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Fantasy Cricket – Variant Types of Bowling Styles in Cricket

Who gets the win in a cricket match? Whenever you ask this question, there will be one common answer – the batsman. The boundaries, the runs in between the wickets and the tremendous spectacular hits – a cricket match’s excitement prevails till the time a good hitter is standing on the pitch. 

Hence, there’s always a fight among the online players while choosing batsmen for their online cricket games. however, you’re forgetting one most important aspect of the game – the bowler. The man who takes the wicket, the man who’s responsible for removing even the best batsmen out of the field and the man who can smash those three sticks and give you a winning moment! 

Next time when you’re busy making up your team for the fantasy cricket league, remember to make a strong bowling line up. It will definitely earn you more points! 

If you’ve ever followed the commentary very carefully, then you would have heard that there are many variations in the bowling. Not every bowler uses the same bowling style. For starters, there’s a pacer and a spinner. 

A quick recap of the different much-needed bowling styles will show which type of bowler you need to select to fulfil your cricket fantasy wish. 


How to do you get a right-handed batsman out of the game? simply by bowling him a repeated number of outswingers. The fast and raw pace of this bowling style comes as a sudden attack on the batsman. When swung nicely it’s a treat to the eyes of the spectators! It’s a wise decision to include an outswinger in your fantasy cricket league. They have got the full potential to make you win the match. 


This needs no introduction, does it? In the past few matches, we’ve been seen so much of Yorkers from the Indian bowler Bumrah. A treat to watch! 

The most difficult delivery which becomes unplayable for even the greatest of batsmen! It’s a full-length delivery pitched by the bowler right at the feet of the batsman. It requires a lot of patience and years of practice to bowl a yorker. Either you’re a born as Malinga and Shane and have an awesome talent for delivering mind-blowing Yorkers, or you need to hone your skills to become a perfectionist! 

Slow ball 

When you’re playing fantasy cricket, you would certainly not want the bowlers of the other team to get more points! Similarly, for field cricket winning is everything for the teams. A slow bowler in the team can be a bonus achievement. 

Slow balls deceive the batsman. The batsman tries to hit boundaries with slow balls and ends up giving a simple catch to the fielders! A bowler in his mindsets up the pace for the slow ball and since there’s no distinct sign of delivering such balls. The one standing at the opposite end of the pitch assumes it to be a normal ball and takes the hit. 


If you’re a cricket bug, then you must’ve heard of Googly. It’s a spin ball done nicely in the wrong direction. But while watching a match you won’t be seeing much of a googly ball. Wondering why is that so? Because it’s a surprise weapon for the bowler. Doing it often makes it lose the charm. 

Right time, the right move. Right, throw! That’s it. A perfectly bowled googly can get even the best batsmen out of the pitch. While playing  free fantasy cricket, look out for the bowlers with googly techniques. They’re your trump card! 


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