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5 Efficient Football Managers Who Never Played the Game

If you’re a good player, then you’ll certainly be a great coach. That’s a common notion acceptable in all sports fields. However, as surprising as it may sound, in football there have been a few coaches or managers active still now, who can train and manage a team more successfully than any ex-football player. Although fantasy football game players are not very concerned about the managers because their major focus is on the selection of players, however knowing the same won’t hurt.  

As you read through the list, you’ll be amazed to know that even if these managers have never played football professionally, however, fate and skills had something else in-store for them. People believe that destinies come by birth, but there are people like the ones mentioned in this list who’ve successfully made their own destinies irrespective of any limitations. 

Player turned managers – simply a myth in football. So, next time while playing online fantasy football leagues, do recount these names as well.  

Andre Villas Boas 

He started his coaching career from the age of 17 and with his extraordinary footballing intellect, he became the head coach of British Virgin Islands national team only at the age of 21. Not only a brilliant trained, but a self-made manager, Villas has wins like treble of Primeira Liga, Portuguese cup and Europa League to his name. Although he made a good name in the European football leagues, but was not warmly welcomed in the English team. Nevertheless, this man is a shinning example of a manager who is not a footballer but still successful.  

Carlos Alberto Parreira 

Football and fitness are two interrelated terms. And Parreira, who was a physiotherapist by profession knew the trick of the game. An utter stranger to the world of football, he started his career as a sports physiotherapist with his favorite team and later joined the Kuwait national team and became the U-21 coach. Winning in online fantasy football games becomes difficult if the managers of the respective teams are not capable enough! Hence, checking the same is also important.  

Arrigo Sacchi 

Italian man marking – a fearful gameplay that every online fantasy football player must be knowing off. But do you know which coach abolished this strategy? It was Sacchi who was a shoe seller by profession and later turned out to be the manager of the greatest club, AC Milan. During his time as a coach for Milan his club won two cups back-to-back – one in 1989 and the other in 1990.  Although he was never a professional footballer, however, call it fate or his skills, he is certainly a gifted coach.  

Bill Struth 

18 league championships, 10 Scottish cups, 2 League cups, 7 wartime championships, 19 Glasgow cups and so on. With around 73 trophies listed to his name, Struth is the most efficient and the best manager football fraternity has ever seen. But did you know his profession? He was a stoneman initially! Physicall he was tough, but who would have ever thought that a stoneman can be one of the greatest football coaches.  

Avram Grant 

At the age of 64, Grant has been serving different clubs as coach for around 47 years. Surprised with the numbers? That’s because his knack for football was vigilant from the tender age of 18 years. Since then, he started coaching the local team and later became the first boss of the team Hapoel Petah Tikva. Then, people started to know him from the time he took over as a coach of Chelsea. Undoubtedly a successful manager whose passion for the game took him to such heights!  

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