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Fantasy Cricket Facts – 4 Most Inspirational Stories of Great Cricketers

Amongst all games, cricket has always been an international craze. Currently the most-awaited and hyped game after soccer, everyone is interested about minute details of the game and the players. Internet has further helped in getting cricket into the bedrooms of millions of fanatics. Fantasy cricket games are a rage now! The temptation of creating your own team and playing the game along with the live team is undeniably an attractive option.  

For cricket fans and even the fantasy cricket league players, keeping up with the slightest changes in the lives of the cricketers is the main motive. Whether it’s about a cricketer’s love life, or his health, a fan has to know it all!  

There have been lots of cricketers over the centuries who have been inspirational in their own forte. However, here’s the top 3 inspirational cricketers who in spite of being physically ill has proved their talent over and over again. Although the list is never-ending, however, these top 3 cricketers need special mention amongst others.  

Martin Guptill 

The permanent opener for limited over matches in New Zealand team, Guptill has always been a favorite choice for fantasy cricket matches as well. However, are his fans aware of his physical inefficiency? This talented player has only two toes since he suffered from a fatal accident when he was only 13 years old. It was even declared that he was not medically fit to walk properly. However, destiny has its own set of plans. The man didn’t lose hope and made a history as one of the finest cricketers of world cricket.  

Yuvraj Singh 

The major performer who helped India finally win the 2011 world cup, was suffering from deadly cancer which was diagnosed in the middle of the tournament. However, “Yuvi”, as his fans love to call him, knew that his slight change of actions might make India lose out on the trophy again! Thus, despite being a cancer patient, he was announced the player of the tournament for his extra ordinary contribution towards the team India’s success. He was and he will always be the finest batsman that Indian cricket team had ever seen.  

Wasim Akram 

The best left arm bowler in till date, Akram was diagnosed with diabetes in 1997. He was under medications all the time and through out his career he performed flawlessly with the same issue persisting. However he never complained of the same and knew that it was an incurable disease. Fantasy cricket leagues are incomplete as this gentlemen has already retired from cricket! His passion for the game shows that a mere disease has no power to stop a sportsperson from achieving heights!  

Michael Clarke 

Undoubtedly he is currently the most attractive cricketer, however a very few fans are aware of the fact that he is suffering from severe back pain issues. Knowingly he had entered the team at the age of 18 and is currently the most successful captain of the Australian cricket team!  


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