are now inclining over test series.

The test matches are gaining their lost momentum with the start of day and night matches again. With the Pink Ball Day & Night Test Match of India vs Bangladesh in November 2019, the craze has risen for the daily fantasy cricket fans.

Interestingly, even the online fantasy cricket fans who are not keen viewers of Test Matches have increasingly begun to follow it. A lot of people who want to know more about Day-Night Test Match, this post will walk you through some of the most important aspects of the Day-Night Cricket Test Match. Read on and play fantasy cricket leagues to win exciting prizes.

Knowing the History of Day-Night Cricket

Though the world knew much about day-night cricket only much later in the late 70s when Kerry Packer made it popular, the first game under the floodlights was played in 1952.

It was played at the Arsenal Stadium, where floodlights were installed in the summer before for football. The cricket match was played between the Arsenal Football Club and Middlesex County Cricket Club for the benefit of Jack Young.

It took two decades and a disgruntled media mogul to bring day and night matches back to popularity. It was not without difficulty that Kerry Packer made this format of the game popular. The tests that were played under the lights were not big crowd-pullers.

But the shorter format with just 50 overs attracted a lot of crowds.

Due to the disagreement between Packer and the Australian Cricket Board, the traditional cricket grounds were not available for the day-night matches. This forced the World Cup Series matches to be conducted in football stadiums, trotting tracks, and showgrounds. It was here for the first time “drop-in” pitches were used.

Day-Night Test Match for the First Time Ever

Many other things were done for the first time other than the timing. The name tests could not be used for the Kerry Packer tests and hence the name “supertests” was used for the first time.

It was in the first season of 1977-78 that for the first time, helmets were used in cricket.

This was because the WSC had adopted a more aggressive style of cricket to attract more people to

The Beginning of the Day-Night Test Matches

But the day & night format will come much later to the test matches. Though most countries welcomed the short format of the day & night matches England remained hesitant to join the bandwagon.

Another outcome of the day & night matches was the use of pink balls. In 2000 for the first time, pink balls were used in the official day & night match in West Indies between Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago.

Cricket Australia, the Indian Premier League, and the Bangladesh Cricket League also tried playing with the pink balls. Abu Dhabi hosted the curtain raiser game for the English cricket season as a day & night match using pink balls. The match had a good response.

It will be interesting to note that the first day & night first-class test match was played in India during April 1997, much earlier than it will hit the international cricket circuit. But only white balls were used in this Ranji Trophy final match between Delhi and Mumbai.

The first international day & night test match was played at the Adelaide Oval on the 27th of November 2015 between Australia and New Zealand. The series was of three day & night test matches using pink balls.

In October 2016 Dubai hosted the second day & night test match which was played between Pakistan and West Indies where Pakistan team was the winners. Australia also hosted two day & night test matches. One was against South Africa and the other against Pakistan. In August 2017 England also started playing the day & night test matches.

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Play with your Fantasy Cricket Team and Munch Along

Like love, cricket is always in the air! Cricket is the one sport we all are crazy about. Millions of cricket fans hold on to their hearts as they gawk at this sport. For Indians, the appetite for cricket never goes off. Those nail-biting shots, jaw-dropping catches, edge-of-the-seat finishes and one-perfectly-winning online fantasy cricket team truly boost your real appetite and make you to grab some quick and filling snacks.

And it surprisingly works when you have delicious food right at your side that you can enjoy without missing even a single glimpse of the game and also play cricket online at 11wickets App.

Let’s check out some awesome snacks you can munch while making your daily fantasy cricket team, playing and watching over the sport.

Bread Pizza

Toppings just like pizza on toasted bread will make bread pizza a tasty and simple dish to make. Bread pizza may have great variety of versions in toppings. The food is very filling too, so it works as a fairly decent meal while you’re watching the match and playing fantasy cricket India.

Aloo Chaat

With the zingy flavor of the spices and lemon, aloo chaat is an impressive dish made from potatoes. The potatoes are usually roasted or simply boiled. You can even pour different types of chutneys over the chaat to further improve the taste of the entrée. Simple to make, aloo chaat as well tastes yummy when along with curd.

