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Fantasy Cricket World Cup 2019 – The Stadiums of England

Cricket, the beautiful sport was born in England and they were the people publicizing it. Ever since the ODI fantasy world cup began in 1975, England hasn’t able to win the trophy for a single time.

England hosted this biggest international tournament, fantasy cricket world cup, consecutively three times in the initial years.

This cricket world cup 2019the nation is hosting the tournament for the 5th time, along with Wales. It is also seen as a favorite for winning the championship this time.

Let us take a look at the stadiums the matches of this world cup cricket game has been hosting:

1) Lord’s, London

It has been named as the ‘Home of Cricket’. This iconic cricket ground had been inaugurated in 1814. So far, Lord’s has hosted 10 Cricket World Cup matches, including the finals of 1975, 1979, 1983 and 1999 editions. During this world cup, 5 matches are going to hold in Lord’s including the World Cup Final.

World cup cricket matches schedule at Lord’s:

  1. Sunday, June 23: Pakistan v South Africa, Match 30 (3:00 pm IST)
  2. Tuesday, June 25: England v Australia, Match 32 (3:00 pm IST)
  3. Saturday, June 29: New Zealand v Australia, Match 37 (6:00 pm IST)
  4. Friday, July 05: Pakistan v Bangladesh, Match 43 (3:00 pm IST)
  5. Sunday, July 14: TBC v TBC, Final (3:00 pm IST)

2) The Oval, London

The Oval, with a capacity of 25,000, is going to host 5 matches of the tournament, including the already hosted opener between England and South Africa. Established in 1845, the Oval is one of the oldest cricket grounds in the world. The Oval has played host to a number of big World Cup matches, with ten matches taking place at the venue during 1975, 1979, 1983 and 1999 editions.

World cup cricket matches schedule at the Oval:

  1. Thursday, May 30: England v South Africa, Match 1 (3:00 pm IST)
  2. Sunday, June 02: South Africa v Bangladesh, Match 5 (3:00 pm IST)
  3. Wednesday, June 05: Bangladesh v New Zealand, Match 9 (6:00 pm IST)
  4. Sunday, June 09: India v Australia, Match 14 (3:00 pm IST)
  5. Saturday, June 15: Sri Lanka v Australia, Match 20 (3:00 pm IST)

3) Old Trafford, Manchester

Old Trafford is the busiest venue at the tournament, as it is hosting six games, including a semi-final. The ground, with a capacity of 19,000, will be the venue for the most-watched game when India takes on Pakistan on June 16. The ground has been used for World Cup matches in the 1975, 1979, 1983 and 1999 editions of the tournament.

World cup cricket matches schedule at Old Trafford, Manchester

  1. Sunday, June 16: India vs Pakistan, Match 22 (3:00 pm IST)
  2. Tuesday, June 18: England v Afghanistan, Match 24 (3:00 pm IST)
  3. Saturday, June 22: Windies v New Zealand, Match 29 (6:00 pm IST)
  4. Thursday, June 27: Windies v India, Match 34 (3:00 pm IST)
  5. Saturday, July 06: Australia v South Africa, Match 45 (6:00 pm IST)
  6. Tuesday, July 09: 1st Semi-Final (teams to be decided) (3:00 pm IST)

4) Edgbaston, Birmingham

Established in 1886, the ground will host five games at the tournament, including one semi-final and the high-profile match of England and India. The ground has so far hosted four previous ICC Cricket World Cups and was a semi-final location in 1979, 1983 and 1999.

World cup cricket matches schedule at Edgbaston:

  1. Wednesday, June 19: New Zealand v South Africa, Match 25 (3:00 pm IST)
  2. Wednesday, June 26: New Zealand v Pakistan, Match 33 (3:00 pm IST)
  3. Sunday, June 30: England v India, Match 38 (3:00 pm IST)
  4. Tuesday, July 02: Bangladesh v India, Match 40 (3:00 pm IST)
  5. Thursday, July 11: 2nd Semi-Final (teams to be decided) (3:00 pm IST)

5) Trent Bridge, Nottingham

First opened in 1841, Trent Bridge is a truly historic cricket ground. It first hosted a one-day international in 1974 and has been used as a Cricket World Cup venue in the 1975, 1979, 1983 and 1999 editions. The stadium has a capacity of 17,500 and will host five matches during the tournament.

