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Fantasy Cricket – 5 Cool Captains Making Successful Careers in ODIs

A good captain is the one who creates positivity, energy in the team, and guides the players in the right direction. The captains must make a strong team and direct the players to the path of winning. Thus, to win  fantasy cricket leagues, choosing the right player as a captain is of utmost importance. Always remember a good captain must work harder than rets of the team. If don’t find this attribute in your selected captain, then it’s better to discard the selection. 

The best of the captaincies has been seen in the 50-over ODI format. The role of the captain in ODI matches is more than it’s visible. Similarly, in  a fantasy cricket game, the previous performances of the captains are analyzed before marking the one. 

Captaining a towards the winning goal in ODIs is harder than it’s said. And here are the fab 7 who’ve made it look like a piece of cake. Let’s take a minute to read about them. 

#1 Ricky Ponting 

With 220 victories in 324 matches, Ponting is undoubtedly one of the best captains in the International cricket history. Australia, as likely said the unbeatable team, has been able to gain the title because of this one man. He took over the team as a captain in 2002 and then there was no stopping Australia. Some of the best players to date have been trained and played under Ponting. Online fantasy cricket seems incomplete without the name of this outstanding captain on the list. However, every good thing comes to an end! It’s not a mere coincidence that this excellent player was named “Cricket of the Decade 2000”. 

#2 Stephen Fleming 

Stephen Fleming represented New Zealand from 1994 to 2009 and led the Black Caps to the semis of three World cups. Probably the longest-serving captain of the NZ team, this brand conscious captain had led the team to around 28 victories. He was a born captain. Cool, composed, and focused, Fleming was appreciated by veterans like Shane Warne and Graeme Swann! If he had not retired now, then this left-handed batsman with shots like straight drive, cover driver, and cut shots would have been the best choice for any fantasy cricket game. 

#3 MS Dhoni 

As MS Dhoni the former Indian captain bid goodbye to International cricket in 2020, fantasy cricket leagues will seem uninteresting without the presence of the captain cool. The only Indian captain to get all four ICC trophies for India, he won 110 ODIs as a captain. Not only the most composed and strategic captain that the Indian team has ever seen, but Dhoni was also the 4th cricketer to score 10000 runs in ODI. One of the greatest finishers in cricket, Dhoni has stolen the hearts of millions during the last winning strike of world cup 2011. India undoubtedly experienced a golden period of cricket under his captaincy. 

#4 Mahela Jayawardena 

Although the number may seem less compared to the above three names, but undoubtedly Mahela was one of the best captains that the Sri Lankan cricket team had seen in many years. 101 wins out of 186 matches show the effective captaincy of Mahela. May it be the World cup or T20, he has shinned through all the tough situations. Although he was busy with his captaincy duties, however, in 2007 he scored a century and four half-centuries in the world cup. All people who’re playing fantasy cricket  loves keeping batsmen like Mahela in their team. 

#5 Hansie Cronje 

If not for the match-fixing scandal, Cronje would have definitely made it to the top of the list. Within a very short period, Cronje was able to make South Africa win 99 ODIs. However, an unfortunate plane crash in 2002 ended his life. For all the cricketing fans who might not know, he won the title of 11th greatest South African posthumously. Composed captain and an excellent all-rounder, this man is defeated by the luck and not by his skills. 


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