Cheese Sticks

Deep fried string cheese sticks might sound like a large number of calories served on a platter; however, it may be worth it when it is being offered as a snack on cricket match day. If you are health conscious, you can use low-fat cheese and merge it with vegetables such as spinach. The cheese sticks taste extremely yummy with ketchup.


The traditional version of snack is stuffed with potatoes, vegetables and spices. The more recent fusion versions have different types of fillings. Whatever the filling might be, samosas are an amazing snack that can make the moments of cricket matches better. Generally served with dips and chutneys samosas can be also attempted with other combinations like chole or converted to chaat with curd.

Chilli Potato/Paneer/Chicken

This incredibly easy to prepare dish comes in three variants. One can incorporate the chilli with paneer, potatoes or chicken. Making chilli potatoes with a side of honey is effective and brings out the tastes of the dish which makes it superb as munchies for the tight overs of the match.

Fried Rice

Rice tossed with a lot of veggies and Schezwan sauce really makes a healthy and yummy snack. For the non-vegetarian choice, bacon bits and chicken pieces put into the rice make it a tasty dish for the fantasy cricket.

Cheese Bread Omelette

The creamy tiers of cheese take normal bread omelette to a different level. Coupled with spices and garnished with coriander, it is a mouth-watering snack which is a must try. To make this snack better yet, you can include different types of cheeses just like mozzarella and cheddar.


This is an extremely healthy snack made with puffed rice (mamra), tomatoes, onions and different types of chutneys. It is easily prepared and is incredibly filling.


This Mexican snack, once full of toppings such as guacamole, salsa and drizzled with cheese, is delightful. You can even make an Indian edition of these chips with toppings such as paneer and corn. This is an ideal dish to fulfill if you have called your friends over to see the match and play online cricket games with you.

Chicken Wings

Chicken wings with hot sauces are a dish which is a favourite with all the people. Order it from your local eateries and dig into it as the cricketers strike sixes and fours. You will be left licking your fingers with this completely tasty meal.

Paneer Tikka

Paneer tikka with mint chutney can be an appetising starter and a great snack to eat as the match is going on.

Kathi Roll

If you wish to dig into something which is satisfying although not very heavy on the stomach, Kathi roll may be the answer to your query. With fillings such as aloo tikka or paneer tikka for vegetarians and mutton, egg or chicken for non-vegetarians, Kathi roll is a popular dish from North India. Pick it up while you foresee the victory of the team you are supporting.


Deliciously made from a combination of potatoes, carrots and peas, cutlets work nicely with chutney or ketchup. Cutlets may be made from other fillings such as paneer or chicken.

Sev Puri

A blend of bhel and Pani puri, Sev puri is among the most amazing food made flavourful by the several types of chutneys. Just take care, to not choke on the large puris in the enthusiasm of cheering your team in the match.


You mention it and we have a pakoda for it, onions, chilis, bananas, etc. Tamarind or mint chutney accompanied by pakodas are the best appetizers for playing fantasy cricket matches. The dal pakoda tastes astounding with fried green chillies.


Fries are probably the only dish in which there are countless permutations and combos. You may make fries from potato, sweet potato, chicken, and many more things. And you can top these fries up with plenty of things in whatever way you would like to. The variety of fries will certainly keep everyone cheerful, as they can pick what kind of fries they desire and with what topping or dip.

Dahi Vada

Vadas with sweet curd, roasted jeeru, pomegranate, coriander, chilli powder and coriander make an awesome and tasty snack. You can add green grapes also if they are in season after that. The sweet taste of the curd, along with the spicy zing of chillies makes it an ideal to eat as you jump down and up with thrills as the wickets of your competitor team stack up.

Masala Corn

Easy to make and yummy in taste, masala corn only needs boiled corn, butter, salt and pepper. For any spicier flavour, you can add chillies or to bring out a zing in the corn, squeeze a lot of lemon on it.


Sandwiches, whether it is stuffed with vegetables or chicken, is actually a snack that is sentimental and takes one returning to childhood. Relive a similar fervour for your cricket team as you may once had a child, whilst biting a sandwich.

