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Cricket Fielding Positions – Facts That Every Fan Should Know

While hearing the commentary of any live cricket match, it might seem difficult sometimes to understand a certain term which the commentator is saying. If you’re not well versed with all technicalities of cricket than cricketing language may be a dismay for you. This poses a real threat for the fantasy cricket game players.  

Only a religious follower of cricket can unlock the terms and take things in a simple manner. This article will certainly help you to understand the simple terms of fielding positions in cricket. For beginners and also for all fantasy cricket players, knowing about the fielding positions is a compulsory thing!  

Almost all positions of player playing in the field can be divided into on and off positions. Now you may question what’s an on and off position? Keep in mind while playing online fantasy games, that the ones positioned on the right side of the batsman are “on” position and the ones standing in the left are “off” position. Hope this tip helps you next time! 

Here’s a few more. Read on and enhance your cricketing knowledge. 


The fielders who stand behind the batsman are simply called the slips. The major reason behind this position is to catch a ball that might have slipped from the batsman’s grip.  Generally, more than one fielder is placed for this position. In case the striker is right-handed then the fielder on the right is commonly referred to as leg slip. Fantasy cricket in India can be successfully played if the fielders are selected well enough.  

Cover point:  

When the fielder is positioned in a bit wider angle from the batsman, then you can call it a cover point position. The wider ones are called extra cover and the ones deep within the boundary line are called deep cover. In case the extra cover player is positioned deep into the boundary then you can easily call him in an extra deep cover position. Fantasy cricket leagues are incomplete without the presence of these players.  

Silly point:  

This is a controversial and risky position for a fielder where the player is positioned in the midway between the pitch towards the side. Since the player is standing almost in between hence there always remains a chance of getting by the bat! There are two types of silly positions namely the silly mid-on and the silly mid-off. Playing fantasy cricket becomes easier as soon as you became acquainted with these terms.  


 In this case the player is generally positioned in the middle line and is simply termed as the mid-fielder. And another fielder is generally placed along with the mid-wicket position in the same line near the boundaries. This position is called deep mid-wicket.  


The fielders in the mid positions are generally closest to the bowler. Either they are found standing on the leg side or on the off side of the pitch. Either way round, these fielders generally are placed closer to the batsman so that they can stop the batsman from scoring boundaries easily.  

Although there are some other positions as well, however the more you watch cricket the better grip over the positions you’ll be getting! Fantasy cricket games are a fun when they are played with full knowledge. 

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