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Fantasy Cricket – 5 Bizarre Batting Tips That Actually Works Wonder

Batting is indubitably the most important part of any cricket match. Whether a player is a good spinner or a great wicketkeeper – being a good batsman is necessary. The better you bat, the more successful your career will become. To form a good  fantasy cricket league, it is necessary to get the best batsmen and the all-rounders in the team. Because it takes one wrong swing to break the stumps and lose the game! 

You might come across many blogs that will give you the basic tips that can improve your batting skills. Don’t worry, we won’t bore you with the same list! Rather, an interesting write-up follows below. Here you’ll get to know some weird tips (unimaginable at times) that can, in reality, improve the batting skills. Simply  playing fantasy cricket may at times feel boring, why not indulge in knowing more about batting as well.   

Tip 1# Keeping a watch over the ball 

When you’re watching a live match, it’s not possible to see whether the striker is having his eyes on the ball or not. But the trick of getting a great boundary is to keep your eyes glued to the approaching ball. Playing  fantasy cricket in India requires scoring batsmen. How to ensure that your selected striker scores? The player who pays full attention to the complete journey of the ball can hit it at the right time. 

Tip 2# Say no to hard-hitting techniques 

Russell, Gayle, Pandy, and MS Dhoni – all these hard-hitters and many others are some of the favorite choices for fantasy cricket games. However, hard-hitting all the time doesn’t help a batsman to stay for a long time on the pitch. Playing consistently and getting runs throughout the overs or hitting sixes in the first 6 balls and getting out – which one is more important? Depending on the situation this skill needs to be altered. 

Tip 3# Bending knees may work 

The power of the legs is very important. For any batsman having a firm strength on the knees is essential. While selecting batsmen for playing fantasy cricket, generally the performance and fitness of the players are kept in mind. A player who is fit enough can play for longer overs. It’s a common trick that whenever a striker bends the knee and hits the ball, it’s going to be a successful shot! 

Tip 4# Imagine playing within a box 

Yes, the whole field belongs to the batsman, but a good one should stop taking that in the literal sense. Many times, you’ll find good coaches saying that it’s better to envision themselves within a box while playing the same. Online fantasy cricket can get entertaining if the great scorers are all playing on the same team. Although, it may seem strange to any novice player, however, this actually works. 

Tip 5# Be cautious with slow balls 

A small tip for facing the slow bowlers with utmost care – take time and think while the ball comes to your bat. With slow bowlers, the trick is that as the balls get closer, the player gets the time to think and position himself. 


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