Vada Pav

If you are a Mumbai Indians fan, then feeding on vada pav as your team plays is essential. With the superbly crispy vada and the chilli garlic chutney, vada pav is the ideal companion for the cricket matches that is about zeal.

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy!

Fantasy Cricket – Things to Know When Scoring Fantasy Points

As an avid fan of cricket, the new 11Wickets App brings thrilling leagues for you! And what better a time than this to join an online fantasy cricket app to put your knowledge of the game to good use? After all, there aren’t many things in life that can club emotions like passion and excitement, and can award you with cash prizes!

If you’re ready to set the ball rolling, make sure you’re aware of the following aspects with respect to, fantasy cricket point system.

Scoring Points

In order for you to score points, the players selected in your fantasy team will have to put up a good show during the actual performance. Based on the number of runs they score, the number of wickets they take and the catches they get, each of them will be given points. Hence, it is imperative for you to choose a winning combination. The better your players perform, the greater are your chances of winning.

Score Updates

Your team starts to score points, only once the live match has kick-started. As the on-ground match progresses, the points scored by your team will get updated every few minutes. Once the match comes to an end, the final points scored by each player, along with your team’s total will be displayed on the website. It is at this point itself, that the winners will be declared. In some cases, however, the website’s backend team authenticate the points before declaring the points.

Reference Websites

More often than not, daily fantasy cricket apps rely on live score feed broad casted by reliable sources. The points scored by each player and your team are calculated on the basis of the live feeds received by the websites. In some cases, however, the websites refer to governing bodies and/or other scorecards to ensure accurate calculation of the points.


In case of a tie between two or more participants, the fantasy gaming app makes sure that the prize money is equally divided among the winners.

Verification of Points

In case, you wish to confirm the points scored by your team during a match, you can simply find a link for ‘Fantasy Scorecard’ or ‘Fantasy Points Table’ given on the landing page of your match!

We hope that now that you’ve a fair idea of the points system for fantasy cricket, your journey into this surreal world would be much easier and of course, extremely gratifying!

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy it!


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Fantasy Cricket – Women Cricketers Achieved Records Before Men

Whenever we think of some important cricket records, we remember names like Sachin Tendulkar, Brian Lara, Sir Donald Bradman, etc. These men are our favorites at the fantasy cricket games of 11Wickets app for mobiles.

Of course, these cricketers have done well and contributed a lot in the sport and for daily fantasy cricket fans around the world. However, they are not the only ones to contribute at this sport.

There are some women cricketers who have achieved many records before the men cricketers have achieved. Let’s have a look at them and play online fantasy cricket games.

Mithali Raj first scored 7 back-to-back 50s in ODI

No Indian cricketer has ever done what Mithali Raj has done on the field. During the Women’s Cricket World Cup matches in 2017. She has set a new record by smashing seven consecutive ODI half centuries. No other Indian cricketer, including male and female, has achieved this before.

Belinda Clark first to score a double century

The God of Indian cricket, Sachin Tendulkar made a headline for the cricket fans for smashing a double century against South Africa, in Gwalior. However, to your surprise he was not the first one to do so. 12 years ago, Belinda Clark, the Australian captain, became the first ever cricketer to smash a double century in the Women’s Cricket World Cup. She scored 229 from 155 balls against Denmark on 16th December 1997.

New Zealand’s Women’s Team e first to cross 400 runs in an ODI

Over the years, it has only happened a few times that a team has achieved the score of 400 runs but the first one to do so was New Zealand’s Women’s team. In 1997, they scored 455 for 5 against Pakistan. And not only this, in 2018, they broke their own record and scored 490 against Ireland. Including both, men’s and women’s match, this is the highest ever cricket score in an ODI.

Australian Women’s team won maximum number of World Cups

The Australian men’s cricket team is popular for their maximum wins at the Cricket World Cup. They have made it to the World Cup 5 times. But to your surprise, Australian Women’s Cricket team has outdone them by winning 6 Cricket World Cups.

