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5 Most Desirable Features of a Good Fantasy Cricket Application

Gone are the days when sports fanatics used to be glued to the commentary of their favorite match over the radio or got thrilled by a spectacular catch being taken by their favorite player. With fantasy cricket games becoming an inseparable part of the cricketing fraternity, the game is no longer restricted in the fields. 

While browsing through your app or play store, you’ll find many fantasy gaming apps, but are they all good enough? How will you decide? The ones which are easy, smooth, fun, and doesn’t complicate the whole process – definitely that’ll be your first choice. 

Here’s a list of most preferred features of a fantasy cricket app that is loved by all sports fans. Developers need to keep them in mind while designing the apps. 

Easy log in process 

Don’t make the process lengthy and boring. That’s the first page that the user gets to see when they try for a fantasy cricket login. So, asking only for the necessary details like username, phone number, and email id is sufficient. As soon as you start asking for a complete biodata, remember you’re going to lose on a valuable user. Don’t be a spoilsport. Let the user in with the minimum information required. 

Smooth profile settings 

If a user is not able to access the profile smoothly, then they won’t be able to play the game. Hence, give the user complete control of their profile. Most importantly, bonus, transactions, and rewards should be made clear in the profile section. They should not feel deceived. Remember, there’s a large competition among  fantasy cricket games. Thus, to be the show-stealer, conquer the hearts of the sports enthusiasts. 

Informative contest page 

This should be simple. Just a one-step process. When the user clicks on the “join contest” option, redirecting them to the entry fee payment page is the best option. Lingering here and there in between can call for a change of mind. For the ones, who have already played, make an informative contest page where they can get a complete glance of the winning amount, winning range and upcoming contest details. It’s the game where the players like to drain their brains and not on the applications! 

Manageable dashboard 

What are the matches set forth? Who are the players? What is the player’s history? The dashboard is the answer to all such questions. Although there’s a separate tab for every section in an app, getting a summarized version on the dashboard makes it easier for the player to move on further. What’s more? Developers need to keep in mind that a maximum number of  fantasy cricket logins happen from smartphones, hence making the dashboard mobile-friendly is undoubtedly an essential requirement. 

Good view of earnings and rewards 

Two things that provoke people to play fantasy cricket – money and passion for the game. Hence, along with easy playing options, an app needs to have a great quick-view feature of earnings and rewards. An ample amount of points and sufficient earnings visible at the very top of the dashboard gives a sense of satisfaction and positive energy for playing more games. 

A small note for the developers: stop restricting yourself to any “list of desirable features”. The more you innovate and make your app user-friendly, the greater number of users will download the same. Success lies in the hands of the creator! 


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