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Fantasy Cricket Games – Interesting Facts About The Super Overs

How to decide the winner in case of a tie? This question has haunted the cricket fraternity for a long time. That’s when the concept of super over was introduced. For fantasy cricket players super over is a crucial point because the fate of the winning team is depended on the same. You can be an expert in making up the best team for any fantasy cricket league, but the results of a super over are unpredictable. 

A tie in a limited over cricket match is a curse both for the live match and the fantasy game. However, such situations are inevitable. Hence to become a good fantasy sports person, you need to have a clue about what a super over is! 

What’s the concept of super over? 

Very simple. Each team gets an extra over to bat and score in those last six balls and the team scoring more in this extra over is declared as the winning team. This is a crucial turning point in the game. Because the result of the match depends on the same. The most intriguing point is the limitation of using only three batsmen in this over! The first two begin the over and the third is kept on standby in case one wicket falls. But if two wickets fall before the balls are over, then the team is done for the day! 

Fair concept of judging the winning team. But a fairly difficult situation for online fantasy games. The selectors of the fantasy cricket leagues will have absolutely no clue about the performance of the players in the super overs. Then whom to select? Indeed, a dicey situation! 

Tie in a super over! 

Now the question comes, if there’s again a tie in the super overs, then what? Well, fate can be cruel at times! If such a situation arises, then the boundary countback rule is used. For newbies who are not aware of the concept, as per the boundary countback rule, the team which has scored a large number of boundaries wins the game. 

However, after the 2019 Cricket World Cup final, the same was changed. In the upcoming matches from now on, of there’s a tie in the super overs, the other super over will be played. If the teams are really really unlucky then the same would go on and on! 


Before this fascinating thing was invented, a tie match was only a tie. There was no other way to conclude the same. Sometimes a bowl out process was also used. However, none were effective. Thus, cricket fraternity had sufficiently used their brains to develop this strategy and help in securing the best possible winning strike for the games. However, some countries like New Zealand faces high super over woes!   

Match tie can be a highly frustrating situation for the teams playing league. In fantasy sports as well, this can be a tough situation. Sometimes the batsmen and the bowlers also get tired and this reduces their skill level. 


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