Betty Wilson first ever to score a century

60 years ago, scoring a century was simply non-existent. The first cricketer to score a century was Betty Wilson from Australian women cricket team. In 1958, she not just scored a century during a test match against England but also took 10 wickets in the same match.

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Fantasy Cricket – 9 Records No One Remembers

Although cricket is not the national sport of India, it is the most popular one. Cricket matches, fantasy cricket games and other online cricket games make the fans stay involve with sport deeply.

The daily fantasy cricket fans who play the game at 11Wickets App and website, find heaps of amazing records about the sports since all these years.

Today let us take a look at the records which almost none of the online fantasy cricket fans remember:

Most ducks in ODIs:

Undoubtedly, playing against Sanath Jayasuriya in the mid-90s was nothing less than a nightmare for most bowlers. But while Jayasuria holds the record for one the fastest ODI 50 on just 17 balls, this is not his only record. He also has the record for most ducks, 34, in ODIs to his name. Surprisingly, the man next to him is Shahid Afridi, who scored the fastest ODI century on just 37 balls, with 30 ducks. The third in the row is legendary, Wasim Akram, with 28 ducks.

Most ducks in Test cricket:

Guess, who is Jayasuriya’s counterpart in Test cricket? Yes, the man with more than 500 Test wickets under his belt; former West Indian pacer Courtney Walsh was bowled 43 times on duck in 185 Test innings. Chris Martin of New Zealand is second with 36 ducks and the great Australian bowler, Glenn McGrath, is third in the row with 35 ducks in 138 innings.

Most-times bowled out in Test cricket:

Rahul Dravid, famous for his style and technique, holds the distinction of most-times being bowled in Test cricket with 54 times. He is followed by Australian Alan Border, who has been bowled out 53 times.  Little master, Sachin Tendulkar remained unlucky in being bowled out and falls in the third rank with 48 times.

Most expensive over in test cricket:

Though Anderson could not inflict any real damage to the Australian batting line, he remained successful at bowling the most expensive over of Test cricket history, when George Bailey scored 28 runs in Perth against him. Robin Peterson of South Africa shares the record with Anderson.

Surprisingly, Peterson also conceded 35 runs in an ODI over against Thisara Perera, the Sri Lankan striker. He is second after Van Bunge of Holland who conceded six sixes on six balls – against Herschelle Gibbs.

Most no-balls and longest over in Test cricket:

Curtly Ambrose was undoubtedly the most fearsome bowler of the 90s. The big man, who captured over 400 wickets in Tests, bowled the longest 15-ball over containing record nine no-balls. The match was played in Perth in February 1993. Despite Ambrose’s errors in the first innings, West Indies won the match by 10 wickets and Ambrose was player of the match with a five-wicket haul.

Longest over in an ODI match

Muhammad Sami, the only bowler who made hat-tricks in all formats (T20 hat-trick in BPL) of the game, bowled a 17-ball over against Bangladesh containing seven wides and four no balls in Asia Cup 2004. It was the third over of the match while Sami’s first over was wicket maiden. It is the longest over so far in the 50-over format.

Most runs conceded in Test with no wicket

Imran Tahir, who was born in Pakistan but played for South Africa, has the worst bowling figures in Test cricket. In Adelaide Test, 2012, against Australia, he bowled 37-overs and conceded 267 runs without any wicket. Second to him is Khan Muhammad of Pakistan with 259 runs in 54-overs without any wicket against West Indies in 1958.

Slowest century in Tests:

While Corey Anderson recently broke Boom Boom’s record of the fastest ODI century after 17 years, Mudassar Nazar of Pakistan still holds the record of slowest century in Test cricket. In 1977-78, he completed his century in record 557 minutes at Lahore against England.

Golden duck in century tests:

Playing a 100 Test matches is itself a milestone but making the century Test memorable is exceptional. English skipper Alastair Cook is the only batsman of this special club with a golden duck in his 100th Test. Surprisingly, in his 99 previous Tests, Cook was never out on the first ball. But, in the second inning of his 100th Test played at Perth, he collected his first ever golden duck.

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