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Fantasy Football Fact: Top 5 Footballers Unrecognizable by Their Birth Names

Footballers are a sensation to the world. Starting from their moves, to their styles, every action of the favorite players is followed by the fans. Players engaging in fantasy football loves digging into the details of their preferred football players. For all football lovers, there’s a fun fact. There are many football players who don’t use their real names on field!  

You can call it superstition, or attempt to be popular, using such long birth names wouldn’t have helped the fans keep the names in their minds. Then again there are many footballers, whose names are so big that they don’t fit into the jerseys. You’ll be amazed at to find some popular names on this list. 

For years now, you’re acquainted with the shortened names of these footballers, however it’ll be fun to know their real birth names as well. Next time before you indulge in a game of online fantasy football league, knowing these names will definitely give you an edge over the competitors. 


Originally born in Argentina, this 33-year-old incredible football player is currently playing for the Barcelona club and also for the Argentina National Team. Although the whole world lovingly calls him Messi, however his birth name is Lionel Andres Messi. Too long to fit into the jersey! Hence, Messi shortened his name and since then the name remained engraved into the hearts of millions of football fans.  


This attacking midfielder and one of the best players of his time, Kaka was born in Brazil. Have you ever wondered why was he called “kaka”? This handsome and charming player with winnings like FIFA world cup and UEFA Champions League to his name, originally has a very lengthy name! Obviously, his parent was unaware of his future and hence names him Ricardo Izecson dois Santos Leite. If he would have continued with this name, playing fantasy football with such long named player would have been difficult.  


Widely regarded as the greatest football player of all time, Pele is a name which every football or non-football freak is aware of! However, a very few people know his real name. This retired Brazilian footballer is originally known as Edson Arantes do Nascimento. How weird would it sound to take such a long name during the commentaries? Undoubtedly a poor recognizable feature!  


This former Brazilian footballer and currently the brand ambassador of the Barcelona team has mostly played in the attacking midfielder position. Whenever, he walked into the field, people cheered up with his name “Ronaldinho”. However, a very few are aware of his birth name which he rarely uses. Originally known as Ronaldo de Assis Moreira, he changed is name to Ronaldinho Gaucho from the time he chose football as his career. Fantasy football games would have been uninteresting without the presence of such big names!  


Toping the list as one of the most handsome, rich and greatest football players, this Portuguese professional is popularly known as Cristiano Ronaldo. He was born in Madeira, Portugal and started his career by playing for the home club before signing for Manchester United. Although fantasy football players might be recognizing him the name of Ronaldo only however it’s interesting to know that his original name is Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro.  

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