5 Strategies to Win IPL Fantasy Leagues

In the fantasy cricket, IPL is playing an important role in taking the game forward and making it a global craze. IPL matches have been quite successful since it has been started in 2008. And why should we just watch them, when we can play them and use our cricket skills to win cash prize. 

Let’s get a look on some strategies to win IPL fantasy leagues. Read on: 

Play slow and steadily 

The most crucial thing with IPL is, it is not predictable. Never play your fantasy cricket matches based on the statistics of last year. Take some moments to understand which player is going to earn you more points. Just take your time, play slow and play steadily. 

Put a value on substitutes 

Giving a value to your substitutes will increase the average point taken through every change. Think before each change you make. 

Consider the opponents too 

Every player has his own weakness. The weakness might be anything. Check on the opponent opening bowler before picking an Opening Batsman in your team.  

Never be a fan when playing fantasy cricket 

For many people, it is very tough to leave their favourite cricketers out of their team.  Pick players who will be able to earn you points and not your favourite one who would either not play the day’s match or cannot bring you any points for your team. 

Research on young players 

This is a tricky part of fantasy cricket. This is something we all are clumsy at. Many of us never research because either we are lazy or we are over confident at our knowledge. But still, we have to research about the young and new players and follow those young players on the regular basis. We should at least have one spot in the team for them.  

This is the way fantasy cricket has been played all over. Picking that one player who also gives you point is the trickier thing you can do in the fantasy game. 

Enjoy playing fantasy games!