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Fantasy Football in India – 5 Players Who Made Indian Football Proud

Unlike the rest of the world, football in India has always been less prioritized in comparison to cricket. That’s why everyone is well familiar with the prestigious Indian cricket team but not with the famous Indian footballers. However, with the advent of fantasy football in India, generation next have become curious about the rich history of the football teams. With I-leagues and ISLs coming into place, India has now been leading into the game and the Indian footballers are getting sufficient amount of recognition as compared to the other international football players.  

Here’s a list of some famous Indian football players who have made their place even among the best of best international players.  

#1 Bhaichung Bhutia  

Among all the famous Indian footballers who have played for India, Bhutia is the most known among all. After the retirement of Vijayan in 2003, its was Bhutia who took the responsibility of the team on his tough shoulders. The 2000s was the time when Bhutia and Vijayan played to together and they made a deadly couple for the Indian team. Bhutia played his debut match at the age of 19 for the famous Eastbengal club and player over 100 matches since then. Online fantasy football league players have definitely missed out on the good players since most of them have retired now!  

#2 PK Banerjee  

This man made his international debut in 1955 for the Dhaka Quadrangular series. His elegant and seamless striking style made him stand out among all other national and international players of his time. He was a very important player during the 1962 Asian Games. His smart strokes help him to get goals against the veterans playing for the Japan, South Korea and Thailand teams. Did you know that he was the Indian captain for the football team during the 1960 Olympics? Well, from this data it is very relevant that this north Bengal born was a tiger of Indian football.  

#3Sailendra Nath Manna 

Popularly known as Sailen Manna to his fans, he is till date the greatest leader of Indian football. Even before PK Banerjee’s captaincy for Indian football in the Olympics, Manna took the team to Olympics in the year 1948. Such was his vigor and his captaincy that he was listed among the 10 best captains of the World by English Football Association. He was born in 1924 and joined the Bengal team Mohun Bagan in the year 1942. He played for long 19 years and finally retired and was awarded as the Mohun Bagan ratna in the year 2001. Fantasy football players never had the opportunity of getting this man on board for their dream team.  

#4 Sunil Chhetri  

Chhetri is a man beyond any introduction. This man has been captain of the Indian football team in the recent times and is the most capped player Further, if you check the records, you’ll fin him to be the top goal scorer with around 51 goals in his court out of the 91 matches that he has played till date. He is among the few Indian footballers who adorned the Indian football fraternity by even leaving a mark in the international segment as well. Although there’s still a plenty of time left for this man to add some more awards and accolades to his name, however presently he is the most favorite pick for any online fantasy football league

#5Subimal Chuni Goswamy 

Also commonly known as Chuni Goswamy, was undoubtedly the most brilliant, gifted gem of the Indian football team. During 1962 Asian Games at Jakarta, he led the Indian team to win several medals. Extraordinary control over the ball, excellent fielding strategies and good read of the game makes the Goswamy one of the best among the others in the list. He even played for the ranji trophy.  

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