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Fantasy Cricket – How Climate Can Affect the Match Outcome?

From worst pitch conditions to sudden match halts – drastic climate changes are putting the cricket fraternity into dilemmas. And if the live matches come to hold, then there will be no fantasy cricket games! So, directly or indirectly, climate affects both live and fantasy cricket leagues at the same time. Unlike many other online fantasy games, cricket has always been at the mercy of the climate. If it rains, pitch conditions can worsen. If it’s cloudy, wind direction may hamper the bowling style. If it’s too sunny, the players may get drained in the second half of the game. 

Any weather, any condition – cricketers face problems always. During the 1930s many cricket clubs in England were frequently forced to stop matches in between because of the excessive wet fields. If you’ve been a cricket fan for a decade, then you might’ve seen the desperate attempts of the cricketing clubs to cover the wet fields with rubber mats, blankets, or trying to suck the water out of the field. 

Fantasy sites in India  are drastically affected by the rains especially. Let’s say you’re playing the game for a long time and are very much certain about a win from your team. But the rain hampers your plans at the last moment. Due to inconsistent pitch conditions, your top players fail to perform and you lose. Not an uncommon situation! 

What is the most unfavorable weather condition in cricket? Ask anyone and the common answer that you’ll get is the rain. If at the beginning of the match the rain starts, then building up a good team for the  fantasy game can be difficult. Will it rain later? Or will it stop raining within the next few minutes? How will be pitch conditions after the rain stops? All these questions will create mayhem in your mind. Just because you’ve selected the best players, doesn’t necessarily mean your team will win a fantasy match easily! 

Why can’t cricket be played during monsoons? 

Most of the internationals and one-days are played during the summers or mild winters. Rain is absolutely not the seasonal choice for cricket. However, football has no such limitations. For being a good  fantasy cricket player, you need to know the reasons behind the same. 

  • Unlike football, the shoes used by the cricketers have a slippery base and may create a disadvantage for the batsmen. 
  • Footballs are large enough to be seen even during mild rains. However, a cricket ball is small enough and players will not be able to see the ball coming. 
  • With all that extra padding on, rain can be a real mess for the players. 
  • Swinging the bat in the right direction can be painful if water droplets keep on falling on the same. 
  • If the pitch is flooded then the ball may not bounce out of the pitch .

A top-order batsman is very happy when they see a clear sky with a spongy set of clouds floating on the same. Now you might be knowing the reason behind that happiness. Cricket is an exciting and difficult game. It requires a fair amount of strength, practice, and skills. Rain makes the game more difficult.