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Fantasy Football Facts: Top 5 Teams with Awesome Fan Base

Football is till date the most popular sport in the world. Unlike cricket, there’s no compulsion for the football players to stick to one single team. Hence, thousands of matches among different clubs and a variant number of inter-club transfers take place throughout the year. So, with football creating a single fan base or rather a loyal one is very difficult. With the transfer of players, the support base also gets transferred. Fantasy football games taking place are based on the same theory. However, the fan base for the same remains unaffected.  

With so many clubs and so many matches, previously it was difficult to anticipate the number of fans for any football club. But now, thanks to social media, likes and followers of a club can be seen showering their virtual love for their clubs.  

People playing online fantasy football leagues are well aware of these clubs. Let’s have a look at the amazing list. 


English clubs are always at a dominating position. If you have a look at the social media fans for Liverpool, you’ll find around 82.2 million virtual fans across all social media platforms. The most memorable and prestigious incident for any club happened with Liverpool during the 2005 Champions League Final. Even after the club lost the match, the fans kept on cheering at high paced voice to make sure that the mood of the team members are not dampened. What followed next was a miracle! One penalty shootout and the match were in Liverpool’s court.  

Manchester United 

Established in the year 1880, MU is one of the oldest English clubs to have played football for so many years. Online fantasy football games are incomplete without the participation of MU in the leagues. So, you can well imagine that the fan base of this club will be huge. And from the time the concept of playing fantasy football and winning money came into existence, MU became more famous. If you want to see the same for yourself then at least once visit Manchester and check out the match in the Etihad Stadium. On an average 55,000 fans will be supporting the team without fail!  

Bayern Munich 

FC Bayern Munich was founded in the year 1900 and on an average 75,000 people are found in the Allianz Arena stadium when the team participates in the Bundesliga tournament! With 29 victories till date in the Bundesliga tournament and 5 times winner of the Champion’s league, the club has a vast and loyal fan base that remains unrooted even during the hard times. Even if Bayern Munich players change teams during fantasy premier leagues, however, the club still remains strong in terms of fan base.  


With around 86.58 million social media fan bases, Chelsea is certainly leading in terms of social fan followers. Another English club in the league, the fans of this team literally love their team. Nicknamed as The Blues, this is an old club and was founded in the year 1905. The club has won Champion’s league once and now he is repeatedly winning the same.  


Overtaking the number of social media fan base, Juventus is having around 92.4 million social media fans and followers. The Juventus Stadium has a capacity of handling 41,000 and if you watch any match of this club, you’ll find the stadium overpopulated every time. With Cristiano Ronaldo joining the club in 2018, the fan base of this club has now exceeded beyond leaps and bounds.  

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