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Fantasy Cricket – Role of Coach in Cricket World

The role of a cricket coach is both most overrated and underrated at the same time by the cricket and the online fantasy cricket fans.

Famous cricketers and role models for daily fantasy cricket fans of 11wickets app like Brian Lara, Ian Chappell and Sir Vivian Richards have unanimously agreed that coaches who are at the international levels can basically be decent man managers.

Former Indian skipper and present BCCI president, Sourav Ganguly once shared that India went on for England and Ireland without a coach in 2007 and India went on to win both the series hosted by the two nations. It was the days when the team was full of legends and if any coach would have gone with the Indian team in that tour, his role would have just been to help in managing and helping the caption with the strategy for the matches.

In International, Level coaching does not exist

As the experts say, coaching in the international level does not exist. If any cricketer needs coaching at this level, he ought not to be there in the first place.

There are plenty of fans who blame the coach for the poor overall performance of the batsmen or the bowlers however the role of an international coach is not to train players to bat or bowl. That level of training is done at the grassroots level and really should stay there. Once the player is playing for his nation, he is supposed to do the basics right.

If he is not, the coaches at the primary levels ought to inquire. This does not mean that coaches are unnecessary at the international level. An international team can be packed with legends but they need to have a good manager and in addition, someone who helps the captain makes a plan ahead of the game.

A quick glance at the role

Let’s take a look at the roles a coach plays when he is with the international team.

  1. The coach acts as the mediator for a player to reach his maximum potential from where he stands. The weak areas are amended with valuable inputs and suggestions from the coach.
  2. During a pressure situation, the coach boosts the morale of the players.
  3. Any fights that may ensue between players are in some cases resolved by the coach.
  4. He may have a say in the strategic decisions taken by a team which may include addition or exclusion of players in the Playing 11.
  5. Strategies during the match are passed on to the players through the coach with a substitute as a mediator.

The above are some examples of the role of a coach. But the main role of the coach is to allow the players to feel comfortable and play their own game sticking to the basics.

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