World cup cricket matches schedule at Trent Bridge, Nottingham:

  1. Friday, May 31: Windies v Pakistan, Match 2 (3:00 pm IST)
  2. Monday, June 03: England v Pakistan, Match 6 (3:00 pm IST)
  3. Thursday, June 06: Australia v Windies, Match 10 (3:00 pm IST)
  4. June 13 Thursday: India v New Zealand, Match 18 (3:00 pm IST)
  5. Thursday, June 20: Australia v Bangladesh, Match 26 (3:00 pm IST)

6) The Riverside Durham, Durham

The stadium, with a capacity of 14,000, will host three games at the World Cup 2019. Established in 1995, the Riverside Durham has previously hosted four world cup games in the 1999 edition.

World cup cricket matches schedule at The Riverside Durham:

  1. Friday, June 28: Sri Lanka v South Africa, Match 35 (3:00 pm IST)
  2. Monday, July 01: Sri Lanka vWindies, Match 39 (3:00 pm IST)
  3. Wednesday, July 03: England v New Zealand, Match 41 (3:00 pm IST)

7) Cardiff Wales Stadium

The Cardiff Wales Stadium has been a venue in the past for Cricket World Cup in 1999. The venue has short straight boundaries but very long square boundaries. During this tournament, the stadium will host four games.

World cup cricket matches schedule at Cardiff Wales Stadium:

  1. Saturday, June 01: New Zealand v Sri Lanka, Match 3 (3:00 pm IST)
  2. Tuesday, June 04: Afghanistan v Sri Lanka, Match 7 (3:00 pm IST)
  3. Saturday, June 08: England v Bangladesh, Match 12 (3:00 pm IST)
  4. Saturday, June 15: South Africa v Afghanistan, Match 21 (3:00 pm IST)

8) Bristol County Ground

The Bristol County Ground will host three matches during the tournament. The ground has earlier hosted three World Cup matches – one match in 1983 and two in 1999. The ground, which first opened in 1889, has a capacity of 11,000 and is a perfectly circular area.

World cup cricket matches schedule at Bristol County Ground:

  1. Saturday, June 01: Afghanistan v Australia, Match 4 (6:00 pm IST)
  2. Friday, June 07: Pakistan v Sri Lanka, Match 11 (3:00 pm IST)
  3. Tuesday, June 11: Bangladesh v Sri Lanka, Match 16 (3:00 pm IST)

9) Hampshire Bowl, Southampton

The Hampshire Bowl is going to host the tournament for the first time this year, with five matches being played at this venue. The Hampshire Bowl, with a capacity of 17,000, was opened in 2001.

World cup cricket matches schedule at Hampshire Bowl:

  1. Wednesday, June 05: South Africa v India, Match 8 (3:00 pm IST)
  2. Monday, June 10: South Africa v Windies, Match 15 (3:00 pm IST)
  3. Friday, June 14: England v Windies, Match 19 (3:00 pm IST)
  4. Saturday, June 22: India v Afghanistan, Match 28 (3:00 pm IST)
  5. Monday, June 24: Bangladesh v Afghanistan, Match 31 (3:00 pm IST)

10) County Ground Taunton, Taunton

The County Ground Taunton will host three games. It has been in use since 1882 and has a capacity of 8,000. The first international game played here was during the 1983 Cricket World Cup, and then two matches were hosted by it in 1999.

World cup cricket matches schedule at County Ground Taunton:

  1. Saturday, June 08: Afghanistan v New Zealand, Match 13 (6:00 pm IST)
  2. Wednesday, June 12: Australia v Pakistan, Match 17 (3:00 pm IST)
  3. Monday, June 17: Windies v Bangladesh, Match 23 (3:00 pm IST)

11) Headingley, Leeds

Headingley has been a venue in the 1975, 1979, 1983 and 1999 editions of the ICC Cricket World Cup. The ground, with a capacity of over 18,000, will host four ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 matches, including Afghanistan’s two round-robin fixtures.

World cup cricket matches schedule at Headingley, Leeds:

  1. Friday, June 21: England v Sri Lanka, Match 27 (3:00 pm IST)
  2. Saturday, June 29: Pakistan v Afghanistan, Match 36 (3:00 pm IST)
  3. Thursday, July 04: Afghanistan v Windies, Match 42 (3:00 pm IST)
  4. Saturday, July 06: Sri Lanka v India, Match 44 (3:00 pm IST)

Thanks for reading! Play cricket world cup fantasy league 2019 and enjoy!

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