Fantasy Cricket – Forgotten History of Cricket in USA

We have given our heart to the cricket sport and daily fantasy cricket games. The new 11Wickets app proves our love for the cricket. This ancient sport, cricket shouts out loud its fascinating history from different corners of the planet. United States of America is one of them.

It is widely believed that England has popularized cricket as a sport and has taken over to other nations. It is normally believed that United States of America does not take active part in this sport or play fantasy cricket. However, United States of America has a cricket team which is an associate of ICC.

Since United States of America was also a colony of British Empire, Cricket was played by British colonists in North America by the start of the 18th century. It is often called the first arranged team sport and the 1st major team game in America.

Cricket in America

Cricket in America operates by the United States of America Cricket Association, whose performance is lessened by modest funds due to cricket’s insufficient popularity compared to other American sports. Cricket in America is not as popular as baseball and is the least popular in all commonwealth nations. A few reasons for this are –

Baseball is a bit very much like cricket as it is likewise played with bat and ball. However it is brief and from 20th century it has eclipsed cricket and its recognition is increasing. An additional reason was that in 1909 when the ICC was actually organized as the Imperial Cricket Conference it had been open only to Commonwealth nations and therefore ruled out the US from taking part in the sport at the greatest level.

The U.S. presented its international tournament debut at the 1979 World Cup qualifier in England.

Lately in April 2018, the ICC granted complete Twenty20 International (T20I) status to every one of its members. For that reason, all Twenty20 games played between the United States of America and another international side after 1 January 2019 would have been a full T20I.

Therefore, from January 2019, the last year, US cricket team are even arranging international T20 games and hope we can see it and play fantasy cricket at 11wickets App with its best performing players.

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