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Famous Nicknames of the Footballer and their Tales

Soccer or football is the most popular sport in the world so essentially a lot of people play fantasy football leagues! 

Fantasy football permits a soccer fan to act like a real manager, predict the form of a footballer, match outcomes and enhance your sports skill and knowledge. Building your online football team needs you select from the available list of players. 

These players have these nicknames sometimes because of their playing style and at times because of their personal style.

Let’s take a look at some of the Footballer Player’s nickname. 


Javier Hernandez, the famous Mexican footballer has this nickname. Short with 5 feet and 7 inches and given the nickname Chicharito which means little pea. Though, short height not the actual reason behind his nickname, he has the name as his father also looked like him. 


Givanildo Vieira de Sousa has the nickname of hulk because of his powerful and big feature. His father called him Hulk starting from his childhood as he was huge, strong and powerful and hence, after hestarted playing football, he had this name. 


Cesar Azpilicueta got his name for a slip of tongue and for the difficulty in pronouncing his name. Once, Cesar accidentally answered to one of his teammates when he was calling for Dave, the bus driver. Chelsea fan picked up the accident rather quick and started calling his name as Dave. 

The Divine Ponytail: 

Roberto Baggio II, the famous Italian attacker known for his goal scoring capabilities and got his nickname from there. 

The Baby Faced Assassin:

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s baby face got his nickname but this former player of Manchester was killer in the ground and scored goal distinctly. 

The Flea/O.A.T:

Lionel Messi has these two nicknames. This Argentinean footballer plays with the nerves of the opponent team and defines his strength by scoring goals in critical times. 

La Pulga:

Messi has the nickname as La Pulga in his own country Argentina. 

The Bank of Naples:

Hans Jeppson is a Swedish player has the nickname, also one of the most expensive transfers in the history of the football. 

The Butcher of Bilbao: 

Andoni Goikoetxea, a Spanish footballer known as the buther of bilbao who attempted to assassinate the career of Diego Maradona. 

One Size:

Fitz hall was a one size fits all English defender who was best known for his football career.


Carles puyol, a Spanish player known as Tarzan and he is a legendary icon. 


Keith Stevens has earned the nicknames because of his fearless tackling and the nose size. 

The Architect:

Andrea Pirlo has the nickname that was the Italian mid-fielder and has always set a rhythm for his team. 

Maestro/ Mozart/The Professor/The Metronome:

Because of his un-matched skills Andrea Pirlo was given these nicknames. 


Fenomeno means then phenomenon and was the nickname of Brazilian forward player who is a legend and famous for his score impeccable playing style. 

Real Ronaldo:

As the name suggest, the nickname is of Ronaldo. 

The Kaiser/The Emperor:

German player Franz Beckenbauer was known as the Kaiser because of his inspirational leadership. 

The King: 

Edson Arantes do Nascimento is the living Brazilian football legend who was the all-time best player. 


Pele was also nickname of Edson Arantes do Nascimento. 

The Invincible Wall:

Gilberto Silva was the invincible wall as he was unbeaten in the ground. 

The Lazy Wizard:

Juan Riquelme was given the nickname as he was un-athletic, lazy and moody footballer. 

The one man show:

Ronaldinho was named with the nickname for his magical performances on ground. 

El Nino:

El nino means the kid and was the nickname of Fernando Jose Torres Sanz who is the Spanish footballer and became the captain of Atletico Madrid at a very young age. 

CR7/ O Robo/ The Robot:

Cristiano Ronaldo is known by these nicknames as he plays stiff. 

El pibe de Oro/ Hand of God:

The nickname means the golden boy and is the nickname of Diego Maradona who was brilliant in the ground and is Argentina’s football legend. 

Shaggy/ Sicknote:

These are nicknames of Darren Anderton which he earned because of his appearance. He used to be injured always before he played any match. 

The Gentle Giant:

This is the nickname of great John Charles who was tall, respectful, and powerful and was never having any controversy throughout his career. 

Black Panther/ The Black Spider:

These are nicknames of soviet soccer player who was also awarded with the golden boot and his name is lev Yashin. 

Bomber/ The fat one:

Gerd Muller who is the greatest German soccer player is known as bomber because of his technique to shot goals. He has also earned the nickname of the fat one. 

The big baby:

Francesco Totti who is a famous Rome player is named as the big baby because of the provocation which cost him ban of three matches when he spat on the opponent player. 

The Galloping Major:

Ferenc puskas is famous for scoring goals for his national team Hungary and scored 83 goals in 84 matches. 


Stuart Pearce earned the nickname because of his playing style and was aggressive and unforgivable. 

El Gato:

El gato means the cat and is given to Iker Casillas who is exceptional in performance. He has made unbelievable saves which were considered as miracles. 

The Ginger Ninja:

Paul Scholes earned the nicknamed who played for Manchester United because of his hair color and fantastic passing capacities.. 

Le Sulk:

The French striker Nicolas Anelka has the nickname who never seemed to smile on the field. 

The non-flying Dutchman/ The Menace:

Dennis Bergkamp was having fear to fly and was given the name. 

El Tractor:

El tractor is the name of Javier Zanetti who had excellent stamina and always ran tirelessly. 

Spice Boy/Beck:

David Beckham, an English football player has the nickname because of his attractive looks and he has married to Spice girl Victoria. 

The Pit Bull:

Gennaro Gattuso who was Italian player and won world cup and two champion’s trophy for his respective teams. 

El Pirata:

Esteban Granero has the nickname because of his beard and curly hair. 

These were few of the nicknames we listed. 

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