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Cricket World Cup Fantasy – Amazing Facts

As cricket world cup fantasy game 2019 started, let’s know about some fascinating facts about previous world cups. Who can forget the seamless six of the 2011 World Cup final by MS. Dhoni?

Unquestionably, none of the Indians can. After all, we had waited for 28 years to hold the trophy again. No other cricket tournament holds as much importance to us as the world cup fantasy league.

Cricket in India became a religion when the legendary KapilDev held the precious world cup fantasy game trophy at the iconic Lord’s ground. Since then, our madness for the game became our second nature.

With cricket world cup game 2019 around the corner, all eyes are on the great Kohli and his fierce blue men. Also, Dhoni’s presence will be most valuable as he is all set to play his final world cup.

The World cup is a special event, and over the years, not only the format but the game has evolved, too. Many records broken and made. Though most of us are well-verse with World Cup facts, here are some of them you just may not know.

60 overs World Cup

At the time of first cricket world cup in 1975, the match was of 60 overs. It was only after three World Cups the tournament was reduced to 50 overs per side.

First hat-trick

Chetan Sharma was the first person to take a hat-trick in a World Cup match. On 31st October 1987, Chetan Sharma bowled New Zealand’s Ken Rutherford, Ian Smith and Ewen Chatfield with the last three balls of his sixth over.

Double toss in WC 2011 final

Did you know that the toss of the 2011 World Cup final happened twice? The coin had to be tossed twice after the match referee Jeff Crowe said he had not heard Sri Lanka captain Kumara Sangakkara’s call the first time. Well, he cannot be blamed for this. In the background, the roar of the Wankhede Stadium was at its peak.

Highest run-maker

The little master has scored a total of 2278 runs in his world cup matches, the highest by any batsman. Glenn McGrath had taken most wickets in the world cup tournament – 71 wickets.

Angry Indian fans and an abandoned match

The India – Sri Lanka match of 1996 was the first WC match to be abandoned. A group of angry Indian fans in Calcutta began throwing bottles onto the field as India was losing.

Fastest bowling

Shoaib Akhtar bowled the fastest bowl at 100 mph to England’s Nick Knight during the 2003 WC.

Zimbabwe left out in WC 2019

Since 1983, it will be the first time that Zimbabwe will not participate in a World Cup tournament.

World Cup trophy weight

The weight of the trophy is 11 kg (24.25 pounds) and the height of the trophy is 650mm.

Windies WC entry in 2019

West Indies had to win ICC qualifiers to fix their berth. The top seven nations in ICC rankings get automatically selected for the world cup. Since West Windies team was not among them, they had to battle for their spot.

No quarter-finals for WC 2019

In World Cup 2019, no quarter-finals will occur. With a total of 10 teams, each team will play nine matches. The top four teams from the group will progress to the semi-finals.

Thanks for reading! Play cricket world cup fantasy league and enjoy!

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