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Fantasy Cricket – Trophies or Cups in Cricket World

Mostly cricket is famous worldwide for the associated cups or trophies. And the reach of daily fantasy cricket game in the world is the highest compared to the other sports. 

The trophies associated with the cricket game just not increase the excitement for the real matches but also for the fantasy cricket online matches at 11wickets App. 

You too have participated in the online fantasy cricket matches during the famous cricket events. Let us know about some of those trophies and cup arranged worldwide. 

Champions League Twenty20: 

It really is shortly referred to as CLT20. This is the most significant tournament in the domestic level cricket. Every year the top played cricketing countries play in this event. It is owned by 3 nations BCCI, Cricket Australia and Cricket South Africa. All of the domestic teams which has young and skilled cricketers battle with the other team with the exact formatted team. It is a really good platform for all those fresh domestic players who are able to prove themselves and enter the National team. 

Indian Premier League: 

This is the India’s most watched sport event. And in addition, has its mark in other countries. This is the event which connects youngsters, Indian cricketers and Internationals players in the same team and gives an ideal example for united we stand regardless of how divided we are. Most of the matches are exciting. This is the event which goes for 2 prolonged months and can be plated as summer bonanza. Until now there are been 11 seasons and almost all were in media in every possible way. Additionally, it is the bundle for many controversies. But still this cricket event is the mixture of glitz, glory and glamour. 

NatWest series: 

This is the unique England based One Day International event that was began in the year 2000 and sponsored by National Westminster Bank. It is usually the tri angular series where each team complies with another 2 times in the series and the finest two teams fight for finals at Lords. The most historic match was the final in the year 2004 where India chased the massive target of 324 against England. And no one can ignore Sourav Ganguly’s shirt twirling memories at the Lord’s gallery which would be reminisced until cricket exist. All the competent test teams have played this event until now. And it has been the exclusive tournament for the England Cricket and demanding for the other countries too. 

Asia Cup: 

As the name affirms it is just like a world cup limited to all the Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE, etc. It is set by Asian Cricket Council and began in 1984. It carried out in various venues as an alternative. Hence, it’s been the biggest event of the Asian continent until now. It was cancelled 2 times to date due to political causes and relationships among the nations in those days. Hence, this is a mini world cup event for all the Asian nations. 

Commonwealth Bank series: 

Previously at the beginning stage it was named Benson and Hedges World Series. Later on, Carlton and United then VB series and today it is known as CB series. It is a formal Australian series organised during the months of Dec and Jan-Feb. Just after the Christmas and carrying on Australian summer season. This event has gained the hosting team to the maximum as they won 19 out of 33 times. Simply no other team performed gloriously aside from West Indies at the starting stages. But it never disappointed cricket lovers. And ICC typically gives it a lot of importance in its Cricket Calendar. 

Border Gavaskar trophy: 

This is a challenge of 2 nations India and Australia. The structure is test and it has observed the most exciting test matches possibly. It was named as the appreciation for Australia’s Allan Border and India’s Sunil Gavaskar as both were 1st to reach the 10,000 club and were the skippers of the respective teams at that time. They acclaimed the test cricket in those days. 


The Ashes referred to as the clash of two continents, two nations and a wonderful rivalry between the England and Australia. The name of this event has a fascinating story, when England was first beaten by Aussies in 1882. One of the Journalists of that wrote an Obituary, ‘in loving remembrance of English cricket which died at The Oval. The body will be cremated and the Ashes taken to Australia.’ The Australian superiority was unwillingly accepted and then England took a promise that it will bring back its ashes and they achieved it in very next series by winning the event. 

T20 World cup: 

The earliest tournament was held in the year 2011 and remarkably India took it away and that is certainly how this format produced a huge impact in India. And T20 World Cup started to be highly popular in all the countries soon enough. The enthusiasm and the energy are unmatched and interest among the cricket lovers is amazing! 

Champions Trophy: 

It is an ICC effort event and stands out as the second importance after the great World Cup. It is set up by the Top 8 ranked countries. At first it was called as ICC Knock out event and later it got this identity. It is also regarded as mini world cup. It truly has a smaller number of matches. Therefore, it is one of the best played and seen ODI series so far. 

World Cup: 

Exactly like other games! World Cup has the unique mention in terms of Cricket. It is the most esteemed and honourable event. It’s played once in every 4 years. It is one among the world’s most watched sport event. ICC claims it as the most significant and the top event in the Cricket. It has a large number of matches. It has 4 stages namely Super 8, Super 6, semi-finals and finals, though in the World Cup 2019 name played the matches in round robin format.  

Thanks for reading! Play fantasy sports and enjoy! 

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